Announcing the National Alliance Legal Defense Fund


Our Alliance is under attack; with your support, we will continue to prevail.

THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE is not only fighting for the minds and hearts of our people in the arena of words and ideas; we are fighting in the legal arena as well. Malicious lawsuits, hostile infiltrators’ false accusations, Jewish corruption and abuse of law enforcement and the legal process — all are constant threats. To keep our organization strong and growing, and to make our uncompromising voice a permanent part of the social landscape, we have an ongoing need for legal defense.

Currently, the Alliance is fighting a legal battle on three fronts: 1) a lawsuit which began as an effort to oust a former Chairman has now metastasized into a malicious effort to seize National Alliance assets with the assistance of operatives of the Jewish-run SPLC; 2) an attempt has been made by these same operatives to illegally commandeer the corporate authority of the Alliance through the filing of false corporate papers; 3) in Canada, the Alliance is opposing Jewish interest groups in the courts, fighting in a precedent-setting case for the right of a member to leave a substantial bequest to the Alliance.

We can win these battles — and win them decisively. But only with your help.

We are totally dependent on your support to remain in the fight. You can donate by clicking here, or send contributions to National Alliance Legal Defense Fund, Box 4, Mountain City TN 37683.

We thank you for your much-needed help!

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James Town
James Town
26 February, 2016 10:56 pm

The article about “The Church of Star Trek” got more comments than this worthy post. No wonder whites are losing at every front. I can only hope the donations are coming in quietly and steady.

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  James Town
18 June, 2016 10:21 am

James Town: I can only hope the donations are coming in quietly and steady… — Quietly, yes, and not steady enough. Saving the National Alliance is a noble cause. Is there another serious pro-White organization that has the potential NA has to renew our race, starting here in the U.S., following its Founder’s program and vision? Really? Which one is that? Our enemy is powerful. It hopes to use the courts to destroy the NA, and that enemy is currently using surrogates and paid informants to do their bidding. They have lots of money, lawyers, judicial influence, and a compliant mass media to try and “end” the National Alliance as they brag they will do. Here is excerpt of just one news report, based on SPLC “intelligence”: — The… Read more »

Clinton Seeber
Clinton Seeber
1 March, 2016 2:31 am

Shared on all of my social media!