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Genocide of Whites: Act to Stop It!


You must understand with every fiber of your being that your true nation, your true religion, your true society, your true politics, your true allegiance is within you.

by H. Millard

TOO MANY Whites think that genocide only means gas chambers and marching armies. This is a big mistake and causes many Whites to deny what their own eyes are telling them. Look around yourself. Aren’t you seeing more non-Whites no matter where you look — and fewer Whites? You may say, “Oh that’s nothing. That’s just natural.” You’d be wrong. It is not natural. It is a sign of White genocide — more non-Whites and fewer Whites. That’s how White genocide looks in its present stage.

Genocide actually means the killing off of a distinct people — no matter how it is done. It doesn’t require gas chambers or marching armies. It only requires propaganda and the flooding of nations with a different genotype — a different race of people.

Genocide is what is happening right now to Whites worldwide.

It is being done through a variety of means. First, Whites are being told that “diversity” and multiculturalism are wonderful. They are not — not for Whites. They are harmful to us. Diversity and multiculturalism are being sold to easily suggestible Whites the way cigarettes were once sold to us — with subconscious messages of happy, beautiful people who are this way because of diversity and multiculturalism. It is a big lie. It is evil.

Whites are being told that “all humans are just the same” even though true science and our eyes tell us just the opposite. Our eyes and true science are not lying to us. But many Whites are deceived, and, in believing this falsehood that all humans are just the same, the instinct for self-preservation and survival is overridden and many weak minded Whites engage in bedroom genocide and turn their bodies into baby factories producing non-White children. And it’s not just that they’re producing non-White children: They are producing them instead of White children. They’re keeping an entire White civilization from being born.

Some of these deceived Whites — who have corrupted their White DNA Code via miscegenation and killed off all their White ancestors and their now not-to-be-born White descendants — seem to wrongly believe that their non-White children, who don’t look like them, don’t think like them, don’t act like them, aren’t them, are “their children.” They are not. The child of a White is White. The only way to have White children is to have two Whites mate. No other combination produces truly White children. These miscegenating Whites are like Whites in Science Fiction movies who are simply hosts used to breed aliens. They are walking Petri dishes providing the necessary sperm or eggs so non-Whites can be born. These sick Whites provide the chemical ingredients from their own bodies to destroy their White family lines.

Other weak-minded Whites are full of nonsense about the planet being overpopulated. So they refuse to have children. What they don’t seem to understand is that the planet is not overpopulated with Whites. In fact, it is severely and dangerously underpopulated with Whites. We are a small minority on this dark planet.

And we also have many weak-minded and neurotic self-hating Whites who want nothing more than non-existence for themselves and all Whites. These cowards are genetic terrorists. They want the suicide of their White DNA code and the extinction of your White DNA code as well. Sick.

How do we fight our genocide and our extinction as the distinct people we are? We must build our self-esteem and group-esteem and we must start realizing that we are a great and wonderful people. We must start loving ourselves and our people again and we must start having more White children. We must understand that we are a unique and a selected people unlike any other. We are also the “new kids on the planet”: We are a branching-off from the present human evolutionary tree and we are the hope for a better humanity born from our unique DNA Code. We must not die off or the planet without us will be less perfect, less peaceful, less desirable. We are the ones selected to perfect things on our level of existence.

It all starts with each one of us — with you and me as individuals. We are not born as couples. We are born as individuals. Each of us, whether you are a male White or a female White, is personally and individually responsible for seeing that your White family line continues into the future. No one else can do it for you. You must make more like yourself. Get busy. Life is short. Having as many White children as possible is your purpose.

Making many more like yourself makes you more important than the richest and most famous people. It is what you are born to do. If you do not understand, then you may want to start taking a long view of history, which is the correct way to view things. You are here today as a White person because a long line of your ancestors bred White. Your line extends into the dim past. Make it extend into the far future. Do the right thing. Make more like yourself and your ancestors.

Over the past centuries, many Whites failed to breed or they bred non-White or they didn’t breed enough — and they have gone extinct. Your ancestors did better. Your ancestors won the struggle for existence. You are the result. You are the fittest now alive. If you fail to breed White, you will be judged unfit because you will be a dead end. Don’t let your ancestors down. Keep the White life force within you moving forward into the future. Be a new Adam or Eve for all future Whites. No matter what else you do in life pales in comparison. If you have many White children who survive you, you will go into the future with them. And, those now alive who don’t make more like themselves? They are nothing. They may be rich. They may be famous. They may be great writers, inventors, or whatever, but if they do not make more like themselves, they are nothing and they will not exist in the future. You may be poor, you may work in a factory, you may struggle for food, you may not have much luxury, but if you have many White children, you are rich and blessed beyond compare. These aren’t just empty words — they are the truth. This is the way of existence.

You may believe that there is some sort of afterlife, but that has never been proven. What has been proven is that a part of you goes forward into the next generation via the children you have who are most like you. The more like you they are, the more of you goes forward. It is common sense. It is a genetic reality.

Do not be a dead end. Pass on the sacred White genes you got from your White parents and your White ancestors by having as many White children as possible. That is your most important purpose in living. Keep the White chain unbroken. Other Whites may not follow suit. That’s their problem. They may be internally defective. That’s not your problem. You still must do what is right.

And, please, don’t argue that “we can’t outbreed non-Whites, so we shouldn’t even try to have more White children.” The way Nature works is that there are great die-offs and bottlenecks. The more Whites we have in existence, the greater are the odds that we will survive as a people, maybe even just by a few of us who get through the die-offs and bottlenecks that will eventually happen. Be the new Adam and Eve emerging on the other side to rebuild as a new White people, better, smarter, stronger, healthier.

You must understand with every fiber of your being that your true nation, your true religion, your true society, your true politics, your true allegiance is within you. You must live and breathe Whiteness. It is the only thing that matters. Rid your mind of false ideas and silly notions that your most essential identity is based on abstract concepts. It is your DNA Code — that has your genes — that is the real and essential you. All else is secondary or even false. You are part of the White Tribe on this dark planet. Know it and live it. All non-Jewish Whites are related. We are one people. We are one kind. We are different from all non-White peoples. We have been selected to be the next step for mankind but we must make it so or we will be replaced.

And, here’s another thing, if you are an awakened White and you live Whiteness, you are part of a subculture of similarly awakened Whites. Take faith in this, and understand that you are not alone even though you may be surrounded by Whites who don’t understand and who are on their way to oblivion via mixing and mating with non-Whites or who are not having White children. Awakened Whites may be in the minority, but we are right and we are good and we are the ancestors of Whites who will exist thousands of years in the future. We are the new Adams and Eves. We are the founders of a new people.

Here are three of the most important quotations for White survival if correctly understood and acted upon. I’ll repeat these often:

About humans:

“[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera.” — Charles Darwin

And here’s what all living organisms (including humans) must do:

“Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates, and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e., those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection.” — Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA)

Our goal is to become a new species incapable of having children with non-Whites:

“Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman — a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

(© 2016 H. Millard)

* * *

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