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Blacks: A More Criminal Race than Whites

by David Sims

A BLACK whom I met on YouTube argued that I had not really proved that Blacks were a more crime-prone race, as compared with Whites or that Blacks got more lenient treatment by the legal system in regard to the death penalty than Whites did, since I had simply related “a few” illustrative comparisons on those matters.

And, in a sense, he was right. I know about dozens of similar comparisons, but that number can only be regarded as “a few” in relation to a country the size of the United States. The existence of many such cases is inferred from the fact that I can’t be expected to see something every time it happens anywhere. So if I see it happening at all, I can infer that it happens again, sometimes, without my being aware of it.

The anecdotes that I mentioned included the recent vacating of the death penalties for the Carr Brothers by the Kansas Supreme Court (KSC) because of a legal technicality that, somehow or other, the trial court and every appellate court prior to the KSC failed to notice. And, of course, there’s the very egregious case of George Emil Banks. But anecdotes are illustrations, not proof.

Although Blacks account for a larger proportion of prison inmates than any other race, the reason is that Blacks commit more crimes, per capita, than any other race does. And, if anything, the larger proportion of Black prison inmates is not yet quite so large as is the larger proportion of Black criminals. But, more to the point, the numbers of Black and White prisoners on death row are about equal. They are 41.6% Black and 43.2% White, according to figures dated July 2014. And that does indicate racial bias in the justice system somewhere: a bias against Whites. Why? Because Whites outnumber Blacks in the US population by a ratio of 4.74, whereas Blacks commit murder 7.5 times more often than Whites do. Of prisoners who have been executed since 1976, 34% have been Black and 56% have been White. The Black/White ratio of executions has been 0.61. The Black/White ratio of murder perpetration during a given year usually varies within the range of 1.0-1.2, so Blacks do get off rather easy: They are only 55% as likely to be executed after committing a murder, as compared with Whites.

If you want to see the real trend of racial bias in American justice in the form of written official policy, you can find an example in the death penalty policy of Janet Reno, the former US Department of Justice chief under Bill Clinton. As was later revealed by her successor, John Ashcroft, Janet Reno had a policy of pursuing the death penalty on a racial basis, with White capital crime offenders being significantly more likely to be targeted. Reno’s policy was to seek the death penalty in 38% of capital cases having White defendants, but in only 25% of cases having Black defendants, and 20% of cases having “Hispanic” defendants.

When Ashcroft began reviewing capital cases to recommend which of them warranted the pursuit of the death penalty, he ordered his staff to remove any indication of the races of the defendants, so that there could be no suspicion of his acting upon racism. Predictably, he selected a disproportionate number of Black defendants for possible execution because of the egregiously vicious and evil concomitants of their crimes. This “disparate impact” raised a howl from the leftists in the media, notably at the New York Times , who decided that “racism” was in the result, despite Ashcroft’s deliberately self-imposed ignorance of the races of the defendants who got tagged for death penalty prosecutions. Apparently, it never occurred to the Times staff writers that the reason Ashcroft’s blind selection went mostly to Blacks was because Blacks are simply a rather vicious, savage race whose behavior ought to be met with the death penalty rather frequently.

Nobody ever said that Whites don’t commit crimes. Obviously, we sometimes do. In fact, Whites commit about every crime that Blacks commit. The point, however, is that they don’t commit those crimes at the same per capita rates.

If you were trying to figure out whether the average Californian or the average Nevadan were the more crime-prone, you wouldn’t just compare the raw totals of crimes in those states. California has a much larger population than Nevada does, so a direct comparison of the total number of crimes wouldn’t be fair. Instead, what you do is divide the total number of crimes by the persons who are eligible (because of state residency) to be committing them, and you come up with how crime-prone the citizen of each state is, on the average.

It’s the same with race. Blacks are about 13.2% of the US population, and Whites are about 62.6% (US Quickfacts, 2013 estimate). Whites outnumber Blacks by a ratio of 4.74. According to the Census Bureau, there are 2.14 times as many Whites as Blacks living in poverty, below the federally defined poverty line. If poverty caused crime, then you’d expect that Whites would commit 214 armed robberies for each 100 robberies committed by Blacks, but, instead, the ratio is about 79 White robbers for each 100 Black robbers. Similarly, there are about 97 White murderers for each 100 Black murderers in the United States. (The FBI Uniform Crime Reports, Crime in the United States 2012.) The “Theory of Racial Equality” would have predicted there would be somewhere between 214 to 474 White murderers for each 100 Black murderers in the United States, depending on the extent to which poverty influences crime. But that isn’t what really happens.

Although all subgroups of Blacks are more violent and crime-prone, as compared with the same subgroup among Whites, the greatest difference is found with males aged from 15 to 40, which comprise only 4% of the US population. That 4% commits almost half of the murders in the United States during most years. On the average, each US-resident Black male, aged 15-40, kills as many people as do nineteen average non-Black US-residents.

Each year, somewhere between 12,000 and 18,000 White women are raped by Black men. In no year have there been more than 10 Black women raped by White men, as far as the police know. In some years, there are no known instances of White-on-Black rape.

So there you go. A non-anecdotal argument to support the idea that Blacks are a significantly more criminal race, as compared with Whites.

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16 March, 2016 9:33 pm

The Bible says that we are all sinners, for nobody is pure before God. The White race have the privilege of coming into contact with the Bible and Christianity for the past two thousand years.These singular event had makes Europeans Character excellent compare with other races which comes into contact with the Bible much later.
This is the real secret behind how a group of people will be a saint or sinner.
Reference: The Supreme Greatness of God: A Treatise on why every human should be a friend with God, Xlibris 2015. Available at amazon.com

18 March, 2016 12:59 am

I was a catholic. For a brief period as a young lad I was an altar boy, but most of the time I just cleaned the church. By about the time I reached 12 years of age I had real doubts about Christ and Christianity. By 15 years of age I had abandoned Christianity completely, much to the annoyance of my Catholic school headmaster. By 21 years of age I came to the conclusion that Christianity was just a Jew tool foisted on the gentile world by a slick con-man by the name of Saul. The real problem for Christians is two-fold. First Christ was a Jew – assuming of course he existed. Secondly, you cannot separate the Old Testament from the New Testament without abandoning the basic tenets of… Read more »

Bill Rowland
Bill Rowland
18 March, 2016 3:25 pm

Liberals and blacks are incapable of understanding the concept of per capita. From the hundreds of arguments I’ve had about black crime rates, the person I’m trying to teach keeps repeating “just as many white criminals as black” They just cannot or will not grasp ratios. I’ve pretty much given up trying to explain it.

rick p breda
rick p breda
22 September, 2016 5:25 pm

The bible is Judaic Mythology for the primitive, superstitious cuck. Unfit for the Aryan, suitable only for the Semite which wields it as a poisonous weapon against us.

5 October, 2020 5:00 pm

I checked the Ethnic breakdown for the US. It states as follows: 62%White, 16%Latino, 12%Black, 8% Asian, 2% other. Companies are supposed to hire Blacks, Latinos, Asian or others before they hire a white person when the white population is larger than all of them put together? This should be about the very best “person” for the job.