When the Whites are Gone

THE FRIENDLY MERCHANT with the hooked nose and weird tiny skullcap has repeatedly assured us that Whites are the cause of all “minority” pathology. Once we have been genocided by the poisonous cocktail of self-negating materialism, sodomy, careerism, miscegenation and direct attacks a coffee-complected paradise will replace the nightmare of a peaceful and prosperous civilization built by and for Whites. We’re the “racists” and “haters” after all, not like the deeply spiritual and loving Sun People we’ve cruelly oppressed.

Please watch the amazing video above.

Welcome back to reality. One of the rapidly vanishing Whites that needs to die describes predictable racial violence between the “African American” and la-teen-oh as a free-for-all. I’d call it an all against all, myself. Without the protective hand of Whites the content of the character is fully expressed, dark animals incapable of building or even maintaining a functional modern society tearing into each other. Here is the common core: violence and idiocy, tribal warfare and attacks on “yellas.” This is what will remain if we are defeated. Decay and rot, faceless and soulless monsters, the achievements that took centuries to build annihilated in a single generation. The flame of civilization is extinguished, the return to the primordial muck and slime begins.


We are told the massive brawl was “race and gang related” which one can only assume is code word for White “racism,” insufficient spending, lack of proper groveling and general “more needs to be done.”

Rich and soulful, not like stiff and boring Whites.
Rich and soulful, not like stiff and boring Whites.

We talk to a few may-hee-can invaders, who struggle to process the events with their 90 I.Q. and minimal experience with a functioning democratic society. “Amazin’, eye theeeennnk. Thirty meeeeenites of eeeetin’ burrittoes an fighting, mang.”

More high quality footage shows law enforcement trying to stop the jungle battles, the “raciss” rule of law failing to prevent pound sign Black Lives Splatter.

Obviously well fed despite using lunch break for gang violence.
Obviously well fed despite using lunch break for gang violence.

We learn that “extra police” were requested, but failed to stop the mudslide. Don’t worry, you’ll get the bill for all of this, White tax-paying chump. Some worthless foreign invader, a replacement for the White children you didn’t have, snickers at the hilarity of his worthless race encountering another people group that’s actually slightly more pathetic. At least you’re not a negro, Juan. Congratulations. 

The reporter expresses amazement that some of the “fights” were actually black pack attacks, something that we’re told never, ever happens. Please forget you heard about this and go back to funding the collapse. If you don’t believe me, you can trust the la-teen-oh displacement crew, who assure us that it’s usually “really calm” in the halls of their practice prison.

“I don’t think anyone was really expecting it,” concludes the reporter. This is where you’re wrong. I’m sure no one reading this is surprised and consider the comments the video is getting before the inevitable kosher “Shut it down!” memory holes about this ugly incident:

Enjoying that ‘diversity’?

We never had to have school police when I went to school in the 1970s. No one did. Why is that?

place your bets let the beasts fight ding ding !

animals are out of their cages…

There’s your proof of how great LA RAZA is, there’s proof of your great Martin Luther King’s wonderful Dream.


* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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18 May, 2016 12:31 am

As Mexifornia goes, so goes the rest of the country. However, this need not be carved in stone. What’s in your willpower, White man?

25 March, 2021 2:43 am

Jews Trojan horse to destroy society within! No need for invading armies! Nations of half caste dumbed down inbreds are easy to control! No identity, nationality, heritage or culture! Jews agenda for their new world order