“Anti-Semitism” Has Always Been Necessary

guide_for_the_bedevilledby Fin Lander

IS IT NOT striking how this Jewish writer, David P. Goldman, omits with a muted evasion the notion that Jewish behavior could be the reason that Jews are hated by the people among whom they dwell? He quietly sidesteps the idea while recounting an alleged exchange in 1944 between a Jewish propagandist, Ben Hecht, and a non-Jewish woman who understood a thing or two about Europe’s Jews.

PJ Media:

The world was anti-Semitic in 1944, when Ben Hecht wrote A Guide for the Bedevilled. The majority of educated, civilized, and rational people believed that the Jews in some fashion had brought their own problems upon themselves. Hecht began fighting anti-Semitism after an unsettling exchange with a New York hostess, who explained to him that Jews had to acknowledge their own responsibility in the matter of their persecution. This polite Gentile lady explained:

“The Jews complain. They suffer dreadfully, and they accuse. But they never stop to explain or to reason or to figure the thing out and tell the world what they, and only they, know… They are — how shall I put it — collaborative victims, a thing they refuse to see… The Germans are not a race of killers, fiends, of a special and different sort of sub-humans.”

Not that she approved of Nazi genocide, to be sure; she may not have known the extent of the butchery, but she knew that dreadful things were happening to Europe’s Jews. But she thought that the Germans must have had some kind of provocation to hate the Jews so deeply. Why else would the Germans hate Jews so much?

When did the old anti-Semitism return? . . .

A respectable journalist at this point would at least list the top grievances the Germans had with the Jews between WWI and WWII. Most important of which was International Jewry’s role — including German Jewry’s role — in costing Germany a WWI victory in 1916 by bringing the USA into the war in exchange for guarantees from Britain for a Jewish homeland in Palestine (Balfour Declaration). This writer, Goldman, skips right past any such grievance list, as though it doesn’t exist. He would have his readers believe that there weren’t even any reasons whatsoever that the Germans hated the Jews between WWI and WWII, real or imagined!

This is the capacity that Jews have for both lying and their relished “chutzpah,” and as the world is waking up, again, to the Jewish menace and the history of Jewish treachery, these sorts of omissions are adding to the indictments against Jews and vindicating those, past and present, who level the indictments. People today, as they have throughout history, have grown sick and tired of the mayhem, death, and destruction that Jews cause for the native populations of Jews’ host nations and elsewhere. A commenter to the Goldman article forcefully articulated Jews’ well-deserved condemnation:

Extraordinary Jew-wise commenter Weiße Krähe Extraordinary Jew-wise commenter Weiße Krähe
Extraordinary Jew-wise commenter Weiße Krähe

We know and must abide by at least two eternal truths about Jews: their deliberate malevolent behavior brings Jew-hatred on themselves, and they always refuse to admit it. The reason they refuse to admit to their behavior is the same reason that criminals refuse to admit to theirs — they don’t want to be uncovered; they don’t want to be caught red-handed. So the Jews will continue to lie long after everyone knows that they are lying. They are like the guilty death row inmate who lies about being innocent, right up to and past the moment that the needle goes into his arm.

We needn’t debate with Jews about their crimes or their pathology. If we wish to save our own people and nations, we need only expel the Jews from our countries and then do our best to make right and fix the ruin that they have left in their wake.

(A Guide for the Bedevilled (1944), by the way, is an enlightening book — though not in the way its author intended. In it, Jewish author and Hollywood screenwriter Ben Hecht engages in an hysterical, vicious, hate-crazed excoriation of White people who dare to criticize Jews, especially Germans, and makes some wildly over-the-top “holocaust” claims, including the allegation that the Germans exterminated 11 million Jews and that large numbers of them were killed in water-filled “electrocution chambers” that defied the laws of electricity.)

* * *

Source: White Nation News

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Winston Smith
Winston Smith
20 June, 2016 8:01 am

The origins of anti-Semitism have always been of interest to me as no one will ever discuss why it exists. One of the best explanations for it I found on this site: – excellent essay on why anti-semitism exists

Reply to  Winston Smith
30 October, 2019 3:44 pm

Greetings Winston. For the reason, see Protocols No 9:

Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only PRO FORMA at our discretion and by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS INDISPENSABLE TO US FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF OUR LESSER BRETHREN. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.

They promote anti-Semitism in order to provide an enemy for they own people to fight – to reinforce group cohesion.

Tom W Harris
Tom W Harris
20 June, 2016 8:42 pm