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The Bankers’ Secret Laws

bankers_monopolyby David Sims

THE BIG bankers have so corrupted the laws that they can counterfeit money legally under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, as amended. With this counterfeited money, the bankers run a gigantic usury scam in which you work and end up with nothing, while they don’t work and end up with everything. You knew that — or you should have known that — already.

But that isn’t all. There is an organization called G20, or “Group of Twenty.”

Wikipedia says of G20:

The Group of Twenty (also known as the G-20 or G20) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. It was founded in 1999 with the aim of studying, reviewing, and promoting high-level discussion of policy issues pertaining to the promotion of international financial stability. It seeks to address issues that go beyond the responsibilities of any one organization. The G-20 heads of government or heads of state have periodically conferred at summits since their initial meeting in 2008, and the group also hosts separate meetings of finance ministers and central bank governors….

The G20 is the latest in a series of post-World War II initiatives aimed at international coordination of economic policy, which include institutions such as the “Bretton Woods twins”, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and what is now the World Trade Organization.

You’ll notice that G20’s members are the governments and the bankers of the world’s economic top-twenty countries. And it makes laws in secret that they respect more than they respect any constitution or will of the people. One of these laws grants the banks permission to steal your money, legally, at the bankers’ pleasure.

That’s right. Your money, deposited in the bank, becomes (in their language) an “unsecured loan,” meaning that if they decide not to give your money back to you, there’s no collateral you can claim and have the law protect your legal ownership. They can “legally” steal that money from you.

As financial writer Dave Hodges put it in “The G20 just stole your bank account”:

As of this morning all nations belonging to the G20 will immediately submit and pass legislation that will fulfill a new investment program. This new program creates a whole new paradigm and set of rules whereby banks will no longer recognize your deposits as money.

And the G20 can do this to you because your government betrayed you in 1913 and has been continuing in treason ever since.

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10 May, 2016 7:30 pm

To my knowledge, in Europe, deposits under EUR100,000 are protected. Monies above that amount can be seized to bail-in the troubled bank indeed. If you had more than EUR100,000 you can always deposit in different banks below the EUR100,000 threshold and every deposit has the EUR100,000 umbrella.

Reply to  Ernst
11 May, 2016 9:19 pm

That’s not the point,

The point is they print money at will, which inflates your savings and income away.
You have zero protection so long as they control the banks and hide what they do.

They “tax” you/steal from you at will; you are a just a tax slave to them and they know it.