National Alliance Fliers Opening Minds in Louisiana

disturbing_fliersWHITE PEOPLE are positive about the National Alliance’s message of hope, if only they are exposed to it. When Alliance members gave away thousands of fliers in a Louisiana neighborhood this week, the New Orleans Advocate, despite their article’s negative tone, reproduced the flier in full, including a closeup photograph of its text and a screen shot of the National Alliance organizational page. The comments on the newspaper’s own Web site were overwhelmingly positive about the Alliance.

True to form, the paper’s Jewish reporter Jeff Adelson didn’t even bother to contact the Alliance but ran immediately to his fellow Jews at the anti-White “Southern Poverty Law Center” (SPLC) for all his information. The SPLC has admitted on several occasions that its goal is to put an end to the National Alliance, and in recent months they have devoted a great deal of effort to that end without success. Despite their evident concern about the Alliance’s growth, they attempt to smear us by disingenuously claiming that the Alliance is “now largely defunct.” They wish. They also make other false and ludicrous claims, including their preposterous decades-old canard that a 1970s novel by Alliance founder William Pierce was responsible for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Activists may download National Alliance printable fliers (on several topics) for mass distribution in their own neighborhoods by downloading this zip archive and printing them themselves or at any local print shop, or may purchase low-cost National Alliance business cards at the National Alliance organizational Web site. With just a little effort, you can make an impact.

Excerpts from the Advocate article, followed by comments from its readers:

A once powerful but now largely defunct neo-Nazi organization apparently has been leaving fliers beneath doormats in Mid-City, raising concerns among residents in a neighborhood that is largely white but still diverse.

The fliers — which talk about “fighting back” against a perceived effort to eliminate Confederate symbols and “wipe out” white people — bear the logo and mailing address of the National Alliance, an organization that has called for exterminating other races and that for decades was considered one of the largest, best-organized and best-financed hate groups in the United States.

Residents in at least two blocks of Mid-City reported finding the fliers, which rant against immigrants and “racial mixing,” after someone left them overnight this week. At least one family that received the flier is Hispanic, and several interracial families live nearby.

“It’s disturbing,” said one resident who received the flier and asked not to be identified. “I do think it’s indicative of the state of our country right now; it’s in such a state of turmoil. It’s worrisome that it’s kind of allowing racist groups to start coming to action again.”

The fliers’ appearance may, in part, be tied to New Orleans’ efforts to take down four monuments to Confederate officials and a white supremacist group. Similar efforts elsewhere have inspired backlash from white supremacist and other far-right organizations, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which studies hate groups.

The fliers include a photo of a Confederate battle flag on a grave with the words “They hate us” in the background.

“They hate our heritage,” the flier says. “They hate our flag. They hate our freedom to bear arms. They hate our monuments. They hate our traditions. They hate our very existence. And they are doing everything possible to wipe us out — and erase white people, and our posterity, from the face of the Earth.”

The flier goes on to blame the media and politicians for the “extinction and genocide” of white people, before directing readers to the National Alliance’s website and asking for a $3 donation. . . .

Pierce was the author of “The Turner Diaries,” a novel that depicts a race war in America and that has been linked to high-profile violence by white supremacists, including the Oklahoma City bombing.

The National Alliance is “all but dead now,” said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the center. He suggested the fliers may not be from the organization itself but from people who identify with its beliefs.

How "disturbing."
How “disturbing.”

The New Orleans Police Department said Friday it had not received any complaints about the fliers.

A spokesman for Mayor Mitch Landrieu condemned the National Alliance’s message.

“New Orleans is a welcoming and inclusive city to all its residents and visitors,” press secretary Hayne Rainey said in an email. “Diversity is our greatest strength, and this type of inflammatory, hateful rhetoric has no place in our city.”

Follow Jeff Adelson on Twitter, @jadelson.

The comments at the Advocate Web site were particularly gratifying, and all but one of them was positive about the National Alliance and its message:

“I’ve known about the National Alliance for years. It was founded by a physics professor. Its current chairman is a former Green Beret captain. If non-Whites have a right to peacefully organize for their interests, so do Whites. The main Web address for the Alliance is They’re far from defunct, despite the media’s lies. They have a monthly print publication and even have a radio network.”

“Why doesn’t reporter Adelson contact the National Alliance for a comment instead of going to the Southern Poverty Law Center ‘hate’ watchdogs? SPLC’s job is to end the National Alliance; that’s what they openly boast they do. SPLC has been claiming the Alliance is ‘all but dead’ for years but the White civil rights organization is like an indigestible morsel: the real haters can’t chew NA up and they can’t spit NA out. The ‘They’ in ‘They Hate Us’ describes the SPLC ‘hate’ goons. White loyalists love their Alliance.”

“The media and the politicians ARE in fact the very ones filled with hate and not the National Alliance. When truth becomes illegal and the lies abound, this nation then becomes ensconced in Communism. Up until the murder of President J. F. Kennedy in the 1960s the government establishment was diligently fighting Communism. Then the secret sinister Cabal slowly took over of government and then miraculously hardly a mention of Communism or the word Jews was mentioned ever since.”

“Actually, the National Alliance is an excellent organization. It’s composed of sincere, intelligent men and women who see the dangers inherent in mass immigration and multiculturalism — and who want a better future for their children. I highly recommend it. Check out their Web site at “

* * *

Source: New Orleans Advocate

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Will W Williams
Will W Williams
7 October, 2016 12:50 pm

Statuphobes are not restricted to those in the African-American community who want to remove statues of White American heroes in cities like New Orleans and Richmond.

Peaceful Indian Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t a slave-owner or anything as awful as that, but he slipped up and said somewhere in 1893 that Black Africans were “savages.” He was 24 years old at the time.

“The #Gandhimustfall campaign follows a similar protest movement in South Africa, which pressured the University of Cape Town to remove a statue of British colonialist Cecil Rhodes last year.”