Detroit: Four-Year-Old White Girl Tortured, Burned Beyond Recognition by Black Male

sav_wNaturally, the national media are silent.

“Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry?” – William Blake

A FOUR-year-old little girl should be doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying living. She should be showered with hugs and love from her mother and father. She should dream of being a princess, while clutching her beloved toy doll and dream of nothing but happy thoughts.

RIP Savannah Walker. She was murdered by a convicted Black criminal who was out on parole since 2014. Her body, still lacking a positive ID, was found mangled and burned in an abandoned house in 83 percent Black Detroit. Police say it will take time for a positive DNA match because, “It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim.”

Savannah Walker was a four-year-old little girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Though I never met her, seeing her picture and knowing her ultimate fate leaves me wondering what type of God would ever have allowed a 33-year-old Black convicted child abuser (out since 2014 on parole) near her.

Savannah’s mother, Heidi, has been found dead in an abandoned, burned out house. Another body, believed to be that of Savannah’s, was also found in the house, though a positive ID of the four-year-old little girl cannot be made because, “there’s a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother.” [Body Found In Burned Detroit Home Identified As Mother Of Missing 4-Year-Old Girl, CBS Detroit, 2-22-16]:

Authorities confirmed Monday that one of two bodies found in a burned down house in Detroit on Saturday was missing mother Heidi Walker.

The second body found in the house has not yet been identified.An Amber Alert was issued for Walker’s 4-year-old daughter, Savannah, on Friday after the two went missing from Livingston County on Tuesday.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said that the second body was too badly burned to make an identification and authorities are going to use DNA to determine the identity.

Savannah’s mother has been identified as one of the dead bodies in the burnt-out house. A convicted black criminal, Marcus Hightower, has already turned himself into the police

“It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim,” Shaw said. “[It’s] going to take us some kind of DNA testing to positively identify that body.”

The two bodies were found in a torched, abandoned house in Detroit on Lakeview St. near Forrest Ave. on Saturday morning. Though the second body hasn’t been identified as Savannah, authorities know it is the body of a child.

“There’s was a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother,” Shaw said.

A GoFundMe campaign was started to help fund memorial services. A person of interest, 33-year-old Marcus Hightower, turned himself in to police on Sunday morning. Police considered Hightower armed and dangerous. He was on parole for assault with intent to commit murder.

Detroit police chief James Craig said Hightower and Heidi Walker, 38, had been in a relationship and there was a history of domestic violence between the two.

Craig said it wasn’t clear if the two people were killed in the home or taken there afterward, but the fire was considered suspicious.“It’s not uncommon where a suspect will commit a crime like murder and try to cover their tracks by setting a fire,” he said. “It appears to be intentionally set (in an) abandoned house.”

Read that again:

“It’s probably going to take us a little bit of time due to the fact that the fire and some of the different things that happened with the body of the second victim,” Shaw said. “[It’s] going to take us some kind of DNA testing to positively identify that body.”

“There’s was a lot more damage done to the child than there was to the mother,” Shaw said.

It’s hard to even put into words the horror and simultaneous sheer hatred one should experience/feel when they read of what happened to Savannah Walker.

There should be not an ounce of pity for Savannah’s mother, Heidi. She was a grown woman who willingly entered a relationship with a convicted Black criminal, who spent years in jail for child abuse.

There shouldn’t be a dry eye when one reads about Savannah Walker’s final moments on earth, knowing the horror she faced.

RIP Savannah.

Some stories will stay with you all your life, haunting you with every step you take and always lingering in the back of your mind.

Savannah Walker’s will never leave my mind.

Reading Savannah’s older sisters’ Facebook page is haunting, because you see in real-time how she found out about their murder. There’s a frightening detachment from the absolute macabre situation Savannah’s older sister was faced with, as you read incredulous comments from her friends.

Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children,” says Eric Draven to a heroin addicted women (who also happens to the mother of the child Draven and his fiance cared for when they were alive) in the 1994 movie The Crow.

In Savannah’s final moments on earth, a Black demon tortured and ultimately murdered her: neither her mother nor God came to her aid.

And it all happened in an 83 percent Black city where only decades earlier White families were able to live and grow in peace and harmony — when Detroit was pushing 90 percent White in 1940 and 85 percent in 1950.

There was a reason segregation existed.

There was a reason Sundown laws existed.

There was a reason restrictive covenants existed.

There was a reason most of America’s Founding Fathers and early statesmen belonged to the American Colonization Society.

Savannah Walker represents the foundational reality of that reason.

* * *

Source: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

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Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
24 February, 2016 10:04 am

If we wanted to get rid of these cretins currently in power and put them where they belong, we could do it by years end. The only catch is that it would take courage, backbone and balls.
Sorry, freedom isn’t free; not by a long shot.

Scott Reeves
Scott Reeves
1 March, 2016 2:43 am

This article is racist garbage and I hope whoever wrote it gets the same fate as the girl.

How DARE you say there was a reason segregation existed. Fucking kill yourself you piece of trash.

Diaethria Anna
Diaethria Anna
Reply to  Scott Reeves
18 June, 2021 2:10 am

Thanks for your insightful comment!

1 March, 2016 5:13 pm

Wow! Racist much? The fact that your said there should be no sympathy for fhe mother just because she made the mistake of falling in love with a black man on parole screams that your a piece of shit racist.

A. Dwoker
A. Dwoker
Reply to  Luke
12 March, 2016 12:08 am

You use the word “racist” as if it were a bad thing. The word “racist” is just a synonym for rational, observant, and non-deluded.

2 March, 2016 12:40 am

@ Scott Reeves, Your comments are SHOCKING BEYOND BELIEF. What kind of a f***** up a****le are you? This adorable little girl was brutally tortured, molested, and murdered, and you’re upset because someone said segregation existed for a reason. THAT’S the injustice you perceive in this situation? You deserve a fate WORSE than what this little girl got. I’d like to see you thrown in prison and be gang raped by black guys for a while. Then maybe you’ll wake the f*** up you ignorant, immoral jackass. @ Luke, Wow! Weak, pathetic, pathological white guilt much? He said the mother should get no sympathy because she entered a relationship with a Black criminal, who spent years in jail for CHILD ABUSE. You have a serious mental illness if you’re unable… Read more »

Allen Black
Allen Black
Reply to  Ryan
22 July, 2020 6:38 am

There is no reasoning with them. They are either so brainwashed by the Jewish agenda that they no longer have a single thought of their own OR they are mad because people are pointing out their evils AND the truth about America being segregated for a reason. Let us get something straight- Segregation IS NOT and never was oppression. Your house is segregated from your neighbors- are you oppressing each other? People self segregate, China is segregated from Russia, etc. There is NOTHING WRONG with stating this theater is for us, and that is for you. BUT that would cut them off from the blessings of white nations, and we can’t have that, so they will act indignant. In their eyes, “racism” (which is just a Marxist word replacing “In… Read more »

2 March, 2016 2:27 am

There always was a real logical reason segregation was in place. When ignorant white women take up with blacks, whether because they are starved for attention that the white males don’t give them or the insane brainwashing by our schools and churches promoting the “equality” crap is in their minds, this is what happens. There is still a culture divide between the races.
The culture clash is the problem and the two can’t mix.

David MacLong
David MacLong
12 March, 2016 3:20 pm

What a terrible story. Agreed segregation was for the greater good to protect those who weren’t able to arrive at proper judgments like this vile cretinous mother.

Blacks complain about segregation because they don’t want to be forced to live in black ghettos around other blacks with no upward mobility, separated from toys like Iphones, KFC and 48″ TVs. Whites have everything to gain from segregation, blacks have everything to gain if there isn’t segregation as everything blacks take for granted, from medicine to universities has been provided to them by Whites.

Reply to  David MacLong
14 March, 2016 9:08 pm


The “race is a social construct” nonsense is right in line with what you said. Blacks have everything to gain from it, while whites have everything to lose. They drag us down while simultaneously lifting themselves up. It’s parasitic.

Please tell as many people as possible about this. I’ll do the same.

13 March, 2016 5:04 pm

White girls need to stay within their own race. Unfortunately the schools and churches and government have brainwashed the young people since the forced integration that we are all the same. We are NOT all the same. Parents need to step up and repeatedly teach their young girls and boys that dating blacks is not acceptable within the family. Period. No “but”‘s whatsoever and no excuses that he is such a “nice” guy, etc. NO mixing with the blacks, period! America will be a brown country in the next 25 years unless parents stop the massive black blood infiltration into your family.

Reply to  danger22
22 July, 2020 7:35 pm

We must not forget what this is a result of. This is not the result of 10 year old propaganda against the white race or even 20, 50 years. It has been more than 100 years that the NAACP had been organized by the oy vey crowd. Black animosity is their baby — what they have instigated Blacks to think and feel; as this is what they, the oy vey crowd, feel about us White Christians also. The essence of the attitude of Shylock in “The Merchant of Venice” is obviously true.