The Ongoing War against White People: European Front Update

invaders_budapestby James Harting

THE ONGOING war against White people continues, and indeed is picking up momentum. Whites are already a beleaguered minority worldwide and make up less than 10 percent of the global population. The White nations of Europe are currently experiencing a ferocious assault, and are being invaded by millions of non-Whites from Asia and Africa. The Jewish-dominated media euphemistically refer to these invaders variously as “migrants,” “refugees” or “asylum seekers.” It does not point out that 85+ percent of them are healthy, aggressive military-age males, and that only a tiny percent of them are women, children or the elderly. (ILLUSTRATION: A group of “migrants” in Budapest)

We cannot chronicle or list every single act of aggression being committed against our racial brothers and sisters in Europe, but here are some recent developments that are either especially important or poignant.

Non-White Tidal Wave Continues to Crash over Europe

In addition to the millions of non-Whites already present in Europe, it is predicted that 10 million (!) more will arrive in the year ahead.

Sweden has said that it may expel between 60,000 and 80,000 of the invaders, and Finland has said it will deport 20,000. But even if these expulsions do take place, what is that in comparison to the millions of others already present or on the way?

Ireland is now on course to be majority non-White by mid-century.

Parts of England, which have been White since time out of mind, are already majority non-White.

New Year’s Eve Nightmare in Cologne

Here is an Arabic phrase which every White person should commit to memory: taharrush jamai. It means the mass sexual assault of women by roving gangs of Arab males. Charming, isn’t it? This is what is meant in reality by “diversity,” “multiracialism,” multiculturalism,” and “pluralism.”

New Year’s Eve in Central and Northern Europe saw an onslaught of these mass sexual attacks of White women by Arab and North African males. The West German city of Cologne was hit hardest. Some 800 criminal assaults were reported to the police, about half of which were sexual in nature. In some instances, the assault were witnessed by the police – who stood by and did nothing, as they had been ordered not to intervene! The German media initially sought to cover up the assaults, but because there were so many of them, eventually the media reported them. The US media almost completely blocked out the atrocity.

At last report, only ONE arrest had been made, despite the fact that many of the attacks were caught on security cameras.

13-Year-Old Berlin Girl Kidnapped and Gang-Raped by Arabs

It is hard for people who have not witnessed it to visualize rape on this level. It is easier to imagine it when a single instance is considered in isolation.

Danish Girl Faces Charges for Defending Herself against Arab Rapist

The governments in the European countries under attack are surprisingly unsympathetic and unfeeling to the victims of sexual assaults by the “asylum seekers.” A 17-year-old Danish girl who successfully fought off an adult male attacker with pepper spray found that SHE was being charged after she reported the attack. The reason? Pepper spray is illegal – even if it is used to defend yourself when the police fail to do so.

Charges or no charges, that young woman was lucky to have escaped unscathed. But everyone is not so lucky. Another Danish girl, 15-year-old Nicole Zanlith, was attacked by “migrants” while on vacation in Marbella, Spain. She was not armed with pepper spray…

Meanwhile, Back in the States:

White Man Dies Protecting His Wife from Black Home Invaders

The War against White people likewise continues unabated in the United States. Here is the heartbreaking story of an 85-year-old man who gave his life defending his wife when the couple suffered a home invasion by two Negro career criminals.

The New Order will continue to bring you the news of the ongoing, worldwide War against White people.

Will you be in our next report?

* * *

Source: Do Right and Fear No One via New Order

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Tor the Incredible Bach
Tor the Incredible Bach
18 February, 2016 8:54 am

I may be in your next post, of course. But I fight. I have fought against this actively for 13 years to the extent that I have crashed several times and had one period of endocrine problems. Still, I do not give up, and I ask of all of you to never give up either. Stay anonymous AND go out in the open with face and name. Do both. Work with everyone who sees white culture and white people as threatened, every single day. I do it, and there is no reason people who are not dead shouldn’t do it. We can win, but ONLY if every white man puts up a fight through lectures, reading, e-mails, phone calls, lobbying, working out, etc, etc, and not least: get a girl… Read more »

Tor the Incredible Bach
Tor the Incredible Bach
18 February, 2016 8:56 am

…or this will be your faith:

(To moderator, I am merely pointing out the same that the article I am commenting ended with).