England Arise!

Referendum-imagesTHE BRITISH PEOPLE — and in particular the White working class of England — have delivered a stunning rebuke to their political leaders in what amounts to the first revolutionary moment in British politics since 1945.

Prime Minister David Cameron has quit — his career in ruins — after the United Kingdom voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union. When Cameron’s Conservatives won last year’s general election, the turnout was 66%. This week’s referendum saw a 72% turnout (73% in England).

While the bastions of privilege that are Cameron’s natural home voted heavily in favour of Remain, there was a Leave landslide in White working class areas. Kensington & Chelsea voted 69-31 for Remain; Oldham voted 61-39 for Leave.

Further analysis of this result will soon appear on this site and in the new edition of Heritage and Destiny, which will be published in a week’s time.

For now we leave you with the old socialist hymn England Arise! Finally voters have recognised that the Labour Party no longer speaks for England. Whether UKIP can radicalise itself sufficiently to do so remains to be seen. A nationalist movement will surely rise from the ashes of the BNP.

England, arise! The long, long night is over,
Faint in the East behold the dawn appear,
Out of your evil dream of toil and sorrow —
Arise, O England, for the day is here!
From your fields and hills,
Hark! The answer swells —
Arise, O England, for the day is here!

People of England! All your valleys call you,
High in the rising sun the lark sings clear,
Will you dream on, let shameful slumber thrall you?
Will you disown your native land so dear?
Shall it die unheard —
That sweet pleading word?
Arise, O England, for the day is here!

Over your face a web of lies is woven,
Laws that are falsehoods pin you to the ground,
Labor is mocked, its just reward is stolen,
On its bent back sits Idleness encrowned.
How long, while you sleep,
Your harvest shall it reap?
Arise, O England, for the day is here!

Forth, then, ye heroes, patriots and lovers!
Comrades of danger, poverty and scorn!
Mighty in faith of Freedom, thy great Mother!
Giants refreshed in Joy’s new rising morn!
Come and swell the song,
Silent now so long;
England is risen, and the day is here!

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
25 May, 2019 1:21 am

Non-white invaders to the West see it as a base of operations to fill a personal agenda. In many of them there is no concept of national assimilation (as bad as that is) that might mean less violence, tax theft and heartache faced by the powerless whites who’ve let their borders come to mean nothing in the name of political correctness. This article shows England to be the convenient old lady to rob when short on funds, just a pit stop on the way to jihad for ISIS, for four boys who couldn’t have hoped for a better life if they had embraced England with an iota of decency: . Good riddance. How could the real English succumb to the lies, promises and threats that bring such filth to… Read more »

6 November, 2019 1:13 am

The mainstream media has not yet explained the reasons behind BREXIT other than saying the resentful ignoramusses don’t know what’s good for them. The best explanation for Britain’s dissatisfaction I’ve found is by Seneca III in He applies the US declaration of Independence document to the relationship between Britain and the European Union, using the same language style of the document.