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Fred Streed’s Affidavit for Will Williams

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FRED STREED has information impeaching the credibility of the woman who accused Will Williams of misdemeanor battery. Fred is well known as an honest man (entrusted by Dr. Pierce with the execution of his will), and nobody can twist his arm. I thoroughly believe what he says about this matter.

Some of it I can confirm from my own personal experience. I know, for example, that there was never any violence from Will Williams toward his wife Albina, because Albina herself told me.

Fred says (point 3 of the Affidavit) that during his recent stay on the National Alliance’s property he noticed that Garland DeCourcy was “insisting events happened that I knew to be untrue,” and not only about Will Williams. For example, she was claiming that the National Alliance was “raided” several times during Dr. Pierce’s lifetime. (I was a member of the National Alliance from 1992 until after Dr. Pierce’s death, and this is the first time that I ever heard such a story!) “Garland would spend an hour or more detailing convoluted conspiracy theories,” writes Fred. The woman seems to have a wild imagination.

In the altercation between Garland DeCourcy and Will Williams, Will Williams’ account of what happened (in response to my questioning) is this:

I held my right arm out as she came at me, wagging her finger in my face aggressively, screaming that I’m a “psycho,” among other ridiculous things an employee doesn’t scream at her employer. Between the crook of my thumb and forefinger was her chin. I never touched her neck. [Will Williams, 3 April 2016]

Michael Oljaca (a.k.a. Olanich), Garland’s young boyfriend, was present and somehow intervened. Will’s account of Michael’s role is this:

He stood up, but his alleged effort at physically “separating” us is laughable. I think he may have yelled “stop,” but directed more at her than at me. I wasn’t the one who had jumped up and started screaming hysterically. […]

I removed my hand from her chin as soon as Mikey stood up. I then left the room and went back to typing for the September BULLETIN in the office across the hall. I let Garland know when I paid them [a short time later] that her services were no longer needed for the Alliance.

Garland’s version is that Will was strangling her and that Michael interrupted it, saving her life. The SPLC has it that Will “allegedly attempted to beat and strangle” her.

Fred indicates in point 4 of his affidavit that he encountered Will, Garland, and Michael shortly after the alleged incident, and saw no sign that any violence had occurred:

On September 30th, 2015, Garland and Mr. Williams evidently had a heated conversation. I talked with Mr. Williams right after it happened, he was calm and did not appear angry. I also talked with Garland and Mr. Olanich soon after my conversation with Mr. Williams. She seemed very excited and angry but made no mention of an assault on her. I did not see any bruises on her throat or other signs of a physical altercation.

Will Williams is a burly and vigorous former Special Forces soldier. Michael Oljaca is said to be not so formidable. The notion that Michael Oljaca tussled with Will Williams and emerged without a mark on him is no more credible than the claim that Will “attempted to beat and strangle” Garland and that the only mark she had to show for it was this little rash:

Garland's rash

Nonetheless Michael O., the only eyewitness other than the plaintiff and the defendant, has been supporting the plaintiff’s account.

If you want to understand how it is possible that a woman could get a man or several men to support her in an accusation that might be exaggerated or false, look at the recent accusation of misdemeanor battery against Donald Trump’s campaign-manager Corey Lewandowski. The journalist Michelle Fields wildly exaggerated and distorted what happened in her brief physical interaction with Lewandowski and talked two male witnesses who could have contradicted her story (Washington Post’s reporter Ben Terris and photographer Jabin Botsford) into going along with it . (See this exposé.) I heard a female caller to Rush Limbaugh call it “playing the woman-card.” In the jargon of men’s rights it is also called damseling, and the complementary male behavior is called white-knighting. A well known phenomenon.

A lack of any inherent importance in whatever did happen between Will Williams and Garland DeCourcy on 30 September 2015 is also implicit in the fact that she waited two months, until 2 December 2015, to file a complaint. The police-report does not say that she had suffered any physical harm.

Fred’s observations unfortunately were not admitted as evidence for the trial, which took place in the Magistrate Court of Pocahontas County, West Virginia, on 28 March 2016 and, with neither a witness nor an affidavit to support the defendant, ended in Will Williams’ being convicted on a misdemeanor charge of battery.

Fred's affidavit 1

Fred's affidavit 2

Fred's affidavit 3Fred's affidavit 4.jpegFred's affidavit 5

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25 May, 2016 7:15 pm

I hope I can inject some humour into this sad story; my children asked me what recruitment screening procedures the NA uses to recruit workers, and especially women. In the opinion of one of my twins she looks “totally butch” hardly what one would call a petite “Aryan maiden.” My other twin thinks she looks like a wrestler – of the female persuasion – who knows. Fighting for our race is man’s work and man’s work only. Yes, women have their place but not on the racial battlefield or at the battlefields’ HQ. We do not need feminists or crypto-feminists at all. Dr. Pierce made this point very clear in many of his broadcasts and talks. At my home affectionately called “The Barracks” there are no women. It is a… Read more »

Clinton Seeber
Clinton Seeber
13 June, 2016 8:01 am

Mr. Williams, I really respect you and think you do a very good job with the NA, but every once in awhile, a real nutter like this woman or Dilloway comes along and somehow works their way into the ranks. That’s not an indictment of your character judgment, however. I guess it’s just one of those things that happens sometimes.

Will Williams
Will Williams
13 June, 2016 7:11 pm

Thanks, Mr. Seeber. I take responsibility for hiring the nutters and have been paying the price for it. In December 2014 we had to have someone, preferably someone who was trustworthy, on the WV property, and fast. Volunteers were scarce with so few Alliance members at the time, especially with winter coming on and the facilities in shambles. David Pringle and his fiancee Laura Lee have been getting settled on The Land now for over a month and are whipping the place back into shape. Theirs is the presence we’ve been needing on site for a long while. Before they arrived, it was like, you work with who is available, not with who you wish you have. Fred Streed, alone, raised enough reasonable doubt with that affidavit that the “assault”… Read more »

Clinton Seeber
Clinton Seeber
Reply to  Will Williams
13 June, 2016 7:51 pm

Well, I have spoken to you on the phone and have not met you in person yet — but I have seen pics of you and you look big, and I know about your Army Special Forces training. I wouldn’t want to fight you. Anyway, I mention this because I know that it would have been a lot worse than what she claimed had you “laid your hands” on her. Also, waiting like two months to file a report is BS, and I don’t see how she gets away with it.

Reply to  Will Williams
14 June, 2016 12:15 pm

You know, I don’t know the processes in the organization for detecting “problem people”. I’m almost positive that Dr. Pierce had his own methods for “weeding out” problems – personnel and otherwise. But every group absolutely needs cadres of quality not quantity that can be relied upon. I remember my first boss who had a dozen “tests” to detect truth, trustworthy men and old-fashioned character or the lack of. One early one was that he would find a time when you were alone, and he would drop a $20 bill on the floor and he would tell the person to “go downstairs and do…” something. If the $20 came back to him, you passed the test. If not, well he said it only cost him $20 to find out the… Read more »