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Catching on to the Jews

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JEW SHOCK is when white people lose faith in the system, in a political and social structure that they previously thought was there to serve them, after they discover that this system works selectively against white people.

That structure works 90% of the time as the conventional theory, which you learned in high school civics class, calls for it to work. But at selected times the conventional theory breaks down and does something completely different. You gradually recognize a pattern in the exceptions, which causes you to feel that there is something wrong, that something sneaky is going on.

Finally, you figure it out. And then you’re a white nationalist.

When the agents of the system realize that You Know, you become an enemy of the state.

The Jews are at the end of the trail of political discovery. But there are many detours, roadblocks, and illusions on the way there. The Jews have been playing the same game — usury leading to slavery, sowing corruption to get political dominance — in many nations for many centuries, and they are very good at it.

Deception is the central component of the Jewish social strategy. As a people, they’ve adapted to the role of parasite, though a very intelligent one. Think of vampires, except with money and labor instead of blood, and you’ll have a very good mental picture of the Jews.

If you want further details, the History Reviewed Channel on Youtube (here) provides them in a series of videos:

Jews 101, Jews 102, Jews 103, Jews 104, Jew Shock.

The creator of the videos on the History Reviewed Channel lives in South Africa. He lived through the time when the Jews were trying to facilitate the transfer of political power in that country from whites to blacks. His familiarity with Jews and their attitudes, habits, and methods makes him someone to be listened to.

Never let Jews convince you that antisemitic is synonymous with false. That isn’t the case. A statement can be antisemitic and true at the same time. Furthermore, any effort at making it seem as if all antisemitic statements must necessarily be false is itself suspicious and likely to be an effort at deception.

Indeed, much of the speech that has been called antisemitic has been nothing more than correct information that the Jews find inconvenient for other people to know. But since those antisemitic statements ARE TRUE, they can’t really engage the world in debate and win. So, instead, they resort to getting control of the media and then censoring everybody who tries to reveal antisemitic truths. And they get control of the government so that they can pass laws against ‘hate speech,’ which, really, is truthful speech about Jews.

White people are generally not well-equipped to recognize the rare good Jew. The bad ones are far more numerous, and nearly all of them have social skills good enough to fool you. Furthermore, Jews are long-range planners who will spend a decade or more schmoozing, gaining for themselves a lot of favor and a lot of credit with the very people whom they plan to betray later.

Four Descriptions of Jewish Plans and Jewish Behavior

1. On the Jews and their Lies, by Martin Luther, published in Germany in 1543.

2. La Silva Curiosa (The Curious Forest), by Julio-Inigrez de Medrano, published in Spain in 1583. (The original work is in Spanish. I was unable to locate a source for the complete English translation.)

3. The Conquest of the World by the Jews, by Major Osman Bey, published in England in 1878.

4. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, probably by Sergei Nilus, published in Russia in 1903.

Across five hundred years and in every part of the Western world, what has been said about the Jews portrays them, and their aims and their methods, in the same way. At least in the broad brushstrokes.

For each narrative description about Jews, the Jews have reacted with a great deal of critical counter-narrative, which, rather than disprove anything that the antisemitic text claimed in regard to the Jews, consists of unsupported denials followed by attacks on the character of the author(s), publisher(s), and promoter(s) of whatever text it is that the Jews don’t like.

* * *

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25 March, 2016 3:01 pm

History Reviewed Channel on Youtube is a great source of information… thank you for linking to that site.

I also bookmarked ‘National Vanguard’ to my toolbar…

Great article.

Thanks again.

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
27 March, 2016 3:21 am

Good article, very informative.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
27 March, 2016 7:51 am

“White people are generally not well-equipped to recognize the rare good Jew. The bad ones are far more numerous, and nearly all of them have social skills good enough to fool you.” Indeed. With the Jews, one is not dealing with bad apples, one is dealing with a bad orchard.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
28 March, 2016 5:12 am

Francisco Quevedo’s Hora de todos appears to be another work in the vein of the works listed above. Revilo P. Oliver wrote of it as follows: “In the ‘Isla de los Monopantos,’ the thirty-ninth and penultimate chapter of his Hora de todos (not later than 1636), Quevedo describes the looting and corruption of Spain by an alliance of Jews and financiers, and attributes to the Jews precisely the purposes set forth in the Protocols. “In the transparent fiction of the ‘Isla de los Monopantos,’ Quevedo first describes a Congress of leading rabbis from all parts of Europe, who have met in Salonica (then Turkish territory) to plot further means of destroying European civilization. The rabbis were evidently the leaders of Jewry in their respective countries at that time, and Quevedo… Read more »

Allen Black
Allen Black
22 July, 2020 4:40 am

Such honesty….And I see it more and more, which is giving me hope for a better tomorrow. For they can only control our western nations so long as they keep our people in the dark, blinded to their agenda as they rush to replace white nations with those from the third world, especially those whom are climatized to socialist dictatorships. However, I think they have over-played their hand. They are crafty, but not nearly as intelligent as they like to tell themselves they are, for if they WERE as smart as they believe, they would know that the very non whites they are flooding into the west hate them, and will probably brutalize them at every opportunity, as seen with recent NY attacks. Their days of slinking in the shadows… Read more »