Britons Spurn EU: Brexit Wins With 17,000,000 Votes

UK-Flag-1BREXIT SUPPORTERS have gained enough votes to secure victory in the historic referendum held to decide on whether the United Kingdom should remain a member of the European Union or leave the bloc. The leave side has secured a win with a total of 16.99 million votes so far against the 15.8 million who voted to stay in the union.

Britain has voted by 52 percent against 48 percent to leave the European Union. The turnout amounted to 71.8 percent with nearly 33 million people casting their ballots.

Britons went to the polls on Thursday to decide on a referendum that will decide whether or not the United Kingdom should in the European Union.

The question that was asked is “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” Voters had to tick a box either next to “Remain a member of the European Union,” or “Leave the European Union” option.


Brexit supporters argued that EU membership has diminished the country’s independence to legislate, direct its economy, and control its borders. Opponents warned that leaving the bloc could severely harm the UK economy.

UK nationalists were enthusiastic about the referendum’s victory. Paul Golding of Britain First stated:

Today is a momentous day in the history of Britain: The British people have voted to leave the EU!

Our war heroes and ancestors will be smiling down on our people today for freeing themselves from the shackles of the EU superstate.

Today is our ‘Independence Day’, a day that will live forever as the day that we asserted our sovereignty, freedom and democracy.

Britain First played a key role in this battle – over the last few weeks we achieved tens of millions of hits on images, news stories and videos on our vast online campaigns machine.

God bless everyone who voted for this historic victory.

Today, we can truly congratulate ourselves on a monumental victory over the enemies of our country.

They dismissed our own worth, they launched a barrage of scare-mongering and lies at us, but we ignored their poison and chose instead to make Britain a free, sovereign and mighty nation once again.

Nick Griffin, of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom and former head of the British National Party, said:

The British Lion has roared! To be more accurate, the English and Welsh have chosen freedom. The echoes of that choice will be heard all over Europe in the next few years and will bring the tyranny of Strasbourg’s blasphemous new Tower of Babel crashing to the ground!

So I’m delighted to say that I was wrong when I predicted a narrow Remain victory. The British people stood up better than I feared to the intense moral blackmail of the Establishment’s ruthless exploitation of the Jo Cox murder. The opinion polls were wrong – probably on account of the reluctance of some members of the public to say how they were really going to vote on account of the Politically Correct bullying that the liberal elite considers ‘debate’.

The victory belongs, we have to give credit where it is due, to Nigel Farage. Without him there would have been no referendum. But he was propelled into the position where Cameron was forced to grant one by two factors. The first is that, ten years ago, after nearly 20 years of studiously ignoring the issue, Mr Farage started talking about immigration. The second is that he was allowed to do so on the fanatically pro-immigration BBC.

Why? Because the BBC had realised that smears and repression were failing to halt the advance of the British National Party. “Use Farage to stop Griffin” became the strategy that the BBC used absolutely shamelessly in the European Elections of 2004 and 2009, and in the General Election of 2010.

The abuse of Question Time was only the most blatant example: Under the BBC’s rules, both Nigel Farage and I should have had about twelve appearances each between 2009 and 2014. As it was, they gave him 24 and me just one – on a public lynching which shamed David Dimbleby (and, incidentally saw the BNP’s opinion poll ratings soar from 6% to 22%).

At a party political level, the BBC trick was successful. It did block the BNP and contributed to its eventual collapse. But at a metapolitical level, the BNP’s work as an ice-breaker to smash the taboo against discussing immigration, and the way in which liberal elite fear of “those ghastly people” led them to promote what they thought would be the harmless Ukip safety valve, now emerge as factors of absolutely enormous importance.

When an organisation as powerful as the BBC decides to interfere with the democratic process, and cynically tries to manipulate the people who fund it, the scheme brings into operation the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Last night, that Law came into force. The BBC only wanted to stop the British National Party from winning four or five seats in the European Parliament. To do so they gave Nigel Farage a licence to be a populist rebel.

In 2004, 2009 and 2010, the BBC decided to promote Nigel Farage and Ukip as a way to block the “ghastly people” of the BNP. But those apparently successful attempts to subvert the democratic process have now has rebounded on them to the nth degree.

There would have been no referendum without a victorious Farage. No victorious Farage without BBC support. No BBC support for Farage without the threat of the BNP. And no threat from the BNP without the sacrifice and courage of about 1,000 activists. That shows just how much difference ‘ordinary’ people can make at crucial moments in history.

Because the Unintended Consequence of the BBC’s undemocratic meddling will go far beyond Great Britain. The echoes of the resulting lion’s roar will trigger political earthquakes not just in Westminster and Brussels, but over the next two or three years in Paris, Berlin, Denmark and a dozen other European capitals.

The BBC thought they had come up with a cunning plan to stop a small party of radical nationalists giving voice to the legitimate but Politically Incorrect concerns of England’s forgotten working class. Instead, they have started the chain-reaction demolition of the entire European Union.

The result is a massive blow for the freedom of all the nations of Europe. It will also throw a massive spanner in the works of the Brussels machinery of confrontation against our brothers and sisters in Russia. The looming threat of war just receded, and Peace has taken a big step forward. This morning, let us rejoice, for the tide has turned, and a new era has dawned!

The British National Party tweeted this morning:

Let’s not forget that the #BNP have been campaigning to leave the EU since we were formed in 1982. Well done to everyone. Job done.

Kevin Alfred Strom, media director of the US-based National Alliance, said:

We welcome the victory of Brexit.

Brexit will shake the unity and diminish the strength of the anti-White political structure that now rules Europe.

But it doesn’t change the fact that the enemies of our race still control the major media in America, Britain, and the entire West. It doesn’t take away a single pound or dollar from the fraudulent financial infrastructure that pours our wealth into the Jews’ coffers every day — or take away their power to buy laws and politicians like Hillary Clinton buys pancake makeup. It doesn’t stop the implacable determination of our enemies to commit genocide against us, nor does it substantially take away their power to import millions of racial aliens into our nations — which you may be assured they will continue to do until we have the power, the organization, and the fanatical determination needed to stop them.

If Brexit could possibly have stopped even one of the things I have just mentioned, you may be assured that it would never have been allowed to be put on the ballot. We are engaged in a fight for survival against enemies who intend to kill us. The ballot box is not now — and can never be — the the way to victory in such a war.

We have a long, hard road ahead of us. We must not slacken in our efforts.

* * *

Source: Sputnik News and National Vanguard correspondents

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