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Homeless Jack Explains: Right Blood; Right Belief; Right Action

dna-sequenceby H. Millard

LOOK, MAN, to be you, you must get in touch with the essential you that is only found in your DNA code. And, your DNA code as a White person is different from the DNA codes of all non-Whites. You can pretty much trust your eyes in this regard — because the different major races, which are really subspecies of humans, are color coded for easy recognition to know who is like you and who is not like you. There are some exceptions — some Jews, for example, sometimes look like us, but they aren’t us, man.

See, the colors of different humans aren’t like paint that is sprayed on identical automobiles coming off the assembly line. The colors of man come from within. They are integral parts of the DNA codes of different types of humans just as bone structures, head shapes, eye shapes, ways of thinking and reacting to things are integral parts of different types of humans. Be yourself, Whitey. That’s who you are. Look in the mirror. That is a reflection of your DNA code. You are the outward manifestation of the DNA code that has spun and spiraled you out from a single cell to what you are now and it is within you and is you as much as the image in the mirror is you. Don’t deny it and don’t fantasize some sort of imaginary raceless “spirit” as some of the false religions believe. True religion must be true to DNA codes.

I’ve read most of Arman’s Teachings and for me they boil down to three major points if we want to follow them. And, remember, man, Arman says we are selected, but that we have to choose to follow the Teachings or not, and that we can do so in private and we don’t have to join anything or send money to anyone or anything like that. We just live right. Arman’s Teachings aren’t an organization, man. They’re a path upward and they’re life-affirming and full of love and kindness, even if some don’t understand this.

But, here are the three things that are important.


Right Blood means that you are born with the right DNA code to be our kind of human: a pure White person. You get this from being born of two pure White parents. This means that your parents are both non-Jewish Whites of European descent.

Now, don’t go feeling all superior, man. Right Blood doesn’t make you’re better than other peoples, it just makes you different. It also means that you are selected. Arman says that some sages say we are selected by Nature and the fundamental processes of evolution, as in natural selection, and some say by God. Without right blood — our White DNA code — you are not a White person. By White person, with an upper case W, is meant that you are what we used to call Aryan. But that term is now not used as much, so we use White to mean the same thing among those who don’t understand. And, again, this means you are a non-Jewish White person of European descent. It also means that you are born with the right parts to have the potential to evolve faster and along a particular path if you live right. Arman often uses examples of radios and computers that need the right parts to operate to make this simple to understand.


This is a belief in Whiteness. This means you like yourself. You like being White. You want your family to remain White. You put Whiteness before all else. You ask of everything: “Is this good for Whites?” By believing in Whiteness you automatically honor a higher power whether you call that God or Nature or some other name. Whites are selected to sanctify our level of existence if they live consciously and follow the laws that are set out in Arman’s Teachings which come directly from that higher power which has many names but which inhabits the subatomic realm — the quantum level of reality — as a bodiless and ineffable intelligence that creates, underpins and maintains the level of reality that we live in, and which we can call God or the First Cause or by other names.


This means you live a good and righteous life as a conscious White person. You understand you are different from others and that you have a special destiny that requires you to remain White and to produce as many pure White children as possible so that the White DNA mass expands always and contracts never. In living right, you seek your personal happiness as an explicit White person and you seek to evolve spiritually so that our highest destiny, which is to evolve genetically into a new species, can happen. Right action also means we remain separate and even isolated from all non-Whites as much as possible and that we do not engage in miscegenation or mixing and that we produce the greatest number of White children as possible during our lifetimes, health allowing. Arman says we live on in the pure White children we produce and that each pure White child is worth more than thousands of prayers.


Here’s some of the science that backs up our truths:

13.7 billion years ago — Big Bang. Start of our universe.

4.5 billion years ago — Earth forms from spinning cloud of stellar dust.

3.8 billion years ago — First DNA molecule.

330 million years ago — First reptiles.

220 million years ago — First true mammals.

2.5 million years ago — Genus Homo.

200,000 years ago — Modern humans.

50,000 years ago — A few humans leave Africa for Europe and Asia and keep evolving.

20,000 years ago — White people begin emerging in Europe.

5,000 years ago — White people become dominant and virtually only type in Europe.

4,000 years ago — Recorded history begins.


Scientists believe that a tiny mutation in gene slc24a5, located on the long leg of chromosome 15 at position 21.1, which started in the few people who left Africa and headed into Europe about 50,000 years ago, was a major reason for the emergence of white skin.

White skin allowed in more sunlight and helped with the production of more Vitamin D than darker skin, and prevented rickets. This mutation became the norm in Europe 5,300 to 12,000 years ago. This gene has primary alleles that differ in only one nucleotide, changing the 111th amino acid from alanine to threonine. In White European descended peoples, the threonine form is found in from 98.7% to 100% of the population while in Africans, East Asians, and American Indians from 93% to 100% of the populations have the alanine form.

Many other mutations occurred among this new subspecies as these people moved out of Africa. And that, dear friends, is how White people came to be.


Remember, all DNA is the same for all living things that we know about. That is, all DNA is composed of four chemicals that are abbreviated A, T, C, G. These chemicals are then shuffled by Nature to make a blade of grass or a man.

Humans have approximately 3.1 billion combinations of these four letters in their genotype. These are further organized into 46 chromosomes and the chromosomes carry the approximately 20,000 genes that help make us as we are. The genes carry the instructions for producing a new organism in all its parts.

During mating, 23 chromosomes from the male join with 23 chromosomes from the female to create a new child.

If members of a species are isolated from others of the species for a long enough time, those who are isolated may become a new species no longer capable of breeding with the old species. But if the isolation is removed before specieshood, those who were on their way to being a new species may blend back in with the masses of the species. This is why we must remain apart from other peoples, man. We must avoid gene transfer. It takes us off the path and makes our DNA code impure. Our highest destiny is to become a new species incapable of bearing viable children with other kinds of humans. When we reach this stage, our evolution will speed up even more and we will continue to evolve ever higher and ever closer to the Infinite One.

(© 2016 H. Millard)

* * *

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3 May, 2016 7:23 pm

“…some Jews, for example, sometimes look like us, but they aren’t us, man.” Yes. Just as Congoids and Australoids are both black but still discernibly different from each other in facial structure, so too are most White Europoids and White Jews discernibly different from each other in facial structure. Of all the various Europoid racial sub-types (i.e., Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean ect), it is the Nordic race that is the most different from Jews, especially from those Jews of Armenoid racial type, which was the primary racial type of the first Jews. For some reason many Jews also exhibit Neandertal physical traits more than any other Caucasoid people.

21 May, 2022 1:40 pm

Very helpful article, thanks!
Say, would you have anything on the subject of the fight/flight/freeze response in Whites? Grew up with a predatory degenerate, had to deal with sustained chronic physical violence long term, I’m not sure how to heal my nervous system and amygdala etc., if it’s even possible.
Currently reading on anthropology and animal behaviour, then found your article. Thank You much!