The Hard Truth: We Are Not Going to Be Able to Vote Ourselves Out of this Mess

ballot-box01by James Harting

LET US begin by facing the hard reality: Every year, more White people die than are born. This means that the White race has a negative birthrate, and shrinks a little more each year. Whites are already a tiny minority of the world’s total population: less than 10 per cent. This problem afflicts every White country, including the United States. In contrast, the non-White population continues to grow at a truly alarming rate. So our global percentage diminishes more quickly than our negative birthrate by itself would suggest.

To make matters worse, traditionally-White countries are being flooded by a tidal wave of non-White immigrants, who are slowly replacing the native populations of these lands.

At some point in the coming decades, a point of no return will have been reached, and White people will quickly become extinct.

The United States has been a White country since its founding, even though there was always a small percentage of non-Whites living within its borders. Now, sometime in the next ten years, Whites will be a minority in the US. And so here, too, as elsewhere, the White race is on the skids to oblivion.

It is the duty of the political leadership of the US to notify the general public of this catastrophic demographic shift, and to do everything in its power to prevent it. But the political elites have not done either: They have neither warned White Americans that they face imminent extinction, nor have they devised a program to prevent this from happening. Instead, the political elites have aided and abetted policies that lead to White genocide.

A small but growing number of Whites are aware of the danger menacing them and their posterity. Many of these racially aware Whites erroneously believe that we may avoid the existential crisis we face by simply electing a presidential candidate who is aware of the problem and who is determined to fix it. In this election cycle, it is Donald Trump who is the Great White Hope. In previous cycles it was someone else, as it will be in election cycles to follow.

But here is another hard reality that we need to face: simply electing a pro-White president will do nothing to avert our descent into extinction. The expectation is that President Trump (or whoever) will blithely issue executive orders to institute policies that will reverse our precipitous racial decline, and that these orders will then be put into effect, and that then all will be well. Such belief is breathtaking in its naïveté.

The US president does not govern by arbitrary decree, but rather, he puts into effect laws passed by the Congress.

So, assuming for the sake of argument that Trump really is pro-White, he would also need the following in office to turn things around: a vice president who is as committed to White survival as the president himself; 21 pro-White cabinet members; a pro-White super-majority of the 535 members of the Congress (that is, at least 67 senators and 290 representatives); at least five pro-White Supreme Court justices; and 50 pro-White state governors, plus a pro-White working majority in each of the state legislatures.

Where are these people going to come from? Stormfront? Who would run their election campaigns? Who would fund these campaigns? And even if we could elect and appoint the officials listed above, the Federal bureaucracy that actually runs the government on a day-to-day basis is filled with people who would resist and sabotage any effort to effect the fundamental changes necessary. So we would need to replace millions of Federal government workers as well.

It boggles the mind.

No, we are NOT going to be able to vote ourselves out of the mess that we are in. Despite the alluring temptation of taking an electoral path to racial salvation as a quick and easy way out of our existential dilemma, it just will not work.

In fact, our last realistic chance to vote ourselves to safety was some 90 years ago, with the Second Era Ku Klux Klan. There are no hard figures, but estimates of Klan membership in the 1920s run between three and six million. Between 15 and 30 percent of all eligible Americans belonged to the Klan or to a Klan auxiliary. By 1924, the Klan had chapters in every state, and it had helped elect 16 US senators. In the Klan stronghold of Indiana alone, there were 300,000 Klan members, and the governor and both senators were politically indebted to the Klan. In August, 1925, 40,000 robed Klan members marched in Washington, DC.

The Klan itself was not a political organization, but in time it could have evolved into one. At the very least, it provided a solid base of organized, racially-conscious White American voters who numbered in the millions. An openly racial nationalist government could have been elected, perhaps with Huey Long or Charles Lindbergh at its head. War with National Socialist Germany would have then been avoided, and all of the hideous evils that have beset White humanity since that time would never have occurred.

But that did not happen. Tragically, the senior leadership of the Second Era Klan was uniformly corrupt, insincere, and venal. In consequence, a series of public scandals rocked the Klan movement, and it disintegrated almost as quickly as it had arisen. The overwhelming majority of Klansmen and Klanswomen were honest, decent, and well-meaning, but they quit the Klan in disgust, and never looked back. By 1930, the US was in the midst of the Great Depression, and in 1932 Franklin Roosevelt was elected as president. And so, rather than a racial nationalist America, an America indifferent to White interests arose, run by raceless political elites. Over time, these elites became increasingly subservient to Jewish interests, and began to adopt a stance that was not just racially neutral, but instead was actually hostile to White interests.

Which is where we are today.

The entire political structure of the United States on all levels has been taken over by forces who are at best apathetic to White interests, and who are at worst actively anti-White. The idea that they can be overthrown and that their policies can be reversed merely by electing a pro-White president (assuming that one could be found) is detached from reality. The ruling elites — and especially their Jewish component — are not going to let themselves be voted out of power. They are cunning and ruthless, and rather than surrender their control, they will use whatever means necessary to maintain the anti-White status quo — including illegality and violence.

No, Whitey, we have long ago passed the point where we could regain control of our government through elections. That ship has sailed, and it will not return.

Even in the unlikely event that he is elected president, Trump is not going to save us. Nor will he even slow down our decline or “buy us some time,” as some despairing White Nationalists desperately hope.

We are heartened to see the outpouring of support for Donald Trump by angry White voters. It shows that more and more Whites are waking up, and that there is still a vital minority of White men and women who have healthy racial instincts, and who are ready to fight for a decent future for their children. But they are mistaken in their belief that Trump, if elected, can restore America to racial sanity.

For that to happen, something much more fundamental and radical is needed.

That “something” is National Socialism: nothing else, and nothing less. And National Socialism will not come to power though cobbling together a majority of votes in a rigged election, but only through other means.

* * *

Source: Do Right and Fear No One

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
2 March, 2016 2:20 am

In his book Attention Deficit Democracy, James Bovard likened elections to “reverse slave auctions” in which the slaves get to bid upon their masters. This strange ritual seems to greatly entertain the slaves, and to give them a sense of agency, but it in no way changes their status as slaves. One could add that the nominal masters, the politicians, are themselves mostly slaves. One is sometimes reminded of the cartoon — it seems to have been first published in Arnold Leese’s Our Seditious Cartoon Book — of a hook-nosed Jew cracking a whip in the shape of the pound sterling symbol. Two figures representing the Labor and Conservative parties lick his boots, while a third figure representing the Liberal party begs like a dog behind him. It’s a perfect… Read more »

2 March, 2016 4:14 am

Very good article – you took the words right out of my mouth. But let us get to the point – the only solution is white revolution. And white revolution will only occur when whites realise that there is nothing left – absolutely nothing – on which to hang their hope. You fight or you die! Make the choice! I want more non-white immigration. I want more Affirmative action. I want more generous welfare benefits for minorities. I want higher rates of taxation for whites. I want blacks to receive reparations for so-called past injustices – real or imaginary. Anything that will get whites angry – really angry – the better it will be in the end for our cause. I want whites to realise that people like Donald Trump… Read more »

3 March, 2016 7:58 am

@ WHITE WARRIOR Please show us how: I want more non-white immigration. I want more Affirmative action. I want more generous welfare benefits for minorities. I want higher rates of taxation for whites. I want blacks to receive reparations for so-called past injustices – real or imaginary. Anything that will get whites angry – really angry – the better it will be in the end for our cause…. I want them to understand that we are involved in a planet wide race war and your skin colour is your military uniform. … will lead to an awakening of white people. Where they will by the magic of their white skin produce the media and weapons to fight and win the kind of war that will lead to our instauration. You… Read more »

3 March, 2016 8:51 pm

The biggest issue, I believe, is that the majority of white people don’t even realize that they’re heading into extinction. The mere mention of white genocide, whether it be on social media or otherwise, only elicits silence or epithets such as you are a fascist or a racist. We live in a society where it is okay to be racist if you’re any other color but white. Our anti-discrimination laws are not enforced in the same manner for white people either. I know this because I worked for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and also for the Housing and Urban Development doing investigations into allegations of discrimination. It is emphatically taught that there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. In other words, there is no such thing as discrimination… Read more »

4 March, 2016 7:11 am

Theresa, unfortunately MOST Whites(but by no means all) are hopeless, i.e. the facebook-types. And I don’t like it any more than anyone here, but hoping they will “wake up and smell the coffee”, renounce social acceptability, state simply and fearlessly, “Yes, this is what I believe, what are you going to do about it?” so to speak, is naïve. This is an era of passivity, an era where the only acceptable reaction is tolerance, of non-judgementalism – for Whites, it is self-loathing that is the order of the day. One example of this is Whites bowing and kissing up to a vile individual called Pope Francis – Anti-White personified. Passive-feminized Whites love him, as does the media, as do the ‘crash and burn’ liberals and self hating Whites on social… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Christopher
4 March, 2016 7:12 pm

Christopher: Why not start locally? — Depends on what the locals start with. There must be sound ideology and White values that each and every local group and the members of those groups agree on if they are to come together and act as an organized force: Otherwise you just have bunches of groups and individuals that are all over the board with competing values and belief systems. Another dead end we can’t afford. The National Alliance believes that if the White race is to survive, we must unite our people on the basis of common blood, organize them within a progressive social order, and inspire them with a common set of ideals. That quote is on the back of the Alliance’s business cards, along with The time to… Read more »

Reply to  Will Williams
5 March, 2016 5:48 pm

Absolutely Mr Williams. Sound White principles are required. Watered down ideology doesn’t work long term. You know, when a group of racially conscious, hard working, tax-paying Whites look at the system as it is – it’s tempting to throw one’s hands up and look for a diversion. And many do just that. You used a comment that intelligent Whites need to adopt: “oppose and work around”. I like that comment because it’s got sound White principle/goals but is willing to alter tactics to get there over a thoroughly corrupt and hostile government. I have to admit, in my experience housing and keeping the community White is more immediate importance than how many government goons got on the payroll y.o.y. I can guarantee, first hand, that there are legal ways to… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
5 March, 2016 9:27 am

What is it that blinds, intimidates, silences, and paralyzes White people in face of the mortal dangers facing them? Some would attribute these things to Jewish power, to the institutionalization of treason, to the destruction of White institutions, communities, and social capital, to the indoctrination of the mass media and educational system, to state repression, to left-wing thuggery, to stupidity, to cowardice, to materialism . . . I think that all these things are significant factors, but I wouldn’t know how to account for the relationships between them and their relative importance. The problems before us are complex and so are the solutions. There will be no quick or easy solutions, as distinct from panaceas and patches. Whatever advances we might make will typically be slow, incremental, expensive, exhausting, and… Read more »

Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality
21 March, 2018 4:08 pm

I agree with the author. National Socialism is the only solution. When the time comes and it will, we must remember that solution and recall the priorities and examples left for us by our National Socialist fathers.

21 March, 2018 6:44 pm

The last window that offered a chance to turn things around took place in the 1960s South. The kinfolk states rose up and made a desperate attempt to maintain White separation in all its establishments: public schools, movie houses, cafes, water fountains, whatever. Our filling stations had 3 restrooms. Colored around back. So the Federals reinvaded the soil of the states with their magnificent armies — the 2d Reconstruction. We were on our own time. Had the boys from the North and West came down, we could have put a dent in Federal tyranny. A Southern belle at Ole Miss, described as a flower of southern gentility, hit a federal agent in the head with a brick. They said she tried to put his eye out. I think she tried… Read more »

27 November, 2021 11:56 am

Anyone has information on how to handle/rally a brainwashed person? Magic thinking/law of attraction female mentality-type? I know the general advice is “give up on these kinds, focus on those who are still recoverable”, but what about general guidelines on average IQ human brains, PSYOP, change of belief etc? I have to deal with some of these problematic folks – like most of us – looking for a way to make them as harmless as possible in a context where I can’t get rid of them, references would be appreciated thanks!

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Zemma
28 November, 2021 12:14 pm

Easy! Just tell them the “Omicron Virus”
has arrived and they need to get their
“boosters.” Little doubt such persons
have had their “Delta Variant” shots
already. The problem will be solved in
time and these persons will be pushing
up daises.

Reply to  Zemma
28 November, 2021 9:38 pm

If you must spend time on these kind of people, then send them links in slow-drip fashion of National Vanguard, White biocentrism, or National Alliance video of articles and videos pertinent to whatever seems to be appropriate to the occasion. Either they’ll run away screaming their judaized brains out or come around to the consensus we’re building..