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Another Electoral Debacle

by Max Musson (featured in video above)

AN ARTICLE published on the Heritage and Destiny Web site begins: “This week’s elections have been a disaster of historic proportions for the British nationalist movement, forcing a serious rethink of our whole strategy and organization,” and clearly, while it does not please us to say this, the results detailed in that Heritage and Destiny article are a vindication of the strategic approach that we at Western Spring have been advocating for some time now.

The vote received by the BNP mayoral candidate David Furness was just 0.5% and that party’s GLA List vote was not much better, at 0.6%, meaning that an election campaign that must have cost the BNP upwards of £75,000 was a complete waste of time and money.

Although the anti-Islamic party, Britain First, engaged in a much more vociferous campaign, the vote for their mayoral candidate Paul Golding was just 1.2% and their GLA List vote just 1.5%, again meaning that upwards of another £75,000 was effectively poured down the drain.

The lost deposit required for the London mayoral election would have been £10,000 for each of the above parties’ candidates, and the deposits for the List candidates would have been £5,000. If we add to this the cost of sending just one election address to each London household, at 2p per leaflet, that equates to a further £60,000 lost.

The civic nationalist party, the English Democrats, contested four Police and Crime Commissionerships and overall their candidates received just 0.62% of the vote, meaning that here too they lost four substantial £5,000 deposits and the Electoral Commission inform us that the average spent on Crime and Police Commissioner elections is £11,250 per candidate. These four elections will therefore have cost the English Democrats approximately £65,000 in total.

In addition to these losses, there were a further fifty or so nationalist candidates standing in local elections that the overwhelming majority had no hope in hell of winning, and at a cost of just c. £250 per candidate for election addresses, this produces further expense running to £12,500.

Lastly, if we assume a total of say, 10,000 man hours of leafletting, doorstep canvassing, other forms of campaigning, attending counts etc., at the minimum wage of £7.20 per hour, this equates to a loss of approximately £72,000 in potential lost earnings for the activists involved.

The total cost of this electoral fiasco was therefore, somewhere in the region of £359,500, enough to buy around a dozen two- or three-bedroomed terraced houses in the embryonic White enclave being established by White Independent Nation (WIN) in Durham! Enough to employ two dozen full-time nationalist activists on the minimum wage, for a year!

Given that the vast majority of these nationalist candidates had no realistic hope of being elected and that their participation in the elections went largely unreported by the media and resulted in humiliatingly low levels of support from the electorate, and given the small fortune that has been squandered, we must begin to question the sanity of the nationalist political parties and the individual candidates involved.

We have as a movement squandered more money than most of our members as individuals will ever see in their entire lifetimes. It is a tragedy that we have repeatedly done this in the past, but it would be a criminal dereliction of duty if we were to ever do it again!

We must stop squandering our members money on hopeless Don Quixote-like ‘tilting at windmills’, and we must stop squandering our members’ idealism and goodwill by giving them false hope, where no hope currently exists, and leading them down blind alleys to certain electoral defeat.

I call upon individual nationalists and the leaders of other nationalist groups to contact me at so that we can hold a conference of nationalist unity later this year and make arrangements for our whole movement to adopt the alternative, non-electoral strategies that I have outlined in my many articles.

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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T. the brilliant Bach
T. the brilliant Bach
13 May, 2016 4:04 pm

Democratic power is far away when only the ‘accepted’ parties are allowed to grow. Accepted by being traditionalist and politically correct depending on where it counts. So if and when the BNP should reach 30% in national elections the elitist owned news and 70% of the vote would do everything to stop them. And that’s not counting all the covert rulers nor the masses who blindly go along with the crowd and see evil where it is not and vica versa.

13 May, 2016 8:56 pm