An Interview With Simon Lindberg, Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement

by John I. Johnson

FOR THOSE interested in the activities of the Nordic Resistance Movement, or just organizational activity generally, there is a very good half-hour interview with Swede Simon Lindberg, 33, who became head of the Nordic Resistance Movement about six months ago.

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), which began years ago as the Swedish Resistance Movement, is a hardcore National Socialist organization dedicated to Nordic and White survival. It is anti-Jewish. It has active chapters in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, and individual members in Denmark and Iceland. The concise interview gives a clear overview of the current situation in the Nordic countries and the group’s approach to activism.

It is a mystery to me why the only serious racial groups in White countries tend so often to be dedicated National Socialists. Almost anyone, of virtually any ideology, should be capable of opposing anti-White racial hatred and genocide in a serious way. But for some reason they don’t. It’s always National Socialists. I really don’t understand it.

Anyway, to me, at least, it’s an informative and inspiring interview. These guys talk (maintain Web sites, have radio programs, etc.), but don’t just talk. They’re also activists engaged in real-world organizational action. It’s about time!

The name of Finn Henrik Holoppa comes up near the end, and Lindberg refers to him as “mentally ill.” The name rang a bell, so I looked him up. He’d been arrested in the US back in 2009 for his political beliefs (or supposed beliefs) and deported to Finland after serving some time in a US jail. He is the former founder and head of the Finnish Resistance Movement, the Finnish branch of the NRM. Recently he abandoned his Swedish-American wife and is now living with a Chinese woman. He is also cooperating with Establishment hate groups in exposing the inner workings of the NRM. A couple of anti-white articles about this written by subsidized Leftist, government-backed groups (akin to the SPLC) can be read here: (May 15, 2016) (May 22, 2016)

One of these articles claims the top leadership of the NRM maintain a low profile, keep telephone conversations by its members short, and usually communicate by handwritten notes or face-to-face meetings such as walks in the woods.

Sometimes people like Holoppa are Jewish/government plants from the beginning. Later they have an ersatz “road to Damascus” experience and come out publicly in opposition to White survival. They are interviewed on television and so forth. In other words, it is orchestrated. Lindberg does not suggest this when he mentions Holoppa, but on the other hand the NRM removed him as head of its Finnish branch, and from its leadership council, as far back as 2012, though he just came out as anti-White now.

All White groups, even the mildest ones, are targets of subversion by Jewish and Leftist groups funded by governments, and by intelligence and police agencies. There’s no way of knowing if this was the case with Holoppa, but in totalitarian societies things aren’t always what they seem.

The following is from the NRM:

Studio 204 is a nationalist talk show hosted on Riimuradio. Riimuradio is the internet radio outlet for the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Studio 204 interviewed Simon Lindberg who is the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement. In the interview we talk of the following topics among others:

• How Lindberg became interested in National Socialism
• Why and when did Lindberg join the Resistance Movement?
• What was Lindberg’s role in the movement before becoming the leader?
• In which countries will the Resistance Movement be established next?
• Will Eastern Karelia and the Kola Peninsula be part of the Nordic state?
• What is currently the biggest challenge of the Nordic Resistance Movement?
• How can people who do not live in Finland, Norway, or Sweden support the Nordic Resistance movement?

English Web site of the Nordic Resistance Movement:

* * *

Source: Author and Nordic Resistance Movement

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