UK: Teenager Gang-Raped by Middle Eastern Invaders


This harrowing experience has been repeated thousands of times, devastating White women and their families — yet White men continue to allow the Jews and their kept politicians to continue the invasion. How much longer will you stand on the sidelines?

A TEENAGE GIRL was gang-raped in a ‘foreigners’ dosshouse’ [A usually government funded, cheap lodging place for tramps or the homeless — Ed.] after she was lured there by a group of young men, a court heard yesterday. (ILLUSTRATION: A teenage girl was allegedly gang-raped in a ‘foreigners’ dosshouse’ in Gillingham, Kent after she was lured there by a group of young men.)

The 18-year-old suffered a three-hour ordeal after being invited to a party with a friend who she mistakenly thought knew the men.

The girl was allegedly raped and sexually assaulted by at least six men as others watched, jeering and laughing about who should attack her next.

She escaped only after punching and headbutting the men as her friend fetched a neighbour and begged him to intervene.

During her police interview, the teenager said the men were of Middle Eastern appearance and some did not speak English.

Yesterday, two men went on trial accused of being among the alleged rapists who struck at the shared house in Gillingham, Kent, on Halloween last year.

Ahmed Ali Naeem, 18, and a 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named because of his age, listened carefully to the case against them via an Arabic translator.

Maidstone Crown Court heard that the girl went out for the evening with her family to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. She later went to play snooker with friends before bumping into a friend from primary school in the town centre.

They then met a group of around eight foreign men, who promised the girls more drinks at their shared bedsit-style property a short distance away.

But once inside, the teenager was subjected to an appalling ordeal as a gang of men and boys took it in turns to rape and sexually abuse her, the court heard.

She escaped the three-hour ordeal only after punching and headbutting the men as her friend fetched a neighbour and begged him to intervene, Maidstone Crown Court heard (above)
She escaped the three-hour ordeal only after punching and headbutting the men as her friend fetched a neighbour and begged him to intervene, Maidstone Crown Court heard (above)

In a harrowing police interview — a recording of which was played to the jury — the alleged victim said: ‘I thought [my friend] knew them but when I got inside it was just full of foreign men.

‘One of them forced me upstairs and had sex with me… he forced me to have sex. All of them were at the door. I was naked.

‘I was being gang-raped. I was telling them that I did not want it… I wanted it to stop but they were getting more forceful.

‘In the downstairs bedroom I thought there was a man who would help me but he raped me as well.

‘I was trying to get out, but as I got to the front door there were ten of them standing by it. I tried to fight my way through them but another man grabbed my hand and pulled me to an upstairs bedroom.

‘He raped me. I kept saying stop and he started to get more aggressive. I ran out of the bedroom. I headbutted one of them and punched one.

‘I lost it as I went downstairs, I went mad and they still would not let me out. [My friend] got a man from over the road and he was talking to them to try to get me out.

‘Even when I was walking up the road the boys were walking with me, begging me to come back in.’ The girl described the property as ‘like a foreigners’ dosshouse’ which was split into bedsits. She said it had a distinctive smell of ‘men’s BO [body odour]’.

Opening the case, prosecutor Amanda Hamilton told the jury that the alleged victim had been drinking, but that they must decide if the two defendants did have sex with her and if so, could they reasonably believe she consented to it.

The two men were arrested by police the next day. In an interview, Naeem said the girl forced herself on him. The prosecutor told the court: ‘He said he did not want sex as he said it was against his religion to have sex outside of marriage.’

Naeem admitted having sex with the girl for 25 minutes but claimed she begged him, saying ‘have sex with me, have sex with me’.

The unnamed 17-year-old claimed that other boys at the property told him the girl agreed they could ‘make love to her for payment’.

‘He said the only contact he had with her was to ask her how she was in Arabic,’ the prosecutor added.

Two mobile phones were confiscated from the boy, including an iPhone on which there were several short videos of the alleged victim.

Both men, who are of no fixed address, are accused of rape. The trial, which is expected to last five days, continues.

* * *

Source: Daily Mail

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Uncle Cracker
Uncle Cracker
27 December, 2017 1:04 pm

Like i said: this is their warfare.
Young white women are their target nr. 1.
Humiliate the white man by taking his daughter and pollute his genetic heritage and if the girl, woman says no they will most likely rape her.

So, this is how they think and act, but of course there is also another reason.
I mean their own women are not attractive at all, i feel as if i could puke when i see them.

Eli M.
Eli M.
Reply to  Uncle Cracker
23 September, 2021 1:49 am

Yes, sir. Good points for the most part.

11 February, 2021 9:02 am

English soldierly morons are too busy fighting Israel’s wars to defend their own homelands women against the Anglo kehilla’s import golem: Britardism is a mental illness obvious in British Israelitism but continuous in the old NF or dead BNP.