Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight Wars for the Jews, Isn’t It?

by Thomas Dalton

EARLIER TODAY there was a series of attacks in Brussels. It involved two or three explosions, at the airport and a metro station, killing some 30 people, according to initial reports. The Belgian news agency Belga reported that there were “shouts in Arabic” just before the explosions. ISIS has allegedly “claimed responsibility.”

Obviously it is too soon to know many of the details, but even now, we can be certain that this was one of two possibilities: (1) an attack by actual Arabs or Muslims, or (2) a false-flag operation by Zionists or Jews, and made to appear as a Muslim attack. Either way, the Jews had a hand in it. Either way, Europeans have once again fallen victim to Jewish deceit.

In the first case, if it were an actual attack by Muslims or Arabs, they would be fully justified in doing so. The United States and NATO have been leading a murderous assault against Arab and Muslim nations for years. NATO, with its headquarters in Brussels, has been killing people in Afghanistan for 15 years now, ever since 9/11. And it was NATO action that destroyed Libya in 2011, turning that nation into chaos. For over a year, Belgium was an active member in the Combined Joint Task Force fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. And Belgium has done little to sanction the criminal apartheid regime in Israel.

In effect, Belgium has been meekly following along with the Jewish/Zionist line: attack Arabs and Muslims ruthlessly, in their home nations, for no reason other than that they pose a theoretical threat to Israel. Seeing Arabs and Muslims as their only real competition, and holding a three-millennia attitude of racial superiority over them, Jews would like nothing more than to make the whole world hate them as much as they do. But neither Europeans nor Americans have any intrinsic reason to be enemies of Islam. In fact, precisely the opposite: Muslim and Arab nations have the oil resources that the West badly needs. Rationally speaking, we should strive to be on the best possible terms with these nations. Instead, we send our warplanes and killer drones to assault them ruthlessly. And then we are shocked when they strike back in the only way they can — with “terrorist” attacks and suicide bombers.

If, on the other hand, it were some Jewish-led (Israeli or Mossad) operation to incite hatred against Muslims and foment terror generally, as was likely the case in both Paris attacks, then the Jews are directly to blame. We must keep in mind that Jews have a two-fold mission in Europe: to flood the continent with Arabs in order to sow turmoil and racial hatred, and to get Europeans to play an active role in slaughtering them in the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere around the world. And they are succeeding on both fronts. These actions are in turn part of a broader strategy of exploiting European society, milking it for Holocaust reparations, and in the end reducing it to the level of the Third World.

We must realize the strength of the Jewish Lobby in Belgium. That country has, proportionately, one of the largest Jewish contingencies in Europe. At present, there are about 30,000 Jews in Belgium. Though this represents just 0.3% of the nation — and is dwarfed by the 650,000 Muslims there — Belgian Jews are able to steer foreign policy in their favor. On a percentage basis, only France (0.7%) and the UK (0.5%) have more Jews, among West European nations. As everywhere, Jewish strength is not in numbers, but in wealth and influence. Their organization there is considerable: the Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, the Belgian branch of the European Jewish Association, the CCOJB, the European Jewish Congress, Radio Judaica, the CCIB, and so on. Through such organizations internally, and thanks to Jewish pressure externally, Belgium repeatedly yields to Jewish demands. They fight wars against Muslims. They pay $170 million in Holocaust reparations, as recently as 2008. They pass laws against questioning the Holocaust. They refuse to sanction Israel in the UN. They continue to do business with the racist apartheid state.

Belgium, then, just like Germany, France, the UK, and most of Europe, is effectively what the [National Socialists] called a Judenknecht — a slave to the Jews. They follow the Jewish line, yield to Jewish demands, allow them to dominate their government, and fight their wars. Now they are paying the price.

The solution is clear, and involves several steps. First, drive out all combatants. The age-old war of Jews against Arabs has moved to the streets of Europe, and if Europe wants to restore order, they must expel the fighters. In other words, drive out the Arabs, and drive out the Jews. Belgium’s considerable Arab minority — primarily Moroccans and Turks — should be given six months to depart peacefully, or face deportation. Unlike in the US, these people are not Belgian citizens. Most of them have no legal right to even stay in the country. And yet the government simply looks the other way, thanks to Jewish pressure. Recall: Jews want to see Muslims in Europe. They tolerate a Muslim presence in their midst because they think it will make the public hostile to Islam, and in any case will degrade society generally. Once Europe is thoroughly wrecked, the Jews can always jump ship, just as they have done for centuries. For their part, the Jews seem like they are ready to leave anyway, so Belgium and the other nations should give them a “helping hand” right out the door.

Second, stop serving as a slave to the Jews. Stop killing Arabs and Muslims in faraway lands that pose no threat to Belgium or Europe. Sanction fully and completely the criminal regime in Israel. Use the power of the UN to bring the Jewish State to its knees.

Third, expose all aspects of Jewish power. Identify and sanction powerful individual Jews. Block them out of business activity, or tax them out of existence. Close down the many, powerful Jewish organizations that only serve to promote Jewish power. Ultimately, drive them out.

Fourth, allow open and honest discussion about Jewish power, the Holocaust, and the global Jewish Lobby. End the embarrassing laws proscribing “Holocaust denial.” Regain some dignity and stand up to the criminal Jewish Lobby in all its manifestations.

Sooner or later, the European public will wake up. Sooner or later, they will realize that, for centuries, Jews have stirred up trouble, incited wars and revolutions, turned nation against nation and friend against friend, simply for profit and power. There is good reason why Joseph Goebbels called them “the incarnation of evil,” “plastic demons of decay,” and “bearers of an international culture-destroying chaos.” He was simply recalling history — a history that has been covered up and distorted beyond recognition. In their alternate universe, Jews are always and everywhere the innocent victims of hateful oppression. Peacefully minding their own business, they are good, law-abiding citizens. They promote tolerance, liberality, and progress. Posing no threat to anyone, they are humble and innocent lambs. And yet, as Nietzsche recognized more than a century ago, “When Jews step forward as innocence itself, then the danger is great.”

Indeed — the danger is great. The Palestinians have known this for over 70 years. The Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, and Iranians for much longer. And the Europeans are now finding this out. May they have the strength and the fortitude to take action, to defend themselves, and to restore civility to their nations.

* * *

The author, Thomas Dalton, PhD, is the author of Debating the Holocaust (2nd ed, 2015), and numerous articles related to the above topic. See, for example, his on-line essays “Eternal Strangers,” “The Jewish Hand in the World Wars,” and “The Great Holocaust Mystery.”

* * *

Source: Reporter’s Notebook

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23 March, 2016 6:01 pm

And yet the solution, according to the liberal media of idiot do-gooders is to… BRING MORE IMMIGRANTS! BRING MORE “SYRIAN REFUGEES”! FIGHT MORE WARS FOR THE JEWS! Smash your culture and your way of life, feel guilty of your achievements and your past, and more important, do not ever, ever, ever mutter a word against all this crap, or you’ll be labeled a nasty intolerant, or even worse, the horrible N-word! Do not never, never, never, attempt to fight back and regain your country, lest you be considered a disgusting racist bastard who should be wiped off the face of the EARTH!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  DDT
29 October, 2021 4:24 pm


23 March, 2016 11:45 pm

Grand Slam, Thomas! Every thinking person and witness to yesterday’s terrible events should be made to read your piece… for it is the absolute truth.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
29 October, 2021 3:55 pm


what a powerful article.

Dalton strikes again ……i hope he has loyal White bodyguards ?

if just one or two of the things that he mentioned, to be rid of these verminous, murderous Jews, would come to fruition…..we’d be on our way back to Albion, Avalon, and the various Fatherlands that these Centipedes have seditiously stolen from us….and our great-grandparents.

Aryans need to start understanding….
Life was not meant and never needed to be this way….we screwed up. our altruistic tolerance needs now to be limited …..a more ruthless and merciless attitude must emerge.

either that or….,just give up and watch Netflix and hit the bong and order Domino’s.

what in Molochian Hell are we waiting for ?

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
29 October, 2021 4:38 pm

the only part i don’t get is this supposed
abstract power of the UN.
to do anything .
about anything.

especially where it concerns the stolen land of Palestine.

the UN is cringe.
impotent .

at least in my lifetime .

their sole purpose is to make sure no one says anything mean about the filthy bandit state of Isunreall . sorta like the Yid media itself, that continuously props the UN up as some noble, useful institution.

it’s all so tiresome.

Erik Rabe Røstad
Erik Rabe Røstad
31 January, 2022 10:25 pm

NORWEGIAN ASHKENAZI JEW I am an norwegian ashkenazi JEW and professor of history, archeology, and law This site “National Vanguard” is so full of distorted history and fake new and bullshit and conspirascy theory that you jewhating non-jews should be considered psychotic psychiatric patients who shoud be locked up in mental asylum “We jews are incarnation of evils” claim you jewhating mental retarded criminal NON_JEWS Haha..))) Most of the evil in th world is done by you NON_JEWS but are too evil and stupid to understand this fact. We jews can not disuss your sick false claims about us because you are too stupid to understand us jews You jewhating NON-JEWS are just a bunch of LOOSERS feeling pitty for your self ))) By the way the jews is the… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Erik Rabe Røstad
1 February, 2022 12:06 am

Thanks for the poorly written tirade, “professor.” Come back again after you’ve found an editor.