Video: George Lincoln Rockwell — National Socialist Pioneer

American Nazi Party Founder George L. RockwellIn the 1960s, William Luther Pierce worked closely with George Lincoln Rockwell and served as editor of National Socialist World.

by James Harting

THIS WEEK is the 98th anniversary of the birth of George Lincoln Rockwell who was born on March 9th, 1918. He was the founder of the American Nazi Party (which he later renamed the National Socialist White Peoples Party), which was the organizational forerunner of the New Order.

Amazingly, few White Americans know anything about this important and fascinating man other than his name.

There have been several slanderous documentaries produced about Rockwell, and a handful of hostile print biographies. All of these have failed to do justice to his ideas and achievements, but instead have twisted and maligned his memory. Consequently, even the little bit that some people know about Lincoln Rockwell is often inaccurate and distorted.

In the mid-1990s, a group of Rockwell’s admirers attempted to set the record straight with a short documentary sketch of his life and career, entitled George Lincoln Rockwell: National Socialist Pioneer. They worked on a shoestring budget, and the result was a film that was raw and rough in places, and overall short on high-end production values.

But they came at their subject with the right attitude, and their documentation and attention to factual detail was accurate and conscientious. Further, they rescued from obscurity many rare film clips and print items from the long-ago 1960s.

If nothing else, George Lincoln Rockwell: National Socialist Pioneer provides a reliable framework concerning Rockwell and his political career on which future film biographers may base their work.

* * *

Source: Do Right and Fear No One

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John Calhoun
John Calhoun
16 March, 2016 10:26 am

An excellent documentary. Lincoln Rockwell will be a future hero to the new world that we will create!