FPÖ Presidential Election Earthquake


THE ANTI-INVASION Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) has definitively won the first round of Austria’s presidential elections held today, with its candidate Norbert Hofer (pictured) crushing his opponents with a projected 35 to 37 percent of the vote.

The election will now go into a second round on May 22, where Nofer will face whoever comes second in today’s race.

The controlled media’s “opinion polls” which said that the Green Party’s candidate would easily beat the FPÖ — were also exposed as lies, with that candidate polling around 15 to 18 percentage points behind Hofer.

The Austrian constitution states that a candidate must get more than 50 percent of the vote to take office.

At current projections, no single candidate will achieve this goal, and thus the first and second placed candidates will go through to a second round.

The second placed candidate is likely to be the Green Party’s Alexander van der Bellen.

Although Nofer has a considerable lead over both the runners-up (Van der Bellen and third-placed independent candidate Irmgard Griss, who are projected to win between 17 and 21 percent of the vote each), tactical voting by the supporters of the other parties could still determine the outcome of the second round.

For example, the projected 11.8 percent of voters who chose the Socialist Party of Austria candidate are likely to vote for anyone except Nofer.

Nofer therefore needs at minimum the votes from the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP — projected to be around 11.7 percent in the first round), and a further handful of votes from other parties — to win the second round.

While possible — and many observers think likely — such a division of votes is by no means certain, especially with the high stakes at play in the presidential election this year, driven as it has been by the nonwhite invasion.

Although the post of president is largely ceremonial, the head of state does have one important power — he can appoint and dismiss governments, based on their election results and seats in the Austrian parliament.

Nofer promised during the election campaign that if elected, he would dismiss the current Austrian government — consisting of a socialist-conservative alliance — for incompetence in “handling” the fake refugee invasion.

Such an outcome could either see the FPÖ being appointed to govern — which would mean a coalition involving the ÖVP — or the calling of an early general election.

For his part, Van der Bellen said that he would refuse to swear in a FPÖ government if he was president.

Either way, today’s election has clearly shown that anti-invasion sentiment is now the single strongest force in Austrian politics — and bodes well for all such political movements in Europe.

FPÖ leader HC Strache (left) congratulates Norbert Hofer.
FPÖ leader HC Strache (left) congratulates Norbert Hofer.

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Source: New Observer

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John Calhoun
John Calhoun
25 April, 2016 8:25 pm

This along with the recent news out of Hungary are all good news out of Central Europe. The White Race will weather this and come out of the end stronger than ever!