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Gromyko on Jewish Diplomats

1354306435_3NAHUM GOLDMANN, former head of the World Jewish Congress, is a maverick Jew, which means he often says things that do not fit into the monolithic Zionist propaganda line. It also means that he is more likely to speak the truth than the organization Jew who is always looking over his shoulder to see if Moshe Dayan, Senator Javits or the Rothschilds approve of his remarks. (ILLUSTRATION: Andrei Gromyko is still honored in today’s Russia. Here he is portrayed on a 2009 Russian postage stamp.)

Writing in the Jewish Sentinel (Sept. 28, 1978), Goldmann recounts an interesting interview with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko. “Before the war,” Goldmann asserts,

most Russian diplomats were Jews. A list of these representatives of the USSR is published every year. Recently it has only contained two or three Jewish names. I took the list to Gromyko and asked why his diplomatic machinery was Judenrein.

Gromyko replied:

Nahum Goldmann
Nahum Goldmann

That has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. With a few exceptions you won’t find any Ukrainians there either. Frankly, we are a closed society, not very democratic in the Western sense of the word. If we send a Jewish second secretary to the Russian embassy in Rio de Janeiro, for example, in his first week he’ll discover that he has a cousin in São Paulo, a week later that he has an uncle in Curitiba, and so on. We don’t like that; we don’t want our diplomats to have personal international relations. Well, the Jewish people is international. I am not saying that Jews are disloyal, but they have too many friends, relations and acquaintances for our liking. We take the same line with the Ukrainians, who have communities abroad.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, December 1978

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
13 May, 2016 11:45 pm

Nahum Goldmann once described Jews as the most conservative and the most revolutionary of peoples. In other words, they are conservative for themselves and revolutionary for — or rather against — other peoples.