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NATIONAL ALLIANCE MEMBERS SHOULD be aware that many popular “pro-White” Internet forums and discussion groups are riddled with dissension, false drama, anonymous rumors, probable infiltrators, and defeatism. Most of them are best avoided.

One anonymous keyboard warrior on one of these forums recently accused National Alliance Chairman Williams of “worming his way” into his leadership role, and mocked the idea of sacrifice for the cause, saying:

WN [White nationalist] activists need to lower their expectations of absolute sacrifice if they’re going to get more than the “elite cadre” of 100 White men out of 700 million Whites to take part, which is their present batting average.

That “nattering nabob of negativism” typifies the average anonymous “WN activist” on the Internet, with his defeatist mathematics and hollow talk about absolute sacrifice. Fred Streed, whose “Cosmotheist Dialogue” was featured prominently in the March 2015 National Alliance BULLETIN, responded to this anti-Alliance critic with a reply worth sharing:

I spent eleven fairly happy years on the [West Virginia National Office] staff, running the ditch digging department. I liked doing it, I was pretty good at it, and no one else would do it. That huge body of work Dr. Pierce left behind — his essays and radio programs — would be a lot thinner if I had not taken on that work. Hard to get much writing done when you also have to work on several vehicles, construct new buildings with wiring and plumbing, figure out a computer network, maintain roads, plow snow, and a zillion other little things: All things he was trying to do himself before I showed up.

[You have] accused Will Williams of “worming his way into the NA chairmanship.” The truth is a bit different. The National Alliance had been looted until there was almost nothing left. The bank accounts evaporated years ago. Resistance Records was just a memory. National Vanguard Books had the stock sold off without replacing it. Under Dr. Pierce we had well-equipped shops including a nice wood shop equipped with table saws, radial arm saws, a planer, jointer, all the hand tools. The metal shop had a lathe, Bridgeport milling machine, heavy duty wire feed MIG welder, thousands of dollars worth of micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, a lathe, and mill tooling. It’s all gone. Sold off. The property has been logged, any merchantable timber is gone. So exactly what did Williams have to “worm his way” into? He has used his own money, his retirement savings for Christ’s sake, to try to get the Alliance going again. When he took over there was practically no membership. He has managed to turn that around and has made some impressive headway on it. All financed by him.

…My impression, from a couple of phone conversations with him, is that his goal is to get the National Alliance breathing on its own once again, and then hopefully turn it over to some superior young buck. He deserves some credit and respect.

It’s gratifying to see a stalwart like Fred Streed, arguably Dr. Pierce’s closest associate during his last 11 years, and a man who knows a great deal about “absolute sacrifice” for our cause, coming to the defense of Chairman Williams when he is attacked. It’s best if our members do not react and engage with anonymous naysayers on Internet discussion boards, but Mr. Streed knows how to deal with them due to his informed — and unique — real world experience.

We have our own forum now, http://whitebiocentrism.com, where disruptors are not welcome and where real community-building takes place.

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Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, May 2015

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  1. JM/Iowa
    29 May, 2016 at 1:23 am — Reply

    These movement types are keyboard warriors almost to a man with their all talk/no action public displays. Instead of doing, for example, any kind of outreach and recruiting in the White public that involves face to face contact, they’d rather preach to the internet choir where they feel safe and comfortable. They get nothing done and yet expect others to do all the work in building anything that helps Our Cause. In other words, these people are losers. We need not acknowledge their whining. I would hope they also didn’t breed any more of their kind, our race has enough of them already.

  2. Walt Hampton
    29 May, 2016 at 1:35 pm — Reply

    The only so-called “pro-White” forum I was
    ever registered on was Lindler’s VNN. I did not realize
    it at the time, but the Webmaster bestowed quite a favor by
    booting me off early last year. Thanks, Alex!

    29 May, 2016 at 5:19 pm — Reply

    I recommend the NA to all people serious about the future of our race – the white race.

    I suspect that many of the other pro-white organizations are taking advantage of white people. Many white people are adrift – they know things are wrong but they lack guidance and direction to articulate their concerns. I will not mention which organizations are in it for the money – and there is a lot of money to be made out of disenfranchised white people. I do my homework and my background checks and I know who they are. I am especially annoyed with so-called pro-white organizations who avoid any discussion about Jews and their pivotal role in our current predicament. It is equivalent to a microbiologist talking about syphilis without any mention of the role spirochetes play in the disease – we must not offend them spirochetes that would be rude! Oy vey – vat are you talking about not all spirochetes are bad already!!

    Things must get a lot worse for white people before we can hope to make any real changes. The threats are real but for many white people the threats are not imminent. In my ‘neck-of-the-woods’ there are two full-blood Congoids, a few Australoids and even a few expatriate African-Americans. Thus the community is overwhelmingly white. Other communities in other parts of the country have much greater diversity, but the threat of non-whites is not an imminent one – it is more one of annoyance and inconvenience. This is why education is very important, and highlighting the problems Europe now faces with non-whites is essential to our cause. Europe provides text-book examples of what non-whites do when they are allowed to settle in lands that never had a non-white population.

    Never give up your 1st amendment rights – without them you will be destroyed – and I speak from experience in a country that has no freedom of speech other than that the state allows you to exercise.

  4. harvey
    30 May, 2016 at 11:31 am — Reply

    It may be my own misunderstanding, or wounds from the present conditions; but instituting a lot of verticality in a relatively small group will end up becoming the cherry on a sunday without the sunday.

    The recent article on anglocentric social rights at CEC remarks on how white ethnicity is a viable category, whereas the subverting the compassion for our own race — often by irrational jewish hypothecations of a mainline principle into absurd and limitless derivative iterations.

    If NA wanted to have a strictly professional class organization with higher stakes entrance and fee requirements, maybe that could work; but all professional class organizations in the rest of the white world have been infiltrated, including traditional religions.

    Genetic and ancestry resources are more affordable now, so maybe that would be a way to be factually explicit. Rolling out who is and isn’t a loser is unduly rough terrain for our own people in these times, at this intense level of Israelification of the West and Europe.

    Social Rights vs Equality of Races

  5. 15 July, 2016 at 1:51 am — Reply

    Speaking as an outsider: Yes, the forums are bad enough for me to have noticed, as an outsider, that something is quite wrong there.

    By uncanny coincidence, I had written (but not yet posted) a White Biocentrism post on this very topic, then found this.

    Just remember, „He whom they decry most is nearest to our hearts and he whom they mortally hate is our best friend.“ It will help you parse the tangled web of all those flamefest posts.

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