Hillary Clinton’s “Commands” to White People Across America


INTRODUCTION by John I. Johnson: Last night CBS News had a heart-tugging interview with Hillary. She described how she’d been bullied as a child — she was so shy and withdrawn, et cetera. But her heroic mother — who, if I recollect in the story (my mind shuts off during these things), was abused by her husband (those of you old enough to remember White America remember that all White families were abusive, even sexually abusive, right?) — marched little Hillary outside again to confront the bullies. An inspiring tale! After that, she was accepted by the others.

At least Hillary spared the audience the sad tales of the “No Dogs or Women Allowed” signs that blanketed White America during her youth.

* * *

AS HILLARY CLINTON’S campaign for president continues to fall down around her, she has desperately increased her attacks against her rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as Republicans. (ILLUSTRATION: Hillary with billionaire Jewish donor Haim Saban)

Clinton’s best shot at saving her campaign is to accumulate as much of the black vote in the South as she possibly can. …

Breitbart reported that among other outrageous things, Clinton has stated that white people should “recognize our privilege.”

Whites also need to “practice humility” instead of automatically assuming that “our experiences are everybody’s experiences.”

Can you smell the desperation yet? …

As outrageous as Clinton’s statements are, they are nothing compared to the stuff coming out of Sanders’ mouth, which is attracting even more people who seem to believe that a white guy screaming about white privilege will solve everything in this country.

Clinton also went back to a party favorite, saying that the reason Republicans object to President Barack Obama’s policies is because they are all a bunch of racists who don’t want to see a black man succeed.

She said that Republicans speak in “coded racial language” regarding “takers and losers” and “demonize” President Obama.

Clinton, who likes to pretend that she is the epitome of perfect health, also had a severe coughing spell while trying to give another racially charged speech in Harlem. …

* * *

Source: Conservative Tribune

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19 February, 2016 8:25 pm

Hillary Clinton, like her husband and former President Bill Clinton, is a piece of filth. She reminds me of the sort of thing one might excrete during a bad case of stomach cramps or diarrhea. She like so many others of her generation are angry children – children existing in a never ending tantrum because mom would not let her have exclusive use of the cookie jar. Let us not forget the last time she was in the White House. The night before Christmas must have been a real treat for the staff – seeing a Christmas tree decorated with condoms, sex toys and drug paraphernalia must have been a first for many of them. Only a sick and twisted mind like Hillary’s could come up with that Christmas tree… Read more »

10 October, 2016 10:39 pm

Every time Hillary Clinton speaks, I hear Saul Alinsky.