Where a Negro Can Be a Negro

anigcanbeanigLONG BEFORE THE FIRES, the pack attacks and the tribal warfare begins, “diversity” annihilates the trust and civility we take for granted in a White society. We don’t notice this unspoken cooperation any more than a fish notices the water it’s swimming in, at least until the healthy environment is completely ruined by genetic aliens. Then, when it’s gone, the White Flight happens, all the while murmuring about “equality” and “a few bad ones” in most cases. This was the history of homogeneous White communities during the latter half of the disastrous Jewish century. Now, here in current year, running is no longer a solution (More Sudanese for Idaho!) and the equality myth is losing its grasp on many Whites. The days of polite passivity are over. (ILLUSTRATION: Violent overweight Negro animals… welcome to the U.S.S.A.)

Meanwhile, the Negro, as unaware and savage as ever, continues its jungle pathology, blissfully ignorant of the changing attitudes of its White benefactor.

More than a dozen people brawled at a suburban Hartford Chuck E. Cheese’s Sunday night and all the people involved are wanted, police said.

Living fossils batter each other at the Rat Pizza, another proud “African American” tradition for tar monster history munf. We were told they were compatible with Western Civilization. It was a lie.

A senior at the kids’ pizza and play franchise’s Manchester, Conn., location suffered a panic attack, a 1-year-old child got knocked down and a 4-year-old got scraped and bruised in the fight, according to Manchester police Capt. Chris Davis.

The content of their character. Must be “skin tone” causing all that evil White “prejudice.” It certainly isn’t their predictable and pathetic failure.

Detectives are looking for information about who was involved in the fight and what led to it, Davis said.

No arrests were made. What could have caused it? Was there a “yella?” We need to know.

The fighters, none of whom had been arrested Tuesday night, could face charges like risk of injury to a minor, breach of peace or assault, Davis noted.

One would think. If you can identify the misshapen brown blobs in this video, please notify the 90 I.Q. police.

“It may have started over something as simple as somebody bumping into somebody else and not saying, “Excuse me,” Davis told WFSB-TV. 

Our high-trust, high-cooperation “multicultural” society. “Scuse yew, mudda fudda. I beee climbin’ obah da cheezzz ballzzz nao.”

“I would never in my life imagine anything happening, especially here in Manchester,” one woman said. “I can’t picture myself going back in there after that.”

It’s called a negro, lady. This is how it behaves.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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27 February, 2016 4:07 pm

When I view the behaviour of Jews, African-Americans, Congoids, Australoids, Middle-easterners, Asians and other non-whites I have an epiphany – not of biblical proportions – but an epiphany nonetheless. It makes me realise why most white nationalist groups are just as ineffective as most white politicians and just as ineffective as most white people in general. And the Jews know it!! The problems we face as a people cannot be voted away and the minorities will not relinquish their hold on the perks and privileges they have acquired over the last 50 years without a fight. There will be no change in our circumstances until white people – most, if not all white people – come to accept that the only solution to our problem is white revolution. Books, speeches,… Read more »

Doug Provenzano
Doug Provenzano
14 November, 2020 2:43 pm

I have to agree with you,White Warrior…sigh…SMH

8 May, 2021 10:41 pm

And epiphany is NOT just a name Negros give their daughters.