10,000 Africans Per Week Invade Italy


LAST WEEK at least 10,000 Africans invaded Italy, and since the beginning of the year, nearly 200,000 have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean coastline, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced.

According to an IOM press release, an “estimated” 194,611 invaders entered Europe by sea in 2016, arriving in Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, through May 25.

According to the IOM’s Rome representative, Flavio Di Giacomo, at least 37,363 nonwhite invaders arrived on Italian shores through May 25, including all “rescued” by the naval ships deployed by the European Union.

This figure of 37,363 will “certainly climb,” the IOM continued, because it does not include the 10,000 invaders who have been “rescued” at sea in the period May 23 to May 27.

From January 1 to May 25, 2016, some 156,157 invaders arrived in Greece, the IOM said. Another 37,363 arrived in Italy, and 1,063 landed in Spain. Another “estimated” 1,475 drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean.


The increase in drowning is attributable to the fact that the number of smugglers has dramatically increased. These smugglers — of assorted Third World origin — have been encouraged to set up business as the realization has dawned that the European Union is not prepared to defend its borders, and simply takes in any nonwhite who arrives and demands “asylum.”

The increase in smugglers has led to the price of a crossing dropping from €2000 last year to only €400 this year — and the smugglers are now putting to sea in any vessel they can lay their hands on — including absurdly unsuited rubber dinghies stashed to the brim with nonwhites.

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Source: Red Ice TV

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George Wright
George Wright
9 June, 2016 7:18 pm

I know many proud Italian-Americans who are sickened by this trend. Any rational Italian citizen should be appalled by this invasion and do what is necessary to stop it before classic Italian culture and values are drowned in a black tide.

10 June, 2016 8:34 am

The Italians don’t want them there any more than we do, this is the work of the EU commies to destroy Europe, all EU countries should leave the union now before it’s too late.

10 June, 2016 3:23 pm

Let’s hope the British vote for Brexit. They have the chance now. It will give confidence to other (smaller) nations to leave as well. And when the EU commissars want to annoy and bully the Brits after the Brexit, it only shows what kind of ‘friends’ we have in the EU leadership. In fact, the more negative reactions from the commissars, the better it is. The UK doesn’t have to worry as they are strong enough. Vote for Brexit!