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Mightier than an Army

William_Luther_Pierce_infinite_horizon_by_Kevin_Alfred_Stromby Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured)

WHEN THE National Anti-Klan Network — a motley but well-financed collection of hard-core Communists, guilt-stricken Christians, and the usual quota of Jews to pull the strings — held its convention in Atlanta last year, ostensibly to cook up new schemes for combating the Ku Klux Klan, it was the National Alliance and National Vanguard, not the KKK, on which the brave fighters for a mulatto future focused their attention. It was not pointed hoods and white robes which drew their concern; it was The Turner Diaries and other books published by the National Alliance. They wasted little time moaning about cross burnings and the like; instead they wrung their hands over the terrible ideas in National Vanguard.

The same shift of concern from the Klan to the National Alliance may be observed in other far-left, minority-boosting organizations and publications. The Sojourner Truth Organization, a Marxist outfit with headquarters in Chicago and a history of opposition to the Klan, devoted much of the latest issue of its twice-yearly magazine (Urgent Tasks: Journal of the Revolutionary Left) to bewailing the growing influence of the National Alliance. And so it goes: While the controlled mass media are using the Klan more frequently than ever as a boogeyman to frighten legislators into passing new laws against “racial violence” (i.e., against White self-defense), increasingly it is the National Alliance which is being talked about behind the scenes.

Why? The National Alliance has never had any affiliation whatsoever with the Ku Klux Klan. Although we share some of their sympathies and generally wish them well, we are a different organization, with different ideas, a different style, a different program, and different members. And because we differ from them on some very important and fundamental issues, such as religion, it is unlikely that we will ever be closely affiliated with them. So why should the National Anti-Klan Network and their ilk be worried about the ideas in National Vanguard instead of about stopping the Klan?

The 19th-century French writer Victor Hugo answered that question 131 years ago, in his Histoire d’un Crime. He wrote: “One can resist the invasion of armies; one cannot resist the invasion of ideas.” And it is clearly ideas, not hooded night riders, which throw a bigger fright into the bigots of the National Anti-Klan Network: specifically, ideas which they see beginning to invade the various Klans and transform them.

Traditionally, the Ku Klux Klan has been conservative, parochial, and Christian. It wanted to keep non-Whites “in their place,” not separate them geographically from Whites, and it was as suspicious of White “foreigners” — Germans, Poles, Irishmen, Yankees, and just about everyone else — as it was of uppity Blacks. It supported the established social order and parroted the same platitudes as the Jaycees and Lions Clubbers. That’s the sort of Klan the National Anti-Klan Network knows how to deal with; that’s the sort of Klan it wants to keep.

But the Klan has begun to change — just a little so far, but enough to cause something close to panic in the ranks of the anti-Klanners. The Klan has begun to move away from its conservatism and its parochialism toward a more radical view of the world. It has begun to be invaded by new ideas. It has begun to recognize the need for ideology. It has begun to choose its positions on the basis of principles instead of reacting on the basis of habit.

And not just the Klan. In fact, the Klan remains, comparatively, the most conservative of the racially conscious White groupings. What is happening is that, after 70 years of failure, the racially conscious conservatives are dying out, and racially conscious radicals, most notably in the National Alliance, are coming to the fore. The process has been accelerating during the past decade. At this eleventh hour of the race’s gravest crisis, it is about time.

Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer, one of his finest works, was the cover art for the issue of National Vanguard in which this editorial appeared. The caption was “Time for Ideas: Old Ways Cannot Win.” Click the image for higher resolution.
Melencolia I by Albrecht Dürer, one of the artist’s finest works, was the cover art chosen by Dr. Pierce for the issue of National Vanguard in which this editorial appeared. The caption was “Time for Ideas: Old Ways Cannot Win.” Click the image for a higher resolution version of this magnificent engraving.

White men have been led to the slaughter in two world wars, while conservatives either collaborated with the warmongers, because that was the “American” thing to do, or timidly kept their mouths shut. A third conflict, bloodier, more destructive, and more brutal than anything which has gone before, is surely coming. But in this coming conflict racially conscious Whites will not be looking to conservatives or to the past for guidance. They will be guided and moved by the ideas which are now invading the Ku Klux Klan and “survivalist” groups and tax-resister groups and organizations of militant farmers all over America — ideas which they will share with their racially conscious White kinsmen in Europe and elsewhere and which will be stronger than all of the old, conservative nostrums which paralyzed their will, blinded their vision, and misled their steps in the past.

When the conflict is upon us there still will be differences, and there still will be conservatives who have not died soon enough, but the new, fundamental, unifying, motivating ideology which is being propagated now by the National Alliance will be the decisive element, the ideology whose time has come — if we continue to put our hearts and minds to our task with every bit of strength that is in us.

If we do not, and if our ideology does not prevail, then we will lose the coming conflict, and life on this planet will revert to the jungle and to the Jew forever.

* * *

Source: National Vanguard magazine, no. 94, April 1983, pp. 2–4; transcribed by Anthony Collins

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2 May, 2016 2:38 am

I salute you and your will to overcome.