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Paint the World White

open-can-white-paint-webIt is the moral thing for us to do.

by H. Millard

I OFTEN WRITE about genes and DNA and why Whites should not miscegenate. And I give rational scientific reasons as well as religious/spiritual ones why Whites should remain pure White and try to perfect their Whiteness so that we can evolve along the best trajectory for us — which is ever more Whiteness (meaning acquiring the physical and mental characteristics that are generally considered ideal and best for our kind).

The Teachings which inform me, however, also include mystical aspects — and the Teachings tell us that we are the selected ones to make the world a better place through us. It is a heavy burden, but one that we alone must bear — alone and with no allies outside our kind. We must win, for we are not only White in our skin, we are White within — and the White is of the spinning, spiraling Light that creates, underpins, and maintains existence itself. There is a law of correspondence at work in existence, in which things that look like other things are often in unknown ways similar to those things in other, unseen ways. We are White — as is the Light. We must use ourselves to paint the whole world White — to increase the Light and all that is good and just and righteous.

There is an easy way to talk about genes and DNA, and Nature has color-coded the major human races which makes it simple to do. (Really, at a minimum, these “major human races” should be classified as different subspecies, and according to Darwin they might more properly be put in different genera, but here I’ll use the more conventional term “race.”)

The color coding is pretty plain to see. Might we not even speculate that Nature made it this way intentionally so our ancestors, lacking modern genetic knowledge, could still very easily and quickly see who is like and who is unlike and thus be able to avoid the unlike?

Have we become too foolishly and falsely sophisticated in our day — our present Dark Age — so that we override what our eyes and our brains tell us and actually ignore what may be a very fundamental principle — this color coding — allowing us to survive and evolve?

If someone is not our color, they are not like us and there is no good to be gained by having anything to do with them. And it makes no sense to waste one second of your time or to burn one calorie of your energy in trying to sort out “good” non-Whites from “bad” non-Whites. There is no profit or gain in that for you as an individual, or for us as the White race. In the eternal gene wars, all non-Whites are bad for the survival of Whites. Simple enough and it makes perfect logical, scientific, religious, and moral sense as well. That’s the way Nature works if you learn to read her right. We know this about the colors of man instinctively, and we override our instincts at our peril. We promote our own genocide and extinction if we do so.

We are White. There are also Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and Reds. Those who want to blend the races together tell us that the colors mean nothing and that “we all bleed red blood” and similar nonsensical expressions aimed at those among us who fail to use their critical thinking skills to understand that the colors of humans come from within and are part of the DNA code that makes us different from each other, not only in colors but in thousands of ways. You will note that not only do the different races come in different colors that are easily seen from a safe distance, but they also come with different easily-seen features such as nose shapes, lip shapes, and more if they are closer to us. So the reality is that we are not just like identical store mannequins, as the blenders want you to believe, who’ve been painted different colors as an afterthought. We are different from the ground on up.

However, let’s, at least here, use the fiction that the colors of man are like paint — but let’s turn it to our advantage in understanding why we must stay White and not mix with the other “paints.” This might help us use our reason to break out of old, deeply ingrained ways of acting, thinking, and feeling — and to free ourselves from the destructive and genocidal anti-White conditioning we face on a daily basis.

As we imagine these skin colors as different colors of paint, let’s also imagine that the paint colors are sentient and that each color wants to paint the whole planet its color and its color alone. And, as simplistic and as unscientific as this may sound, this is pretty much the case. Which is to say that each human race, subconsciously — but programmed and directed by its DNA code — wants to be the only human race and to replace all other human races with itself alone. This is not something that we should cry about or try to overcome. This is a necessary competition for the survival and evolution of life itself, and of particular types of life.

I call this the eternal gene wars, but another name for it is natural selection. It is simply the genes of one type trying to eliminate similar genes and replace them with themselves. Or, in the paint analogy, and as I wrote above, each color of paint wants to be the only paint to paint the world and it wants to eliminate all other paints that compete with it.

Keep in mind that the greatest threat to our survival as White people does not come from anything in the environment, including other organisms that cannot breed with us and produce viable offspring with us. No, the greatest danger to our survival is other types of humans who can breed with us and who can pollute our White gene pool and blend us away from being White. And this is what we must avoid.

Our formerly White lands are now being flooded with non-Whites and although some of us believe this is purposely being done to blend us away and cause our extinction, it is not necessary to so believe, because whether it’s intentional or unintentional, the reality remains the same: Our once relatively pure White lands with their White gene pools are being flooded with non-Whites and this is a happening in all White nations. The more non-Whites in formerly White lands, the more will miscegenation occur. And as this happens we see a gradual fading away of the White race and its replacement with non-Whites. It is genocide, pure and simple. It is extinguishing the light and bringing in the darkness. It is evil. It is painting the world non-White. Destruction of all may be foreseen if it continues past a certain point and if the White and the light do not get stronger.

Too many Whites seem powerless to stop their personal and family genocide mainly because they don’t even understand that miscegenation is genocide for Whites. They think and say really dumb things such as “Diversity is wonderful,” or “We all bleed red blood,” or “Under the skin we are all the same,” and they accept the false notion that all humans are exactly the same except for minor differences that they, in their ignorance, say we should overlook. In believing this, they see no reason not to mate with non-Whites and even when they produce non-White children that don’t look like them they still think that somehow there has been no loss to us as a people. They are very, very wrong. We must remain White.

If we lose our Whiteness, we are lost — and if the world loses us, it is lost. So, just as I tell you that skin color is not like paint, I say again that sometimes it helps us to think clearly about this by using the fiction of paint. If this helps, good. If not, well, just ignore this fiction. The reality is that we are much more than our skin color, but our skin is our largest organ and it is the easiest marker to quickly tell who is most probably like us and who is most probably not like us. For this purpose it is a survival mechanism on the order of “stranger danger.” A stranger is quickly identified by his or her color. Of course, there are strangers who are also whit- skinned, and you know who they are.

Anyway, we Whites must compete and try to paint the whole world White. To do this, we must produce more White paint and we must not help the other color paint survive and to increase their volume. When you read about neurotic Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers — pathological altruists — rushing to Africa to help Blacks survive droughts or other problems, what they are really doing is helping them survive to breed more Blacks who will pose a danger to our survival as Whites either in the short term or long term. The more of them, the more Black paint, and the more harmful it is for White paint. Understand?

Whites who miscegenate do a great evil to our common White DNA code and to all Whites. They make our pure White paint ever muddier and darker. Just a few drops of non-White paint added to a gallon of pure White paint makes the pure White paint no longer pure White paint.

CONCLUSION: Paint the world White. You do this by having as many pure White children as possible, by staying as separate as possible, and by not misecegenating. And you also do this by not interfering in the destinies of non-Whites. Live and let live. Be indifferent to those who are not our kind. They are not our business. We are not their parents to help them survive. Let them sink or swim all on their own no matter what Nature or fate throws at them. Let Nature work it out. And we White ones will do the same for ourselves. It is the moral way.

It is also the way that Nature (or God) naturally finds the fittest of every type. Gene Wars are eternal and necessary; do not help the enemy in the gene wars. And the enemy is other types of humans who can breed with us and produce viable children. They are our enemies even if they consciously mean us no harm and even if they like us. Other humans are like germs to us in that they are harmful to us just because they can harm us and the harm they can do doesn’t require hatred on their part at all. In fact, love for us by them is often more harmful than hatred. That’s the way the gene wars are and that’s the way Nature works. Do not deny it , or you and your family may go extinct as an ocean of Black, Yellow, Brown, or Red paint flows over you and yours.

(© 2016 H. Millard)

* * *

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Jack Mite
Jack Mite
26 May, 2016 4:31 am

Millard, a constant source of inspiration.