Austria: Adolf Hitler’s Birthplace May Be Bulldozed

The-house-were-Adolf-Hitler-was-born-in-Braunau-AustriaDespicable Austrian regime calls destroying history “the cleanest solution”; is so weak and vacillating it tries to shove its own responsibility for this evil onto a “commission of historians”; deep down they know this place has deep spiritual significance — that is why they fear it.

AN AUSTRIAN minister has called for Adolf Hitler’s house to be bulldozed to stop it from becoming a place of pilgrimage for “evil neo-Nazis.”

They claim it would the “cleanest solution” to the “problematic” building’s future.

The Austrian government wants to expropriate the house in Braunau am Inn (pictured) on the German border where the future National Socialist leader and martyr to our race was born in 1889 — to, they say, ensure that it does not become a gathering place for those who realize its unparalleled historical and spiritual significance.

The Interior Ministry has rented the house since 1972 to “prevent its misuse,” sub-letting it to various charitable organisations.

The building has stood empty since a care centre for adults with disabilities moved out in 2011.

Interior minister Wolfgang Sobotka (pictured below) told ORF television that the expropriation is “necessary.” He said that “we have tried to clear up all possibilities for using it and buying it with the owner, but with no results.”


“For me, a demolition … would be the cleanest solution,” Mr. Sobotka said.

Mr. Sobotka’s ministry described that view as the minister’s personal opinion and said it would have to be clarified whether the demolition is legally feasible, the Austria Press Agency reported.

A commission of historians is to consider the future of the house.

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Source: Mirror

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
16 June, 2016 4:35 am

Political Correctness gone berserk.

26 June, 2020 8:14 pm

It’s being redecorated as a police station. That’s a good idea. It will probably prevent it being attacked by its opponents. It should become an attraction for tourists interested in police architecture.