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No, I am Not a Klansman

bewareby David Sims

FOR THOSE of you who have asked: No, I am not a member of the Ku Klux Klan. I’ve never been a Klansman. I’m not qualified to belong to any of their groups because I don’t share the religious beliefs that they require as a condition for membership.

However, I do share their pro-White racial values. I admire the virtues that they profess to admire, even if I don’t possess them to the extent that they do. The Klan and I have, with respect to the organization of society, many political preferences in common.

Yes, I know some Klansmen, and I’m on friendly terms with most of them.

But quit telling me to take off my pointy hat or my white robe. I’m not in the Klan, nor have I ever been, nor am I ever likely to be.

The same is true, mostly, of neo-Nazi hobbyist groups, whose members are (probably, some of them) White nationalists, as I am, but they are also fans of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, nostalgic about the German Third Reich, and devoted to the honorable memory of Adolf Hitler… to a much greater extent that I am.

As it is with regard to my feelings about the KKK, I’m also generally in sympathy with the neo-Nazis. However, I don’t have their hobby of tricking myself out in SS-style uniforms. I don’t make mischief by drawing swastikas where Jews are likely to see them. And whereas I admire Adolf Hitler for his attempt to save the world from the domination of Jewish high-finance, and I quote from his writing such statements as I believe are true and relevant, I don’t worship him as the neo-Nazis do.

The picture of Rudolf Hess on my wall was put there by the previous owner of my house, and during the 16 years that I’ve lived here I’ve never bothered to take it down. Hess was a good fellow who meant well, even if he did antagonize Hitler with his impromptu peace mission to England. He died a hard and unjust death while in prison as a war criminal, when in fact he was no such thing. So his portrait is welcome on my wall. I just didn’t put it there myself.

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