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Lighting Up the Tibetan Plateau With Chairman Mao

maoby Dr. William L. Pierce (1971)

AN ENORMOUS amount of Chinese Communist propaganda material comes into this country, where it is diligently distributed by such Peking-oriented groups as the Progressive Labor Party.

The uninitiated, upon first reading through a batch of this Chinese material, may begin to suspect that the translators who rendered it into English were all secretly working for Chiang Kai-shek. In the first place, most of it is incredibly dull, dealing with such unstimulating topics as: “Report of an Investigation into the Wukou Part-Time Tea-Growing and Part-Time Study Middle School in Wuyuan County, Kiangsi Province.”

Unintentional Humor

The only thing that keeps the reader going beyond the first paragraph is the fact that much of the material is also hilarious. Here, for flavor, are the titles of a few articles in recent issues of Peking Review and China Pictorial:

“The 125,000-Kw. Steam Turbo-Generating Set With a Double Internal Water-Cooling System, Manufactured by the Chinese Working Class Armed With Mao Tsetung Thought, Is Now In Operation”

“Mao Tsetung Thought Lights Up the Tibetan Plateau”

“Resolutely Taking the Road of Maintaining Independence and Keeping the Initiative in Our Hands and Relying on Our Own Efforts”

“Unprecedentedly Excellent Situation in China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”

“Vigorously Grasping Revolution and Promoting Production, Workers of the Shanghai Transformer Plant, Working With Greater, Faster, Better and More Economical Results, Fulfilled the 1969 State Production Plan 50 Days Ahead of Schedule” (Whew! That really tells it like it is.)

Particularly gripping are some of the articles directed against the Soviet Union. For example:

“Thoroughly Crush the Rapid Aggressive Ambitions of Soviet Revisionist Social-Imperialism!”

“Soviet Revisionist Renegade Clique Can Only Be Digging Its Own Grave in Rapidly Opposing China”

“Soviet People, Rise in Struggle, Powerfully Pounding at the Reactionary Rule of the New Tsars”

“You Gang of Soviet Revisionist Renegades, You Have Bullied Us Long Enough”

“We Will Resolutely, Thoroughly, Wholly, and Completely Wipe Out All Aggressors Who Dare to Invade”

Just Wait, Hatoyama!

The cake is really taken, however, by the “revolutionary” poems and songs that are occasionally printed in China Pictorial. Here, believe it or not, are the words of an inspirational little ditty titled “Hatred in My Heart Sprouts a ‘Hundredfold”:

I’m furious at the enemy,
Suppressing my hatred, I grind my teeth.
Hatoyama has tried by every means to get the code.
He killed my granny and my dad.
In desperation he has threatened me,
But I’ll stay firm unto death.
Chewing my hatred , I swallow it down
In my heart to sprout a hundredfold.
No tears I show, to my heart they go
To irrigate flowers of blazing fire.
Flames of rage leap a thousand leagues high.
To consume this reign of filthy darkness.
Arrest me, release me, I’m well prepared.
I fear not whip and lash, I fear not lock and chains.
I won’t give you the code.
Even if you grind me to powder.
Just wait, Hatoyama,
This is Tieh-mei’s answer!

Bourgeois Skill

Propaganda written in this country by our home-grown brand of Mao-thinkers may not be phrased as ludicrously as that written in China, but it often doesn’t make any better sense. As an illustration, consider the following gem from a recent issue of PL, Progressive Labor’s theoretical organ (edited by Mao-theorists Milton Rosen and Solomon Davidowicz).

In an article attacking Professor Arthur R. Jensen’s findings on genetic deficiencies in Negro intelligence, we read: “To accept the ruling class’s definition of intelligence is to fall into the liberal trap that black people’s problems are due to inadequate opportunity to learn such bourgeois skills as abstract reasoning.”

After going on to make it absolutely clear that if there’s one thing good Mao-thinkers have no use for it’s a bourgeois skill like abstract reasoning, the article comes to the conclusion that it is precisely because of their limited mental horizons that Negroes should share the leadership of the revolution with God’s own Chosen Ones: “Black workers are the most advanced sector of the working class. They can provide leadership because they are not befuddled by bourgeois ideology.”

* * *

Source: transcribed by Kevin Alfred Strom from Attack! No. 4, 1971; as published in The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard Tabloid 1970-1982, Kevin Alfred Strom (editor); 1984

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