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Canada: Anti-White Judge Voids Another Will — Because Whites Would Benefit

priebeOpen anti-White tyranny now in place

by David Sims

IN CANADA, there are scholarships earmarked for every race except one — the White race is allowed to have no special scholarships, whether public or private. Canada has scholarships for Black women, for Sikhs, for American Indians, and for Third World immigrants. But it does not have a scholarship program for White people.

Dr. Victor Priebe (pictured) had created a will before he died, in which he said that he wanted his money to be used to set up a private scholarship for single, straight, White people who are studying science. But after Dr. Priebe died Canadian judge Alissa Mitchell ruled that this provision “threatened the safety of the state” and prevented Dr. Priebe’s money from being used to fulfill his last wishes.

How does setting up a private scholarship for White people, in parallel with those for Blacks, Indians, and Third World immigrants, “threaten the safety of the state”? Judge Mitchell said, “Although it is not expressly stated by Dr. Priebe that he subscribed to White supremacist, homophobic, and misogynistic views… the will’s instructions leave no doubt as to Dr. Priebe’s views.”

In other words, a White person can’t love his race without emitting intolerable hate for other races. Or, to put it another way, a White person can’t establish a benefit for his own race without inflicting unacceptable harm on other races.

White people just don’t get to live among themselves and be let alone.

Judge Mitchell further said, “People are allowed to be eccentric. It’s fairly stringent, these requirements. It’s the ‘safety’ of the state that has to be at risk, and it’s a universally recognized risk, not just that a few people might disagree with what this person is doing.”

Let me see whether I understand what the judge is saying. It’s okay to set up a college scholarship fund to benefit a particular race, unless that particular race happens to be the White race, in which case setting up a collage scholarship fund threatens the safety of the state.


In what manner will Canada come crashing down if whites get race-specific scholarships, just as other races in Canada are already getting? What I’m missing is a plausible mechanism by which the referenced threat to the ‘state’ is allegedly manifested. Try as I might, I can’t see how any such threat would come about.

It seems much more likely that this is just one more nasty little dig against White people by a corrupted state, a state that should be overthrown, a state whose presence is a bad thing and whose destruction would be a good thing. It looks as if the judge’s use of the safety of the state is a fig-leaf, a flimsy pretext, by which to hide the dirtiness of her actually anti-White racist motivations.

Eccentricities are allowed, except those of White people that benefit other White people.

This is the second time that I’ve heard about a Canadian judge voiding all or part of a dead man’s will because he or she didn’t approve of the dead man’s money going to a pro-White group or cause. The first time was the judicial circumvention of the coin-collection bequest by the late Dr. Robert McCorkill to the National Alliance.

Canada’s National Post reports, though, that “Priebe may have gotten the last word. Another provision in his will said the bursaries [disbursements] would be cancelled if a court voided the controversial provisions.”

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28 December, 2016 2:02 am


WHEN THE WHITE PEOPLE GO….THE WEST WILL FALL. This isn’t based on feelings. This is the objective reality.