White Leftists Are in Full Agreement with White Racialist Premises

leftist_insanityby John Black

IT MAY surprise you to hear that our multiracialist adversaries are in complete agreement with the fundamental premises of White racialism, but when you examine their goals and their proposed solutions you see very familiar values in play. The only thing that differs is the proposed direction they wish to take based on these premises. While no leftist would ever admit to these openly, not even to themselves, consider the following:

Non-Whites Have Very Little Agency in the World

We know leftists accept this premise because every wrong they cite and every solution they propose is always framed by them in terms of White people being the sole actors with agency. “White people did X,” “White people need to do X,” and “White people need to stop doing X.” Every non-White failing is described as an effect of White action and every solution is described as an effect of the need for White action. When American Blacks are a failure as a group it is because of White “racism.” How do we solve it? White people need to give reparations or stop being “racist” or give Blacks Affirmative Action preferences. Leftists never frame problems in terms of what non-Whites can, need to, or should do.

Intelligence Matters … a Lot

Anyone who has ever debated with a leftist will recognize the following “go to” phrases:

“Educate yourself.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“Racists are stupid people.”

In spite of their endless protests to the contrary, their focus is premised on being “smart enough” to understand that “race doesn’t matter” or “that everyone is equal.” Who believes otherwise? “Dumb rednecks.” Whose opinion matters? Smart people with credentials. How many times have you heard a leftist brag about their college degree or the credentials of some authority figure they cite? “Is that study peer reviewed?” is a typical refrain. Leftists are obsessed with intelligence being a highly important attribute. This is why they will never openly admit that there is a genetic cause for the IQ gap. If they admit this is so, it destroys their assumed premise of egalitarianism. They reject data on differences in intelligence precisely because they hold intelligence in such high esteem and because they do accept that differences in intelligence are genetic in origin, as I will show below.

Culture Matters

Listen to feminists bleat about “rape culture,” listen to Black Lives Matter people pontificate about oppression, or listen to Communists yammer about fairness, and you will hear them constantly refer to culture. They all offer an ideal of what culture should be. Racially conscious Whites are constantly talking about culture being the backbone of society. The left constantly cries that White culture is the problem to be attacked.

White Culture Is Better Than All Others

Whether it is our version of a White ethno-state based on traditionalism, or the “progressive” tolerance utopia, leftists all silently agree that White culture is better than others. This is borne out by the desire to spread tolerance, and democracy, and feminism throughout the world, all uniquely Western. The entire leftist value system, from tolerance of difference to egalitarianism, is all uniquely an aspect of White Western culture.

Ricardo Duchesne mentioned this in his first interview on Red Ice Radio. He said that the Liberal premise of cultural relativism, in which we suspend judgement of other cultures and assume all to be on an equal footing, is itself a uniquely Western idea. No other culture sees other cultures as equally valid and worthwhile. Historically, when one culture meets another, one tries to exterminate the other. Ricardo goes on to ask how Liberals are able to get out from under their own cultural goggles in order to view other cultures objectively.

Proximate Diversity Sucks

In spite of the endless calls to enhance diversity, to increase diversity, to celebrate diversity, all you will see from leftists is homogeneity. White Liberals live in White neighborhoods, they send their kids to White private schools, they engage in SWPL behavior, and they absolutely demand conformity of opinion.

When you ignore their rhetoric and look at what leftists actually do, they demand the entire world fit into their narrow box of prepackaged thoughtlessness. They want a world of cultural conformity. When you try debating with a leftist, he will engage in endless badgering of anyone who doesn’t conform to their worldview.

Breeding Matters

Leftists are quick to criticize anyone who dares to suggest that who you breed with might be an important factor to consider; however, what solutions do they suggest to solve evils like “racism”? They suggest blending everyone together. They suggest getting rid of any genetic advantage that one group has over another. Why would mixing together be so important, and refusing to mix be so horrible, if we are essentially all the same? Why do leftists refuse to participate in the vibrancy they insist on inflicting on others? The answer is obvious: They know breeding matters.

They Hate Us Because We Are Right and They Agree With Us

Both sides agree on most fundamental premises and this is what enrages the left so thoroughly. When we present our premises they see their own staring back at them. Why do they hate us bringing up Black IQ? Because they know Blacks are intellectually inferior as a group. Why do they hate people saying that women shouldn’t vote? Because they know women are not skilled in cold calculation like men are. When do they lose their sh** when Jewish power is mentioned? Because they know that Jews have enormous power. When we speak on these issues, we are holding up a mirror that exposes their hidden agreement with us — and it makes them livid. Commence butthurt.

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
1 March, 2016 3:06 am

This article is quite clever and astute. I had noticed a few of these things myself before, but I never put them together in the way this article does. For example, if breeding doesn’t matter, why do multiracialists prattle about “inbred rednecks”? Isn’t it snobbish for multiracialists, those evangelists of egalitarianism, to dismiss White racialists as “trailer park trash”? If it’s merely a canard of White racialists that Blacks are prone to commit rape, why do multiracialists express the fervent hope that White racialists, men and women alike, will get raped by Blacks? If race doesn’t matter and doesn’t even exist, as multiracialists claim, why do they advocate a race-based spoils systems which discriminates against Whites in favor of non-Whites? Strange as it may sound, I suspect that there’s a… Read more »

17 March, 2017 2:31 pm

Marvelous. Nailed it.

15 August, 2020 12:07 pm

None of the values the bourgeois Left spread are Western, they are all aspects of the intersectional Kosher racist complot that has brainwashed them through usage of their selfish class snobbery…like their Jewy wizards, they are all absolute hypocrites who worship Marx or Freud or Einstein or Jesus and Israel if Literalist Zionists Reactionaries.

There is a huge difference between technical intelligence and honesty and insight…al the famous Liberals came from wealthy or professional families and see their own nations as backward plebeians…they embody the tyranny of an ancient Bolshevist cult in its secular evolution as exposed by Dietrich Eckart a 100 years ago.