Dr. Norman Spack’s Barbaric “Transgender Youth” Procedures

spack_tvDr. Norman Spack: profiting from gender confusion, endangering children’s health.

“Spack injects children with hormone-blocking drugs to prevent them from developing secondary sexual characteristics, like breasts or facial hair. The idea is to ‘give them a few more years to make up their minds’ if they want to be male — or female.”

Prepping Kids for Sex Change

HE HAS BEEN called “demonic,” “barbaric,” and when you read about his work, it is easy to see why Americans are so outraged. Dr. Norman Spack is a pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. Not long ago, he opened a clinic for what he terms “transgendered” children. Incredibly, he is giving kids as young as seven drugs that delay the onset of puberty — the first step toward “sex change surgery” when they are older.

Spack first injects them with powerful hormone blockers to prevent them from developing normally. When these kids hit their teen years, they are given the option of taking “cross-hormones” for a few years — which deforms their bodies and causes them to develop the characteristics of the opposite sex. Tragically, the treatment will condemn these teenagers to lifelong infertility.

Spack appears to think that that is a reasonable trade-off for teens who feel they are “trapped in the body of the opposite sex”: After all, the cross-hormone treatments will make it easier for them to “pass” as the opposite sex. For instance, men will not grow as tall as they normally would, nor will they develop beards or Adam’s apples.

In a fawning article about Spack, the Boston Globe referred to his treatment of gender-confused children as “modern medical care.” Medical care, my eye! This is medical mayhem. It is unconscionable.

Dr. Paul McHugh, a distinguished professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, agrees: He says that treating these children with hormones “does considerable harm, and it compounds their confusion. Trying to delay puberty or change someone’s gender,” he added, “is a rejection of the lawfulness of Nature.”

Dr. McHugh knows what he is talking about. He and psychiatrist Jon Myer studied men who received “sex change” operations at Johns Hopkins. His conclusion? “That Hopkins was fundamentally cooperating with a mental illness.” Better, McHugh thought, to concentrate on fixing their minds instead of taking the more drastic step of changing their sex.

Thanks to the research of Myer and others, this practice was stopped at Johns Hopkins. And it became possible to begin to make sense of the mental disorders that were driving the request for the surgeries.

So why are doctors like Spack altering young bodies instead of treating confused minds?

The answer is that many doctors have embraced the modern teaching that sexual identity, rather than being biologically determined, is a preference or a choice. According to this, people should be allowed to choose whatever sex they want to be.

Absent birth defects, and regardless of the beliefs of the mentally ill or those with an agenda to destroy normal, healthy sexuality, sex is determined at conception. Shots and surgeries and politically correct teachings cannot alter this fundamental truth.

Tragically, some parents are now buying into this false teaching — and allowing their children to undergo destructive treatments.

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Source: Americans for Truth

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Mark Samson
Mark Samson
26 March, 2017 5:35 pm

Paul McHugh has been out of the mainstream of medical treatment for trans people for decades. There are now 40 treatment centers for trans kids in Children’s Hospitals around the country, and even more in first world countries around the world. None of these suggest supporting your views nor those of McHugh and his minions.

Anyone who subjects their child to the McHugh philosophy is setting their child up for astronomical risk of suicide, and decades of pain and suffering.

Dean M Jackson
Dean M Jackson
9 June, 2019 1:04 am

The word ‘gender’ was coined in the 1300s, as a synonym for biological sex, not feelings that one is another sex(!), informing us that we’re witnessing yet another Marxist societal sabotage operation in play. Children who display confusion about their sex are just that, confused, and need assistance, not the cruel lie cementing in their minds that they are, indeed, another gender, an impossibility since the human species only has two genders/sexes for the purpose of procreation. Maybe the troubled child is attracted to the opposite sex, so he/she thinks they must be the opposite sex. Or the child being more mature than his same-sex friends thinks he’s a female because he has more in common with females. Or the boy being more interested in the arts than sports thinks… Read more »