Sweden: Nordic Resistance Movement Gaining in Strength

NRM demonstrations are becoming more and more impressive.

THIS LATEST Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration is a fine example of seriousness, discipline, order, and strength — exactly the qualities needed to win the hearts and minds of the best men and women of our race; and exactly the qualities that are too often missing from the so-called “movement,” especially in the United States. Here is an excerpt from a previous article published by the group:

This paradigm shift [the increased criminality, violence, and aggressiveness of non-White invaders] means that eyes will open; that common sense will prevail again; that racial differences will once again be regarded as actual realities.

This in itself obviously does not mean that all people will automatically become National Socialists. In fact we, the committed and informed minority, need to increase the pace of our activities. They will be far more productive now than in previous years. And you who have not yet joined our fight, but sympathize with the Nordic Resistance: It’s now or never! Apply, join, and help us.

One cannot argue that there is anything, anything at all, that would justify you not joining the fight. “What the boss or friends say” — so what? If you risk getting a stone in the head when we take back the streets — so what? When we are about to lose everything, then there is no risk too great.

Many of us are aware that what is now happening in Europe is just the beginning — a taste of what’s to come. It is of course infinitely tragic. But perhaps it is also the only thing that can save our people….

Defeatists complain about the situation, and tell us that all is lost and that it is time to flee the country. But we know that the Nordic resistance movement is growing every day — and the more the rabid invaders rage and cause chaos, the more people who might previously have ignored politics — or even approved of “multiculturalism” — will decide they’ve had enough.

Of course there are incurable cases and active traitors, but when we set out to reclaim our countries, their slogans and counter-demonstrations will be of no effect. When non-White rapists run amok in our cities and make impossible the normal lives of the people, leftist and media slogans will no longer have any effect.

The Nordic Resistance Movement (Nordiska Motståndsrörelsens), headed by Klas Lund, is a National Socialist movement. It is anti-Jewish and pro-Hitler. Founded in 1997 as the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen), it has expanded to encompass Norway, Finland, and Denmark. It also has a presence in Iceland.

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10 May, 2016 1:12 pm

I did some work for the NMR=Nordic resistance movement more than year ago, later i left the organisation. Altough NMR is pro Hitler and against zionism their visions is still very different from NSDAP. NMR is for democracy/republic(similar to USA) where everybody is permitted to vote, they are also for extreme socialism and are obsessed by being humane. “headed by Klas Lund” NMR is no longer headed by Klas Lund, he got replaced by Simon Lindberg during strange circumstances. My experience is that although a lot of people in sweden is racially aware only a few is willing to support NMR, the support for the party of swedes was larger but it was expended due to poor results in the election and not enough people willing to work for the… Read more »