New Jersey: Jews Use Intimidation to “Encourage” Residents to Sell Their Homes

njJews object to new local laws limiting hours of door-to-door “solicitations to sell.”

LAKEWOOD, N.J. – James Jackson didn’t want to sell his home but thanked the black-suited man for his interest anyway.

That’s when the man put his hand on Jackson’s shoulder and told him he might want to “reconsider.” Many of his neighbors in the New Jersey shore town of Toms River, the man said, already planned to sell to Jewish buyers like those he represented. (ILLUSTRATION: A yard sign from Toms River showing community resistance to Jewish strong-arm tactics aimed at intimidating homeowners into selling out)

“He asked me why I would want to live in a Hasidic neighborhood if I wasn’t Hasidic,” Jackson recalled. “He asked if I would really be happy, if it would be in my family’s best interests.”

A housing crunch in Lakewood, home to one of the nation’s largest populations of Hasidic Jews, has triggered what residents of neighboring communities say are overly aggressive, all-hours solicitations from agents looking to find homes for the rapidly growing Jewish community.

The complaints have prompted towns, including Toms River, to update their “no-knock” rules and related laws, adding real estate inquiries to measures that already limit when soliciting can occur.

But Jewish leaders and others say the no-knock laws unfairly target Orthodox Jews and those “seeking to help them find houses.” Many Jews came to the community to study at one of the largest yeshivas in the world and eventually settled down.

The 2010 census found the town had nearly 93,000 residents, about 32,000 more than a decade earlier. And town officials believe there are closer to 120,000 residents now.

“The growth in Lakewood is a sign of the great quality of life which is attracting all these people,” said Avi Schnall, the state director of Agudath Israel, a national grassroots advocacy and social service organization representing Orthodox Jews.

“However, the challenge is being able to keep up with the influx,” Schnall added. “This has driven people to take residence in nearby towns, where houses are more available and affordable.”

Schnall calls the recent no-knock changes “troubling.” He also believes there is a campaign to prevent members of the Orthodox community from moving in. And he thinks the real estate agents are being used as the scapegoats, claims that leaders in neighboring towns say are unfounded.

Municipal leaders stress that their laws are not aimed at keeping out any groups, but rather to protect residents.

“Our ‘no-knock’ law goes back many years. It’s not just in response to what has been happening now,” Toms River Mayor Thomas Kelaher said. “We are trying to protect those people from conduct that’s outrageous, harassing, intimidating or unwelcome.”

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Source: The Journal-Gazette

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
25 February, 2016 1:07 am

The Jewish colonization of Lakewood was addressed long ago in chapter 15 of Samuel Roth’s book Jews Must Live (1934), “The Rape of Lakewood, Long Branch, and Atlantic City,” the text of which is available online at:

Lakewood was once a pleasant winter resort before the Jews moved in and things went downhill. Now it’s crawling with the anthropoid cockroaches called Hasidic Jews.

25 February, 2016 5:17 pm

Thanks Anthony for mentioning the book.

I have to say you’re a man who doesn’t mince his words when speaking the truth! I burst out laughing on reading the last paragraph!


Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  katana
26 February, 2016 7:56 am

The more you learn about the Jews, the more you feel inclined, indeed obliged, to speak harshly of them. Consider it an acquired instinct and a civic duty.

I’m surprised that Hasidic Jews aren’t likened to cockroaches more often. They’re clad in black, they’re filthy, and they breed prolifically. Even their fellow Jews find them obnoxious.

13 September, 2017 1:02 pm

True story I live near Ocean Parkway Brooklyn a mid century detached brick ranch. They keep pestering me because they want the property. They lied to my neighbor telling them I was selling and a temple will be build on my property. Reluctantly they sold the home; and they tried to sell it for $500,000 more. Nobody bought the hoem because it was well known the home was owned by Catholics (and considered “unclean”). Mysteriously the home caught fire on Christmas Eve, and now they’re using the insurance money to add an additional floor and build this monstrocity right up to the building line.

Reply to  Joseph
13 September, 2017 2:07 pm

Hello Neighbor! I am just a bit south of you. Ocean Parkway the home of the $23 Million homes owned by welfare recipients paying less property taxes than I do. Being a Catholic in South Brooklyn is like living as a Palestinian in Occupied Palestine. Ocean Parkway with their $50 Million tributes to the Safra drug money laundering fortune on every block. Ocean Parkway with every mansion bought with a suitcase of cash the proceeds from insurance fraud, arson, and phony bankruptcies of business. I am sure you know about the syrian jew who ran over two women in 2001 with his Porsche doing 90MPH – his family owns the Rainbow clothing shops that are run as bust outs – this double murderer received a slap on the wrist from… Read more »

Reply to  Joseph
13 September, 2017 3:10 pm

I see there are fellow NY bagel mafia victims on this thread, thought I’d share this just in case you couldn’t figure out how the local colleges produce jewish “scholars”: Three Orthodox Jews Work In New York’s Tabloid Press Posted on March 6, 2011 by Luke Ford Sunday morning, I call New York Post reporter Reuven Blau (Facebook). (My series on Jewish journalism.) Heshy Fried first talked to me about Reuven. Luke: “Does a yeshiva education make a person any less likely to cheat in college?” Reuven: “Absolutely [more likely to cheat]. There’s a lot of pressure. I grew up with a lot of pressure. There’s this, ‘You know you have to succeed whatever it takes.’ If it takes cutting some corners, you’re going to do it. It’s expected that… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Joseph
14 September, 2017 1:47 am

“Mysteriously the home caught fire on Christmas Eve, and now they’re using the insurance money to add an additional floor and build this monstrosity right up to the building line.”

Jewish lightning strikes again. It’s significant that this arson took place on Christmas Eve, which the Jews call “Nittel Nacht.”

If you want an idea of just how filthy and perverse the Jewish mind is, read Shai Alleson-Gerberg’s article on “Nittel Nacht” on the link below. Just as the Black Mass is an obscene parody of the Mass, “Nittel Nacht” is an obscene parody of Christmas — with the difference that, while only a few degenerates have held Black Masses, “Nittel Nacht” was and is observed by entire communities of Jews.

13 September, 2017 2:31 pm

Prolific breeding without a concern that they’re often yielding ugly, mean, drooling, uncoordinated children – the future Abe Foxmans of the world; add that to the cost of private schools, kosher food, and expensive homes – what is the source of income to pay for all that? Working the special ed racket or community based organizations, to receive government grants? Selling diamonds, grey market electronics and black coats? Cutting off foreskins and other religion-based shenanigans? Raising kosher livestock that die painful deaths? I’ve seen only one of these jews actually do heavy work, in my decades of working in the NYC area (he was working a large lithograph printing press). In Sullivan county NY, I see their run-down compounds, filled with listless, black/white-clad teenage males – not one to ever… Read more »

Reply to  Sethmoto101a
14 September, 2017 10:23 am

“I see their run-down compounds, filled with listless, black/white-clad teenage males – not one to ever repair the ramshackle fences and outbuildings?” That is funny. They turn everything into slums, then over-insure them and jewish lightning them. Remember the 1970’s “The Bronx is burning”? Syrian jews bought up all of the dilapidated buildings as soon as they infested America – they then took out insurance far more than the buildings were ever worth and torched them. Those jews now own $20M mansions on Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway, and own every NY politician too. Eddie Antar and his entire family lived there with the proceeds of their bust-out Crazy Eddie electronics franchise. The antars practiced the other jewish religion of exploiting and robbing creditors. What is most funny is that the antars… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Andronicus
14 September, 2017 10:13 pm

“It is sort of fitting that Marx was the son of a rabbi – no one knows more about exploiting workers than a Jew.” There’s a minor error here: Karl Marx’s father was actually a lawyer, while both his maternal and paternal grandfathers were rabbis. But Jewish communists, lawyers, and rabbis have a great deal in common in terms of their mentality and morality, so to speak.