Two Important Thought Experiments


by Ivan Shatov

I HAVE ASKED many of my friends to perform these thought experiments: First, let us say that a dreadful disease has killed anyone with more than a 15 per cent. European genome.

Death comes quickly — in a matter of hours. Blacks are left to their own devices. How long until utter anarchy prevails in areas where they dominate? Most people err far, far on the side of optimism.

How long until fresh water stops flowing? At most until the automated systems fail: two to three days.

How long until the sewage treatment facilities break down? The same.

The breakdown of law and order would be immediate, with rampaging and pillaging beginning immediately upon the dim realization that all was for the taking.

Law abiding Blacks? They would be swamped by the lawless and would themselves descend to lawlessness very quickly.

The cessation of TV and radio broadcasts? — also, almost immediate. At most three to five days.

Greater than two thirds of all the remaining Blacks would be dead within six to twelve months. At the end of five years fewer than 5 per cent. would remain.

Africa would descend into the most utterly vicious and hellish existence imaginable with its population plunging over 90 per cent. as well.

Now, let us consider an equally — and perhaps much more — valuable thought experiment: What would happen if everyone with less than a 95% European genome were killed off by a dreadful disease?

Every city in America would become a garden spot. Europe would flourish as never before. Africa would be repopulated by Europeans and would become one of the greatest places on Earth to live. Crime would fall by over 85 per cent.

Education would once again become a true meritocracy — as would all fields of endeavor, including most importantly the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Music and art would improve dramatically and reached undreamed-of heights. Europeans, relieved of the odious influence of the low-IQ brown parasites of the world — and the high-IQ predatory parasites — would once again direct their energies more productively and produce wealth and power beyond imagining.

Taxes would fall by over 75 per cent. Prison populations would fall by 80 per cent. Europeans would regain their confidence and begin reproducing again. And since the Jews are not White, we would not be hamstrung by their pernicious influences. We would no longer be saddled by “the leaven of the Pharisees.”

* * *

Source: The Irish Savant blog

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George Wright
George Wright
12 April, 2016 6:05 pm

This is a scenario I have contemplated on more than one occasion. I think the author has correctly predicted the outcome of both cases. It is definitely worth thinking about.

12 April, 2016 6:51 pm

I too have indulged in several thought experiments, but mine deal exclusively with time travel. I have a dream:

Go back in time and supply Adolf Hitler with every plan the Jews and the Allies had devised to destroy his nation, and supply him with an edited version of “The Los Alamos Primer” and other modern texts on Nuclear physics.

Go back in time and assassinate Karl Marx, Moses Hess and Theodor Herzl.

Go back in time and exterminate the whole Jewish race, starting with Moses. This of course assumes Moses was real.

Of course the first and second dream depends on the success or lack thereof of the last dream. If I succeeded with the last dream, the others would be irrelevant.

13 April, 2016 10:25 am

That was fun. Here is an alternative. Imagine that all our western and europid technology, science, maths, literature and art could be retracted, on a writ of investiture, from non-white use. No metal for African machetes, no tradecraft and finance fraud from Asia. No blacks with guns. No judeans with media companies or medicine for the diseases of the inbred. No Moslem invaders with cell phones, guns and bombs. Imagine if we had all our traditional toys, books and infrastructure back, all in their proper place, protected and reserved for their due racial inheritors.

Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom
15 April, 2016 1:21 am

People imagine this would require some desperate genocidal War. This is not true. WWII shows that only White armies can beat White armies. Hitler and his Aryan National Socialist fought England, The United States and the Soviet Union simultaneously. Without “jews” to hold them back, they still nearly won the War. Imagine of all the Whites were standing together? Who could bring them down. The Enemy has made its final mistake. They have brought an existential threat to all the Whites simultaneously. External threats by aliens are the perfect scenario to bring age old differences to a swift close. Let this be their final battle. Their stupid delusions imagined Three World Wars. WWIII was supposed to be their final victory. I shall see it is their final and last battlefield.

Ulysses Freire da Paz Junior
Ulysses Freire da Paz Junior
23 June, 2019 7:39 pm

“The earth has not yet begot such a people that it would be so unclean and was so filthy on the inside, so vile and repugnantly depraved. And here they are “ahead” of all. see chap. VIII This book is a sword of fire, which in the darkness of lies now illuminates the path of each of the peoples.