Another Holohoax Con Game Collapses


THE JEW is pure goodness and light, uniquely persecuted by the goyim (that’s you, you “racist”) for no discernible reason other than the inherent evil of Whites. Consider the holohoax, where zillions of merchants and teen girls were cruelly murdered by electric belts gas ovens chambers according to trustworthy Soviet sources. Please ignore how this appalling fantasy has been steadily eroding despite massive political and legal pressure directed at anyone questioning the kosher mythology. Instead focus on how bad you are and how much you need to die after having zero children. Perhaps one of those “Oy, the fish was this big” stories from a Pennsylvania chosenite well help? Or maybe not, since it’s been completely debunked. (ILLUSTRATION: On tonight’s episode of “Holohoax Dynasty.”)

For years, Joseph Hirt has traveled the country telling of his escape from Auschwitz as a wildly emaciated “60-pound skeleton with skin” who slipped beneath an electric fence to freedom and later to a new life in America.

The traveling holohoax revival tent show might be coming to your town, Shkotzim, complete with the usual tales of “Body by Auschwitz” and incompetently deployed Death Fencing from the notoriously lazy and inept Germans.

The Adamstown, Pa. resident has spoken at schools and libraries, in roundtables and to newspaper reporters, time and time again.

I’m still waiting to be invited to my first school to discuss race reality and the history of the disastrous Jewish century, but I’m sure it will happen any day now. All animals are equal, after all.

But during a recent presentation to a group in upstate New York, a skeptic emerged from within his usual audience of admirers.

HATE CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUT THIS GOY IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!1111111oneoneoneone

Now, that skeptic says his research has shown that much of the 90-year-old’s harrowing story is a lie.

Yeah, imagine that. I’m surprised too. It all seemed so highly plausible and completely separate from any anti-White agenda.

That man is Andrew Reid, a local history teacher in Turin, N.Y., who on April 15 attended Hirt’s lecture in nearby Lowville. He was excited to hear a gripping firsthand account of Hirt’s life in, and eventual escape from, a Nazi death camp, he said.

I can’t wait to hear obvious lies vilifying me and my people from a professional con artist!

But Reid was instead struck by discrepancies in Hirt’s version of events and in the evidence Hirt provided in support of his claims.

Leave it to stupid old “evidence” to ruin everything. The important thing is it could have happened.

Hirt’s nephew has since acknowledged his story as a lie. Hirt, meanwhile, stood by his claims when reached for comment by the Reading Eagle.

Another day, another lying Jew scumbag exposed.

In researching Hirt, Reid concluded he lied about being imprisoned at Auschwitz, escaping from the camp and about his face-to-face encounters with the likes of Josef Mengele, the Nazi “Angel of Death.”

It might be easier to focus on what, if anything, was true in this pile of kosher garbage.

Hirt claims to have been captured by Nazis and sent to Auschwitz in 1941. He has said in various accounts that he escaped from Auschwitz in March 1942 — specifically, March 31, 1942, which he remembered because it was his father’s birthday. However, the prisoner number tattooed on Hirt’s upper left forearm belongs to a Polish person who entered Auschwitz in 1944, Reid says, citing officials at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

Let’s not get bogged down in minutia here. The important thing is Whites are evil and need to be destroyed by a Jewish program of open borders, miscegenation, spiritual sickness and direct attacks.

Did I mention I crawled under a fence, Gentiles?
Did I mention I crawled under a fence, Gentiles?

As for Hirt’s escape, Reid said officials at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum told him that there was only “one escape recorded in the months surrounding Mr. Hirt’s alleged date of escape, and that person was not Mr. Hirt.” This was also confirmed to PennLive.

On the other hand we all know that German record-keeping is almost laughably inept, failing to even document all the Jews fed into bone-crushing machines or torn-up by trained falcons.

There is also the photo frequently displayed by Hirt at his speaking engagements which he claims was taken by an Auschwitz guard and which shows him emaciated and on a stretcher shortly before his escape in 1942. However, that photograph, according to Reid, was actually taken by a U.S. soldier liberating another concentration camp in another country in 1945.


“When I confronted him, he basically claimed that the stories were taken out of context, or that the authors fabricated the stories. Of course I do not believe this … Perhaps he might be shamed into stopping, although of course the damage is already done.”

To say the damage has been done might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever come across. The entire West murdered for fear of the Jew. I’m sure we’ll use “shame” to stop this demon in human form’s promotion of weaponized guilt. It was, of course, “real” in the Jew’s imagination and that’s all that matters.

Much of Reid’s “debunking” involves a closer look at the dates and historical timelines presented by Hirt, ones Reid says were easily cross-checked. As for why no one has tried before, Reid says the answer is simple: “Who would suspect someone of making such extraordinary claims about such a topic?”

We all know the Jew’s legendary honesty and scrupulous adherence to the facts. Really, who could have predicted this?

With a little help from an earlier, less hate-filled and more credulous article we can award an official score for Joseph Hirt.

– Kidnapped by not-sees while foraging for food hundreds of miles from home, 5 points

– Anne Frank-style hiding places with added humiliation of sharing space with pigs and chickens, 10 points

– “The banality of evil, man’s inhumanity toward man!” 5 points.

– The full Auschwitz package, super model diet, Mengele, family up chimney, etc. 10 points

– Crawling under a shoddily-constructed electric fence, 5 points

– Recaptured but spared by the nawrtzees for no discernible reason, 5 points

– 1936 Olympics, Jesse Owens, sure why not, 5 points

– Fled to America. In 1943. After being recaptured, spared and, presumably, escaping again, 5 points

– Meeting with FDR and warning him about the Gentile atrocities, 5 points

– Bizarre and dubious “immigration” story with Canadian side-track for no good reason, 5 points

– Father dies in America of a heart attack. Please revise so he went up a Hungarian chimney or whatever, 0 points.

– Telling the world, writing a book, 5 points

– “I would like to be called Joseph Shepherd,” 5 points

We award 70 total points for Joseph and his sufferink. Poor Joseph.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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