Let every good citizen reverently support the troops of the United States of Surveillance and Torture.

by Thomas Goodrich

WHY IS IT THAT we Americans must always witness soldiers, sailors and airmen marching in the flag at sporting events? Who gave these twits a corner on “patriotism?” Why must patriotism always be associated with wars, death, wars, lost limbs, wars, wheel chairs, wars, and other such brainless bull s***? Why not allow firemen or farmers or brick layers or doctors or electricians or students or housewives or truck drivers to present the colors? After all, do we not count? Do we not represent America too? Do we not slave and pay taxes that allow Pentagon fat cats to shower their mistresses with presents? Do we not enable the military-industrial complex to shell out billions on aircraft that can’t fly? Do we, the working men and women of America, do we not make $500 army toilet seats possible? In a word, does not our labor that purchases these bimbo gifts, these crashed jets, and these toilet seats, does not this also make a nation safe and strong?

The reason members of the armed forces must always represent us, of course, is that the old can-do America of hope and prosperity has been usurped utterly by the welfare-warfare state; we have been taken over not by the peace-makers, but by the war-makers; we have been hijacked by those with a vested interest in perpetuating war. Indeed, the average American sitcom-watcher is so busy waving flags, tying yellow ribbons, supporting troops, and honoring “heroes” that “peace” is a word hardly heard anymore.

American TV runs an endless list of old war movies reminding us how glorious war is; there is even a military channel showing all the up-to-date and fun, fun ways we might murder other people. One cannot watch a sporting event on TV without several military recruitment commercials trying to woo the young and the dumb to join “The Few, the Proud, the Marines” (Hmmmm. A “few”? A quarter million of anything — meatballs, monkeys, or marines — does not sound like a “few” to me) or to join the navy and be “a force for good around the world” (“good,” of course, depends on which side of the Sidewinder missile you happen to be on), or “Get off your butt, you yellow-livered bed-wetter, and be strong . . . BE ARMY STRONG!” Football and baseball teams now regularly sport camouflage uniforms to show their patriotism and eagerness for war. Video games are all about combat and slaughter, past, present and future, and impressionable teens eagerly shed rivers of cyber blood and dream of the day when they can shed real rivers of blood. Our holidays — Christmas, included — have become little more than war commemoration days in which we give solemn thanks to all the “heroes” who keep us safe from all those lurking boogie men around the globe who hate our freedoms and who are trying to take them away. “Peace on earth, good will toward men” is now but a quaint slogan with about as much modern relevance as “Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!”

“Support the Troops!”

This phrase has become the universal cry. Why? Why support the troops any more than we support the cops, the car salesmen, the garbage men, the school teachers, or the funnel cake makers? “Support the Troops . . . They are fighting for our freedoms.” Ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha! Sorry, but NO ONE seven thousand miles away killing with drones and missiles is fighting for my freedom. Last time I looked no one anywhere in the world was trying to filch my freedoms except my very own federal government. And so, until we come to our senses — not likely — or suffer a defeat so deadly and devastating that no American will even whisper the word “War” for a thousand years — very likely — I expect to see so-called “heroes” in military uniform cranking out the flag before every sporting event.

Of course, the endless wars we witness today have absolutely nothing to do with “freedoms” here in America but they have everything to do with making the world safe for Israel to continue its crimes around the globe without fear of punishment.

I can think of no other nation on the planet — save Israel — that is more geared toward war, destruction, torture, assassination, and unmitigated evil than this one! And the sad fact is, the United States has been taken over so thoroughly by AIPAC and its horde of Jewish lobbyists that we are now little more than Israel’s private bank and personal army, ready to go wherever we are told to go — and pay for it ourselves, mind you — whether it is to the hot sands of Sudan or to the green fields of Ukraine. The US military and its endless wars to defend Israel neither defines me nor speaks for me. Had I the power I would bring home tomorrow all American troops from around the globe, find them good civilian jobs or place them on our southern border with Mexico with orders of “shoot to kill.” Not only would this move save US taxpayers trillions and trillions and stop millions and millions from invading us, but it would help heal all the angry scars we have created around the world.

And “Neocons”?

I would bet that not one in fifty Americans could accurately define “neocon” if questioned on the street. Those of us with similar carbon-dating well remember the greasy, vulgar hair-balls of the Sixties who led violent protests against the US wars waged against communism. Well, these same “peace-loving” radical leftists who opposed the war and actually sided with the Marxists back then are now the flaming pro-war “conservatives,” or neocons, of today. The difference? When the wars were waged against communism, wars were bad; when wars are fought to further Israel’s goals, as all current American wars are, wars are good. Remember Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and other loud Jews of the Sixties who led the anti-war movement and who were supposedly so opposed to war and violence? These same people — or their younger versions — are now the war-mongering Neocons of today, those who never met a Middle East war or an American body bag that they did not love. Right now, war with and destruction of Israel’s greatest enemy, Iran, is their main mission. Neocons are hypocrisy personified.

Final Thought

No government which sanctions torture, no government which spies on me, no government which works to limit my freedoms, no government which is clearly and patently anti-white, no government which encourages the invasion of my country by illegal “migrants,” no government which sends my child or grandchild off to fight for Israel in whatever their war du jour happens to be, no government who does all this will ever get my respect or loyalty. This warfare-welfare regime is utterly/terminally out of control and yet we have the spectacle at this time of year of these brain-dead hicks, urged on by the warbots of the Jewish media, getting all mushy-mouthed and misty-eyed about “fallen heroes,” about “fighting for our freedoms,” about “all their sacrifices,” and about all other such lame nonsense. Muttering such platitudes beats the hell out of thinking, I suppose. The simple fact is: To honor anyone who fights to prop up evil is the same thing as honoring evil itself.

Final Thought #2

We should work to make war such a shameful and ignominious pursuit that whenever some sinister fossil like John McWar of Arizona, or the equally revolting and equally despicable Israel-Firster, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, when these or any other neocon scrotum suggest that what this nation needs is yet another nice quick war to help our gallant little ally, Israel, then all of our surviving 18-25 year-olds should yawn loudly, then respond in a unified voice. . . .

“You want war, you go for it. But remember, Bucko: You break it, you buy it. Any blowback, any jets flying into buildings killing thousands, any dirty bombs playing in Peoria, any American tourists losing their coconuts in Egypt, any of that will be crimes charged directly to you; to YOU, Bucko, not to the Muslim maniacs made maniacs by your endless wars against them. TO YOU, BUCKO, TO YOU! Do not — repeat — Do NOT be dragging back to our porch any more dead skunks after your Israeli-instigated foreign adventures. As we have learned so well, a dead skunk is a gift that keeps on giving . . . and giving . . . and giving.”

* * *

Source: Thomas Goodrich

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Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
3 March, 2016 10:14 am

Great article.

This guy, and his website, are going to be regulars for me.

Will Williams
Will Williams
3 March, 2016 12:42 pm

TG asks: Why must patriotism always be associated with wars, death, wars, lost limbs, wars, wheel chairs, wars, and other such brainless bull s***? — Yes, why, Thomas? The American military, even Special Ops now, has become a giant multiracial, unisex social experiment. It’s not the military of our grandfathers. From Online Etymology Dictionary: The word “patriot” is derived from Late Latin patriota “fellow-countryman”, from Greek patriotes “fellow countryman,” from patrios “of one’s fathers,” patris “fatherland,” from pater (genitive patros) “father” (see father (n.) The word “nation” is derived from Latin nationem (nominative natio) “birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe,” literally “that which has been born,” from natus, past participle of nasci “be born” (Old Latin gnasci). Political sense has gradually predominated, but earliest English examples… Read more »

3 March, 2016 5:31 pm

War will always be good and necessary when it involves defending our people – white people – from the menace of the lesser races, and especially the Jews. I never have commemorated any war not even the historical ones in which one group of whites fought it out with another group of whites. I do have a minute of silent reflection for great battles where white people defended their lives and their property from non-whites. For example I do commemorate the battle of Rorke’s drift (January 22, 1879 – January 23, 1879). It has special meaning to me as I am of Welsh descent and the regiment was predominantly of Welsh origin. The men who defended the garrison like those who defended the Alamo are true heroes – among the… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
5 March, 2016 9:32 am

In his antimilitarist days, Gustave Hervé said that the national flag was “a rag to be planted on a dunghill.” That sums it up. It didn’t have to be this way, but the American flag is a filthy rag, and America’s state and society are monstrous dunghills.

The US military is not an institution of White patriotism and nationalism. It is a tool of Jewish imperialism. It has hundreds of bases all around the earth, but it can’t secure the border with Mexico.

The jingoism and civic nationalism of patriotards is far, far removed from genuine patriotism and nationalism. It certainly is not intelligent.