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A Persistent Hoax

 RPO-02Is there really such a thing as the Jewish “Diaspora”?

by Revilo P. Oliver (pictured)

THE NUMBER of The New Scientist (London) for 7 December 1991 contains a long article devoted to the traditional means of conserving water and hence farming successfully in arid regions of Asia and South America. A detached section of the article deals with the network of some 250 underground tunnels that permitted the Palestinians of the West Bank to conserve and utilize efficiently the underground water and scanty rainfall of the region and live on comparatively fertile farms until the Jews seized the land and partly destroyed the tunnels, trying, with only partial success, to replace them with a long aqueduct, built, of course, with money taken from the Americans.

The Jewish archaeologist, who believes that the tunnels are more than two thousand years old, thinks they were built by his ancestors, but they are like the even more extensive system of tunnels to tap subterranean springs in Persia, which are of equal or greater antiquity and were maintained until infatuation with Western engineering destroyed them or led to their abandonment.

The article makes the nice point that “do-gooders” and “One World” conspirators, who try to impose Western technology on more primitive peoples, do incalculable harm to the natives. It also contains a delicately veiled hint that the only real global problem is not a “greenhouse effect” or other scare promoted by politically subsidized “scientists,” (1) but the terrible pollution of the planet caused by the horrendous and catastrophic proliferation in recent decades of several species of the most vicious and destructive animal thus far produced by the blind forces of biological evolution.

(footnote 1. Only 17% of the meteorologists interrogated in the recent Gallup poll believed that global warming is or could be induced by human activity, but the 17% are loudly vocal, obviously conducting propaganda for the Jews’ “One World” hoax. The same 17% are also trying to create panic about “ozone holes,” which depend on the fluctuations of solar radiation, not on the comparatively small amounts of gas released by modern devices.)

I do not cite the article here for its principal contents, but because the Jewish archaeologist opines that the irrigation tunnels, so like those in Persia, were dug “by Jewish communities before the Diaspora, when they were thrown out of the Holy Land by the Romans.” I cannot believe that he is so ignorant that he does not know that he is impudently flaunting one of the most inveterate of his race’s many hoaxes, the myth of the “Diaspora,” supposedly caused by the Romans when they suppressed a combined revolt of civil war among the Yids and restored order in Palestine by capturing Jerusalem after a long siege in A.D. 69-70.

The Jews were never “thrown out” of the Palestine they grabbed by destroying, probably through intrigue, deception, and subversion rather than open warfare, the Canaanites and Philistines to whom it belonged. The Romans certainly made no effort to expel them after 70, and Palestine was still so swarming with Jews in A.D. 134 that the last christ of any significance, Simon bar Kosiba, and his chief disciple, Jesus ben Galgouda, were able to mount a full-scale and formidable revolt that took the Romans several years to suppress. The Jews remained in Palestine until after the Arabian conquest, when the greater part of them migrated to countries in which they could prey more easily and profitably on prosperous but cozened populations.

On the other hand, everyone with even a smattering of historical knowledge knows that the Jews were scattered throughout the ancient world long before A.D. 70. For example, the city of Rome was so lousy with Kikes in 179 B.C. that the urban praetor, Cn. Cornelius Scipio Hispalus, tried to expel them, although we may be sure that for every one he threw out of the front door, two crawled in over the back fence. After his year of office, their money and intrigues obtained effective revocation of his decree. As everyone who reads Cicero knows, the predatory aliens had obtained such economic power in the Republic that they could cause financial panics by cornering gold and supposedly exporting it to Jerusalem under the pretext that their religion required it. And when Caesar was assassinated in 44, the Jewish swarm howled and rioted, not because they had any liking for Caesar, but because they always profit from political upheavals, which give them opportunities to plunder all factions.

The famous geographer, Strabo, writing c. 35 B.C., referring to an event of 87 B.C., and possibly echoing Artemidorus of Ephesus, c. 100 B.C., stated that the oecumene, i.e., the world inhabited by civilized or semi-civilized peoples, was “full of Jews,” who had “penetrated every city” and become so ubiquitous that, he said, “it is not easy to find any place in the oecumene into which their race has not made its way or in which it has not gained mastery [over the natives].” (2) He also noted that the aliens obtained special privileges and were allowed to function as an enclave largely independent of the local government. This account was proudly endorsed by the Jews’ famous apologist, Josephus (Ant. XIV, vii, 2 = Chapters 112-118), writing c. A.D. 94, who quotes Strabo verbatim.

(2. I notice that Ralph Marcus, in his generally excellent translation in the Loeb series, hesitantly attenuates the clear meaning of the Greek and translates “made its power felt.” He recognizes that the Greek verb normally means “to have dominion over,” but thinks that since Strabo disliked Jews, he would not have conceded their mastery over the lands they invaded. Likes or dislikes, however, are irrelevant to observed facts. Like Strabo, I dislike Sheenies, but I acknowledge their now total mastery over the fatuous American people.)

Nothing is more obvious than that the predatory race had thrust its international tentacles into every country in which there was profit to be made by swindling the natives two centuries or more before the imaginary “diaspora” of A.D. 70, but by dint of repetition the absurd hoax continues to impose on the ignorant and gullible and even finds its way into a magazine read by persons whose scientific or technical training probably included little history and so left them with scant ability to perceive how spurious it is.

Hoaxing Aryan sheep probably gives God’s Race a pleasure second only to that of fleecing them.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, April 1992

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