16 Shocking Reasons the African Migrant Crisis Won’t End Soon

african-migrantsADMIT IT.

Deep down you’re afraid.

You’ve seen the video clips, the pictures, the headlines…

Millions of refugees are coming to Western countries.


Your city, your community, your neighborhood.

Something just doesn’t seem right about all of this.

It’s an exodus affecting not only Europe but all Western countries alike.

And even though you want to believe that everything will be fine, you still wonder… when will it end and what are the real causes?

Well, we’re going to dive into the facts and give you the real truth you’re not being told.

Here are the 16 reasons the African migrant crisis will not end anytime soon:

1. The Population in Africa is Exploding

This chart says it all.

Image credit: Steve Sailer
Image credit: Steve Sailer; Data from the United Nations World Population Prospects report

It was not long ago that Europe had a larger population than both Africa and the Middle East combined. Those days are long gone. We are talking about billions of people in the coming decades. It makes the current migrant crisis in Europe seem like a drop in a bucket. As the population explodes, the exodus out of Africa will only intensify.

2. Endless Civil, Tribal, and Religious Warfare

Africa has been mired in conflict for decades. Unfortunately, this won’t change anytime soon.

The image below from Wikipedia shows the ongoing conflicts in the region.

Image credit: Wikipedia.

Here is a brief snapshot of ongoing African conflicts:

  • Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, and Chad: Boko Haram Insurgency since 2009
  • Somalia: Tribal/Civil War since 1991
  • Libya: Civil War (Following the NATO-lead regime change)
  • Sudan: Civil/Religious War since 1955 (North Muslim Arabic vs. South Christian African)
  • Congo: Civil/Tribal War since 2004
  • Nigeria: Tribal/Religious/Civil War since 1998

And the list goes on. Despite the international community’s resources, humanitarian aid, and continuous peacekeeping missions, the conflicts in Africa appear intractable.

3. Europe has no functioning Coast Guard

Rather than protecting the European coast from illegal human trafficking, the European Coast Guard is intercepting boats full of migrants and bringing everyone directly to Europe.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The European Coast Guard is basically functioning as a ferry service between Africa and Europe. According to data from the UNHCR, approximately 1.03 million people entered Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2015 alone. (The actual number is probably much higher given that so many people have not officially registered.)

As a former member of the United States Coast Guard, I have experience in interdicting people who were trying to illegally enter the United States via the Caribbean Sea. The difference though is we took nearly everyone back to where they departed (Haiti or Cuba). And for those wanting to claim asylum, we had a member from the State Department on the ship who would conduct interviews and almost immediately determine their claims. Intercepted at sea and returned immediately.

The U.S. coast was guarded from illegal entry, and the U.S. government (and American taxpayers) saved billions of dollars because we were not bringing everyone to the United States. It’s a simple common sense policy, but common sense and EU politics don’t mix.

4. African Countries Are Collapsing for Many Reasons

Every year Foreign Policy magazine compiles the “Fragile States Index.” This index uses social, economic, and political indicators to rank how “fragile” a country is. They’ve been publishing this list for over ten years. Tragically, very little has changed. In the photo below for 2015, the darker the country the more “fragile” it is.

Image Credit: Foreign Policy Magazine
Image Credit: Foreign Policy magazine, 2015 Fragile States Index

Most of Africa lags behind the rest of the world in all major categories (social, economic, and political). I predict very little will change for Africa in the coming years. But Europe is getting worse with the influx of non-European people: skyrocketing crime, a massive rape epidemic, rampant sexual assaults, and increasing terrorism. Some people are even predicting anarchy and civil war.

5. European Refugee Benefits are 10 x the Average Income in Sub-Saharan Africa

The German government allocates 670 Euros a month per refugee. The housing, food, health care, education, transportation and cash subsidies are being paid to millions of people throughout Europe.

According to World Bank data, the average annual income in Sub-Saharan Africa is $762 per year (2005 US dollars). Converting that figure gives us an average monthly income of approximately 58 Euros. Claiming asylum in Germany will be about 11.5 times more profitable, and you will not have to work for that money.

So what would you do? Stay in Africa, work, and make about 58 Euros a month, or… pay a human trafficker, illegally enter Europe, claim asylum, and receive cash and benefits equal to 670 Euros per month (funded by the European taxpayers)?

6. Asylum Seekers are Treated Better than the Home Population

Anybody who lives in Europe knows this to be true. You see it every day.

There are standards and laws for the home population and a totally different set of standards for asylum seekers. Here are a few examples:

  1. Police in numerous cities have completely given up prosecuting asylum seekers for various crimes. Meanwhile any European who speaks out about refugee policies on social media risks losing their job, being arrested, and having their children taken away by the government.
  2. While homeless and unemployed Europeans struggle to get by, asylum seekers are being housed in Swiss mansions, luxury cruise ships, alpine resorts, and fine hotels. Recently an Italian homeless man froze to death just outside a 4 star hotel housing asylum seekers.
  3. Asylum seekers in most of Europe do not have to pay for any public transportation (such as trains, buses, etc.) and will often just ride in the first class train car. However, native Europeans will be promptly fined and subject to the law if they don’t have a ticket.
  4. Refugees are given priority over native Europeans at hospitals. Hospitals are so overwhelmed by the influx of asylum seekers and the tropical diseases many carry, it is turning into a public health crisis for Europe.

7. Failed Asylum Seekers Don’t Have to Worry About Being Deported

Europe has rejected thousands of asylum applications. In a sane world, these people would be deported. But in today’s world, Europe must bribe politicians with your tax money. European politicians offered 1.8 Billion Euros to African leaders just to take back their own people, but they refused and demanded more money. Even if their countries would take them back, most people just skip the deportation hearing and go somewhere else in Europe claiming asylum again under a different name. The entire system is broken.

A quick recap:

  1. European taxpayers are funding the EU Coast Guard to pick up migrants and bring everyone directly to Europe (instead of guarding the coast and returning people to where they departed).
  2. European taxpayers finance housing, food, clothing, healthcare, transportation, and cash benefits for millions of asylum seekers throughout Europe.
  3. When asylum applications are rejected, tax money is used to bribe African politicians to take back their own people.
  4. When African politicians refuse to take back their people, taxpayers must indefinitely pay for the asylum seekers to remain in Europe and collect all the benefits described above.
  5. While paying for all of this, native Europeans are treated like second-class citizens in their own countries while asylum seekers are given preferential treatment and are usually above the law.

Does this sound like a functioning society? And people are told if they don’t go along with this they are racist or xenophobic.

8. As the Balkan Countries Close Their Borders, More People will Cross the Mediterranean to Europe

With the Balkan states in Eastern Europe closing down their borders, the never-ending influx of asylum seekers will just go through Africa and across the Mediterranean Sea instead. The exodus out of Africa and the Middle East will continue, especially since Europe does not believe in guarding its coastline.

Image Credit: Qantara
Image Credit: Qantara

9. Westerners Assume We Can All Live in a Happy, Peaceful, Multicultural Society

This point does not reflect everyone in Western society, but I believe it is the fundamental assumption that supports Western immigration and refugee policies.

We as Westerners generally believe the rest of the world is just like us and we can all live happily together in a perfect multicultural society. Europeans think if they work hard enough at welcoming and integrating asylum seekers, everything will be fine. But in the wake of rising tension, civil unrest, and social problems, this narrative is falling apart.

What if non-Western people do not want to integrate into our societies?

We find the stratification of Europe as a clear example. Numerous Muslim “No-Go Zones” are spreading throughout Europe, even among second and third generation European Muslims. Islamic neighborhoods under Sharia law are a disturbing phenomenon in France, Britain, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and other Western countries.

10. Westerners Feel Responsible for Taking in Millions of Immigrants

A misplaced feeling of responsibility is another cultural norm contributing to our disastrous immigration and refugee policies. There is no denying that Western military intervention in the Middle East and North Africa has been a disaster. Nonetheless, military policy carried out by political elites does not justify the destruction and collapse of Western civilization under a never-ending influx of asylum seekers.

Just listen to this German politician. He can barely contain his excitement as he compares native Germans to Nazis and describes the ethnic displacement of Europeans by foreign immigrants. This is the mentality of the political elite: we all must celebrate multiculturalism and the displacement of Europeans.

11. Non-Government Organizations are Working Hard to Fuel the Migrant Crisis

Non-government organizations are often front groups used by wealthy and influential elite to push larger numbers of asylum seekers into Western countries around the world. Religious organizations are also lining up in support of these policies. Here are just a few examples:

12. When it Comes to Refugees and Immigration, Laws Are Meaningless

This is another common theme throughout the Western world, particularly the United States and Europe. Different US presidents have failed to enforce existing immigration laws while often refusing to deport illegal aliens. I thought this was a problem unique to the United States, until I moved to Europe in 2015.

German law, EU law, and even international law all recognize one simple concept when it comes to refugees: they are required to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter. So all of the people in the Middle East and Africa who are traveling through numerous safe countries to reach the most generous final destination have forfeited their legal claim to asylum.

But this doesn’t even matter. Like their American counterparts, European politicians have completely nullified the rule of law when it comes to immigration and asylum seekers. As I watch what is happening throughout Europe I predict this can only go on for so long. Native hard-working Europeans who pay high taxes and value the rule of law are running out of patience.

13. Major Corporations Support Open Borders and Foreign Labor

An endless supply of immigrant labor that is willing to work for less than the native population is great for big business. This is a dynamic that is clear around the world, from Mexican workers in the United States to Turkish workers in Germany. A flood of cheap labor allows corporations to drive down wages. Lower wages result in higher corporate profits, which in turn drives up stock prices and makes large shareholders (mostly the elite) even richer.

This is the basic strategy that has helped to decimate the middle class throughout the West and further exacerbate income inequality. Large corporations, especially multinationals, will continue to lobby politicians and exert influence to ensure access to cheap labor both at home and abroad.

So the next time you hear politicians, investors, or big businesses talking about how your country needs more immigrant labor to boost the economy, just use this translation: “Corporate profits are more important than training and employing the middle class people who already live here.”

14. Mass Media and Popular Culture Unite to Support the Invasion of the West

The Oxford dictionary defines the word invasion as: “An incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.” Unlike nearly all other historical conflicts when refugees were women, children, and the elderly, today’s “refugees” are almost entirely military-aged men. Czech President Milos Zeman has called the crisis an “organized invasion” of young men as they smash, attack, and break down anything that gets in their way.

Media outlets of all sorts regularly manipulate the actual facts. They show asylum seekers as women and children, rather than strong, young Muslim and African men taking selfies at the Munich train station. Even official statistics are highly questionable since so many people are showing up without any identification and claiming to be from Syria.

I’ve witnessed first hand the growing resentment everyday Germans have with the Lügenpresse (lying press). It seems like every week there is a new scandal of migrant crimes that were deliberately covered up by German media.

Popular culture figures such as George Clooney, Emma Watson, and Jude Law all love advocating for open borders and taking in more asylum seekers. Meanwhile they will continue to live in gated high-security communities and travel around with bodyguards.

Asylum-seekers in Calais, France ambushing vehicles
Asylum seekers in Calais, France ambushing vehicles. Image Credit: The New Observer

15. Anyone can Claim Asylum and take Advantage of Western Generosity

Wherever we look in the West, we see the same thing: an asylum system that is completely broken and plagued by fraud.

One leaked government document in the United States revealed that around 70% of all asylum applications involved fraud. Jan Ting, from the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the United States, suggested that up to 95% of asylum cases are fraudulent. Fraudulent claims have gotten so bad with Somali asylum seekers, the United States government is now requiring DNA testing.

Asylum fraud and forged documents are also plaguing Europe. There is a huge demand for forged passports, which are tickets to generous European asylum benefits. With the flood of people and fake documents pouring into Europe, nobody should be surprised by terrorists who are taking advantage of the chaos.

16. Islam has been Trying to Conquer Europe for Centuries

This is a simple, undeniable historical fact. If you point out this fact, you will probably be called xenophobic, Islamophobic, or even racist (even though Islam is not a race, people still like to say it).

Islamic migration is a major driver behind the exodus from Africa and the Middle East. (North Africa is entirely Muslim.)

Over the past few decades we have noticed the Islamization of Europe, a trend which is only speeding up. I see the changes in large German cities: walking around parts of Frankfurt you’d think you were in Algeria were it not for the architecture. Muslim immigrant children are now the majority in many European schools. Projecting ahead one or two generations, Europeans will be the foreigners/minorities in their ancestral homelands. This is the multiculturalism Europeans are told to worship and celebrate.

Jihad has relentlessly spread Islam beyond Saudi Arabia for 1400 years. Below is a map of jihad battles waged against non-Muslims between 632 AD and 1920. During this time over 1 million Europeans were captured and taken into slavery by Muslim armies. Much of the world that is now Muslim was previously Christian, such as Turkey and North Africa.

Image Credit: Bill Warner; Jihad vs Crusades on Youtube
Every red dot was a major battle. Image Credit: Bill Warner, PhD; Jihad vs Crusades (Youtube)

Jihad can also take the form of immigration, which is called the Hijra. The sword is no longer necessary for conquering the West and bringing about Sharia law. We are now witnessing the Islamization of the West via mass migration instead of outright war. Same result, different strategy.

But There is Good News: The Tide is Slowly Turning

What has happened to the West?

We don’t see Japan, China, or Israel waking up one morning and deciding to take in millions of young, male asylum seekers who are mostly from the Muslim world and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Do we actually think this great multicultural experiment will work out well for our society and children long-term?

The tide is turning…

People throughout the West are starting to question the relentless media propaganda. Trust in media is hitting all time lows.

Trust in the established political elite is also falling apart. As the establishment crumbles, third parties and political outsiders are rising, from the United States to Britain, France, Germany, and Austria.

Eastern European countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, are all fighting back against mandatory refugee quotas.

Slowly, more and more people are starting to ask difficult questions and look at the facts rather than blindly accepting political and media propaganda.

And you are part of the solution.

By getting informed and spreading the real facts we can make better decisions for our future.

* * *

Source: Real Facts Media

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27 April, 2016 10:46 pm

I will never deviate from this one belief – the only solution is white revolution. I hope I live to see the day when every black and brown and yellow that has invaded our countries are removed at gun point and then herded to the nearest wharf and given a one way ticket back to the pigsty they left. If it involves the judicious application of some ‘wet work’ to get the herd moving – then so be it! And I do not care if they were born in our country or if they are the product of miscegenation – they all go. The same principle applies to the white mud-sharks and white coal-burners too!

social watch
social watch
21 May, 2016 8:30 am

I consider that the threatening issue is not one of race, but one of behaviour and intelligence. Specifically, Far East Asians, such as Chinese, Japanese, etc tend to be intelligent, productive, courteous and nonthreatening. On the other hand, sub-Saharan Africans and Moslems tend to be less intelligent, less productive, aggressive and threatening. I fully agree that the winds of European racial conflict are gathering and this may lead to racially segregated areas within Europe, exodus of some ethnic groups from Europe, or a protracted period of whites decline ending in marginalisation. It’s fairly clear that the by and large the white population of Europe is not happy with the current situation and we are seeing a rise in indigenous European nationalism but it still represents a relatively small movement. What… Read more »

15 April, 2017 5:02 pm

The link for Open Society Foundations what leads to newobserveronline doesnt work anymore. Has it been removed?

15 September, 2020 3:28 pm

Does anyone have research on these “Christian Organizations”? I’m pretty sure breaking the law is not allowed in Christianity. Let alone human trafficking. Pretty sure “Christian Organizations” are tax exempt and easily to register as a non profit organization.

Most churches are concentrated on serving their church and keeping up attendance. Anything left over goes to help local poverty and homeless shelters.