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An Insider’s Story: When Jimmy Carter First Encountered Jewish Power

Anwar Sadat, Jimmy Carter and Menahem Begin at the Camp David Accords Signing Ceremonyby Cholly Bilderberger

IT HAPPENED at the 1978 Camp David peace talks between Egypt and Israel at which President Carter presided. I was not there personally, but a close friend sat in on everything and gave me the results. (ILLUSTRATION: Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, Carter, and Israel’s Menachem Begin meet in 1978)

It has dawned on Carter that the Jews act in transcendent bad faith, and it’s marvelous to see him trying to keep the knowledge to himself. He is aware now that they will not be crossed in anything, and that it would be extremely unhealthy for any president to go against them in any significant way.

He realizes they have infiltrated so completely that he is, quite literally, entirely alone and completely unprotected. The knowledge that this could happen to the President of the United States has been such an education for him that he still can’t quite take it in. He masks the interior anguish quite well, but the Jews are, naturally, adept at sniffing that sort of thing out and they already suspect him.

When they sit down with him, all gruesome smiles, leers, and heavy ‘gaiety,’ saying everything between the lines as broadly as they dare, he goggles back, trying to give the right message between his lines. (“Sho-nuff, boss, dey ain’t no one here ‘ceptin’ us Israeli-lovin’ chickens, you can depend on me, I think you-all is great and I’se all for you folks. . .”)

In the full presidential setting the sinister Jewish thugs seemed to surround the yokel leader and his faithless retinue in classic Alfred Hitchcock ominousness, with the bumbling Egyptians thrown in to heighten the effect. (Actually, no more was needed, they stretched the esthetic bounds of credible theater.) Carter was centered, entirely alone; the retinue, as silly and irresponsible as that of Louis XVI, was as indifferent to his fate as to its own and to that of the country it was supposed to be serving.

One could weep, I suppose, but I think it healthier to find it only funny. Carter and the millions of others like him have been deferring to the Jews for years, in modern dress as well as Biblically in their hillbilly sects, and now . . . well, now he and they have a taste of what that deference has led to.

As Harry S. Truman said when he saw the horrific results of the World War II bombing in Germany: “I guess they had it coming.” A pity that Truman, another yokel President who bowed almost completely to the Jews, didn’t live to have them teach him the facts of life — but Carter sits in for him very nicely!

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, December 1978

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Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
10 September, 2017 1:30 am

All that talk about jews not tolerating being crossed at anything, how it’s extremely unhealthy for any President to go against them, how completely alone and unprotected ….. was the author talking about a physical threat to Carter or just his political career?

Reply to  Thomas Plaster
20 April, 2022 9:08 am

How Jews operate: In principle, they follow things like Talmud, to hate and try to exploit every one else, to regard non-Jews’ life as worthless. In practice, take a look at “by way of deception”, by an ex-Mossad spy. They will first try to cheat, lie, deceive, cajole, threaten, blackmail, but if they find you incorruptible, they will try to assassinate. In a later book, the author talked about how Israel planned to kill George WH Bush and blame it on some Islam terrorists. That’s a small part of their strategy, the broader part is in their “protocols”, about how to inject weak ethos into a nation, how to use the idea of liberty for their own bloody dictatorship, how to use press, money for their own gains etc. They… Read more »

15 April, 2020 10:11 pm

Another anecdote was that Jimmy Carter recognized the jew and vowed to stop him, as did Richard Nixon . Presidents , who learn the jew must also be obsessed with the imminence of their assassination .I never liked Jimmy Carter but he may have some redeeming qualities.