Why the Pressure Never Stops

Pressure gaugeby Alexander Noble

SOMETIMES the genocidal war against us seems like massive overkill. After all, how much winning do they need? How much advantage is required? Why must every insufficient crumb of dignity be wrenched from our hands? Why can’t they be satisfied with what they’ve taken from us already and throw us a bone? Because if we had a bone we would find a way to prosper with it. That’s who we are. Of course, that’s intolerable.

It is said you should give the Devil his due, and if you do you must admit he has taken on an enormous task. The accomplishment of his goals requires no less than for him to take on, and defeat, reality, truth, logic, and reason. This has been surprisingly successful. The world has long been filled with people for whom the quip, “I reject your reality and substitute my own,” is not a joke, but a philosophy of life. But now, even many of our own people, who should know better, are firmly convinced that reality can be denied to death. The continued existence of reality can’t be attributed to a lack of effort on their part. Reality, as the cliché goes, is what it is. It is immortal, implacable, and merciless. One merciless aspect of reality particularly hated by our adversaries is that specific peoples have different and specific fundamental natures.

That is why the pressure never stops.

Whenever the relentless obfuscation project slackens, reality immediately reasserts itself and a people’s fundamental nature re-expresses itself. Every time they think that we’re finally trained to think as they would like, at least some of us prove to be incorrigible. That is at least one reason why their emphasis has shifted over the years from brainwashing to elimination or blending us into a hybrid oblivion. That is why inverting the government into a vast engine of oppression is not enough. That is why the schools and universities must strive endlessly to turn our children against us, and themselves. It is also why, again giving the Devil his due, they don’t rest on their laurels but turn to seemingly trivial battles, even as trivial as comic books, with equal gusto. Now the Green Lantern is a homosexual, Thor is actually female, Superman has renounced his American citizenship, and even the cloyingly sweet Archie Andrews has nobly died protecting a gay gun-control advocate.

Avengers TV ShowIt all makes sense from their perspective, which I will illustrate with a few examples from popular culture. Every time they think they can relax, even for a moment, we betray them by getting off the Narrative.

An old example is the 1960s television program, The Avengers. It was tremendously popular and ran for several seasons. One of the reasons the show was so popular was that the public missed the point. The show had been intended as a parody and mockery of such antiquated concepts as patriotism and heroism. We were supposed to laugh at the ridiculous notion of it all. Instead, the viewing public took it at face value and were thrilled at the character’s admirable exploits. One frustrated individual was quoted as saying, “Can’t you see we’re playing this for laughs?” Apparently not, and for the record, I was one of those who took the show at face value. The news that it was intended as satire was both surprising and disappointing.

Archie Bunker for PresidentLater, in the 1970s, when even the pretense of good taste was abandoned, we were treated to the noxious Norman Lear. Yet another television industry mogul who had no business in the television business. He was very successful with a variety of appalling programs, the most famous of which was All in The Family, which I would watch only under the greatest duress. The show was a subversive assault on everything White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant. You know, all the bad things. The main character, Archie Bunker, was portrayed as the most bigoted, narrow-minded cretin that you could imagine. Archie’s main foil was his live-in son-in-law Michael Stivic, whom Archie frequently, and accurately, referred to as “Meathead.” Stivic was a true-believer in Leftism and was based on a Trotskyite character from a British television show. As a monument to the inverted reality of the Leftists of Hollywood, the parasitic Stivic, who was clearly shown as being completely dependent on sponging off of the hard-working, blue-collar Archie, was intended to be the “good guy” who exposed the horror that was his father-in-law. The irony was apparently lost on Lear and the others. No doubt, to the shock of the Leftist elites, much of the country fell head over heels in love with Archie Bunker. More than once I heard his words described as a breath of fresh air. Things got worse for the Left when the next election rolled around. Posters, bumper stickers, buttons, and t-shirts from coast to coast featured pictures of the villain himself with the words, “Archie Bunker for President.” Sometimes good, wholesome, sincere genocidal maniacs just can’t catch a break.

Let's Audit Our Parents-Alex P KeatonIn the 1980s, many of us tuned into the show, Family Ties, to be delighted as the atavistically rational Alex P. Keaton character repeatedly humiliated and generally mopped the floor intellectually with the Leftists that surrounded him, including his befuddled ex-hippy parents. Even then, I was amazed, like others, that the show had somehow managed to slip past the gatekeepers. Equally amazing was that the show wasn’t swiftly canceled, much as what later happened to Firefly. Of course, we were missing the point, badly. Alex was supposed to be the pathetic joke. We were just too obtuse to get that.

Duck Dynasty as US FlagFinally, and much more recently, is the phenomenon that is the A&E program Duck Dynasty. Another show that does little for me personally, but makes a wonderful example. It is a reality program about the Robertson family of Louisiana who, despite their humble origins, became successful and wealthy through, of all things, their love of duck hunting. A&E, no doubt, planned to make a few shekels about this unsophisticated group of hicks from fly-over country and then move on. I was delighted a while back to hear a person from A&E reluctantly admit that the show had entirely backfired on them. It seems everyone in the country was supposed to laugh at how stupid and foolish the Robertsons were, not like and admire them instead. The show presents a small dilemma for A&E. It has utterly failed its intended purpose, but in the process has become the network’s highest rated and most successful show ever, breaking a number of cable television records in the process — and they do like their shekels. The viewers see it differently. There we have scruffy-looking ordinary fellows who have landed smoking hot wives and turned their favorite pastime into a multimillion dollar business and great fame. At one time, this was known as “a great American success story” before social scientists discovered it was an undesirable and unjust outcome. It seems that people found inspiration where our betters had intended for us to find a cautionary tale. We never learn.

Is it any wonder that we just have to go?

* * *

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26 January, 2016 6:31 pm

The last line “Is it any wonder we have to go?” What is this “we” thing? I am not going anywhere and neither are the people willing to fight. That was a direct attack on the morale of the movement, by indirectly stating with your last line that we have to go as your last line and final word. Is frankly demoralizing to say the least to the average reader who understand mental warfare at all. I don’t know if that was your intention, but I think you might want to have a reader read it fresh before you release such write ups and see how it “feels to him,” someone of average standing so to speak. It is not just facts and good write ups that need to be… Read more »

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Jay
26 January, 2016 8:13 pm

Thanks. I understand where you’re coming from.

But I don’t think it’s demoralizing. It’s just a way of illustrating the enemy’s viewpoint — which is something we need to do. Increasing our people’s understanding of the enemy will reduce the number of errors we make in dealing with that enemy, and increases our chances of defeating him.

27 January, 2016 11:42 am

Yes, these are helpful examples. To add, there are also the media phenomenon of identity oscillation, typically apparent in holowood movies and shows. A certain eastern “whiteface” unfolds always to its own advantage. A sinister set of actions typical of an out-group will be role cast — a holowood casting feint — in the performative guise of a white europid actor or actress. Alternatively, a virtuous character will be cast as the most absurd and garish eastern performer who would never actually do the things that the ethnic costume claims. Watch a hundred of these disingenuous irrational ethnic misatributions and one wouldn’t be able to tell one’s grandma from their grandpa.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
27 January, 2016 7:38 pm

Why does the pressure never stop? Quite simply, the Jews want to make the world Jewish, and the goyim are a refractory lot. Judaism, using the term to encompass both its religious and secular forms, envisions the Judaization of the world. This Judaization of the world requires the denaturation of its peoples — not only at a cultural level, but also at a biological level — a process that is inevitably slow and difficult. Even if the goyim are not consciously “anti-Semitic,” they cannot help being uncooperative with the Jews and their messianic itch to “mend the world” (tikkun olam), simply because of what they are. As Alexander Noble notes above, “One merciless aspect of reality particularly hated by our adversaries is that specific peoples have different and specific fundamental… Read more »

Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom
28 January, 2016 3:06 pm

The jew is not a rational creature. Everything he calls you is what he is, an angry bigoted, stupid worthless layabout with no purpose or reason to exist. Except for negroes they are the most pathetically backward and useless race on Earth.
Lately they seem to have lost all their senses and are celebrating openly our demise long before it has happened, but what do you expect? You’re not dealing with a man, it’s a low brow double dealing two faced back stabbing coward. It has neither the sense nor the self-control to wait until victory is achieved before celebrating. It’s why they always lose. This time there is nowhere for them to run. Let this be their last gasp of genocidal hatred against their betters.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
16 July, 2017 6:14 pm

I was surprised the TV soap drama Dallas was on air for so long. It was during the alleged “greedy”, “self-indulgent” 1980s and the stars were obviously Whites of Anglo extraction and, worse, in the raysis hell hole that is (to jews) Texas. I always thought some reference to the city that “killed Kennedy” would be thrown in at any time. But, nope.

I thought it would be replaced rather quick but it kept going on and on for over a decade. I guess the Jewllywood studio owners liked their shekels that time.

10 November, 2020 12:13 am

I personally loved All In the Family, though if the text of the show was to demonstrate how enlightened Meathead was in comparison to Archie, I’d say it failed miserably. Archie & Michael both come off as equally caricatured. While the show did have its preachy moments, its entertainment value came from putting two bigots of opposing ideologies under the same roof & laughing at the ensuing mayhem. Perhaps that wasn’t Lear’s initial intention for the show, but it was what he ended up doing with it. Though maybe it’s more like a Rorschach test. If you’re liberal, you’ll see Archie as a bigot; if you’re ‘conservative’, Michael is a Meathead. It just seems to to me to that Lear was poking fun at both sides & trying to teach… Read more »