Introducing Lana Williams

svetaSVETLANA “Lana” Williams (pictured), wife of National Alliance Chairman Will Williams, is the backbone of the National Alliance membership office in Tennessee. Lana processes all mail, handles business email inquiries, and performs data entry — keeping up with members’ dues, bank deposits, paying bills, etc.

Lana is a graduate of Moscow University and has training as an accountant, so knows how to keep a proper general ledger. Lana is very organized — unlike the Chairman who is usually dealing with the larger issues of the National Alliance. Together, and with an occasional helper, they stuff, stamp, seal and mail the monthly National Alliance BULLETINs at the end of each month — and neither receives a salary for any of this work, by the way.

It was through Lana’s initiative that we undertook the mailing of nearly 2,500 introductory National Alliance BULLETINs to addresses in an unorganized database of former members, customers, and supporters. That mailing has already netted several dozen former members rejoining. More than six hundred envelopes from that mass First Class mailing were returned to us as undeliverable for one reason or another; people die, people move.

Lana took the initiative again to track the people whose BULLETINs were returned by using Internet services like White Pages and People Finder. It’s remarkable how many people can be located this way, since old addresses are often listed, which can then be cross-checked against the addresses in the old database. Re-mailing the BULLETINs to former members who had moved to new addresses that Lana discovered has netted enough additional members rejoining our Alliance to have made all of that effort worthwhile.

Thank you, Lana, for all you do!

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Source: National Alliance BULLETIN

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  1. Bruce Arney
    27 May, 2016 at 12:00 pm — Reply

    Always a pleasure to see more women involved in our movement, especially attractive ones, as it re-enforces what motivates us all. That is, the continuation of our race and the safety and well-being of our children.

    27 May, 2016 at 5:39 pm — Reply

    I am also very happy to see women involved in our movement too. I am especially happy to see women happily performing their noble task of producing children – white children – and lots of them too.

    Let us not forget some of the causes of our current predicament as a race – the list is long – so I will mention just two. Firstly democracy, a topic that Dr Pierce and Dr. Oliver spoke about at length with special reference to its destructive influence on the white race. Secondly women, whose entry into the field of politics, business, finance, military and other areas of manly endeavour has been an utter disaster for the white race, both in terms of reduced birth rates and the promotion and legalization of some very ‘wacky’ ideas about the nobility of all featherless bipeds. Giving women the vote was utterly stupid. It is one of the main reasons our race – the white race – is in its current dilemma. Women do not think like men, and here I am talking about the average women noting that there are exceptions. On the average women put feelings above reason, and it is their heightened sense of altruism towards all peoples that is a root cause of our current predicament. Dr. Pierce made this point very clear in his broadcast entitled Hard Headed Altruism. One only needs to review the behaviour and comments of some former NA female members to understand this point more clearly.

    I suggest the following video:

    As for Lana Williams I am happy to say that she is a very beautiful woman who certainly has her head “screwed on” and she is an exception, but it is not women like her that I am concerned about. The noble duty of all women is to produce children – and lots of them. I have had two children, and it was my wish to father a lot more. I consider it a requirement that all white women give birth to at least four white children. As a society we must remove all obstacles to child birth and encourage white woman to have as many white babies as possible, but certainly no less than four. My ideal family – the family of my youth – is one comprising a strong father, a loyal and loving mother and nine healthy and happy playful children.

  3. George Wright
    29 May, 2016 at 1:02 pm — Reply

    Having had the opportunity to meet Lana, I have to feel that the article somewhat understates her value to the National Alliance. Our members and friends should be very grateful to have an individual of her caliber in this position.

  4. Walt Hampton
    29 May, 2016 at 2:48 pm — Reply


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