The Upward Path

labor_cropby John Calhoun

SO YOU have decided to devote your life to the cause of the White Race. I commend you on that. I want to tell you that our cause is not for the weak, nor is it for the egoistic. Many self-proclaimed “Führers” and “Aryan Warriors” have come before you. Though they were able to speak the lingo and dress the part (or a part, anyway), when the chips fell, they were no longer to be found.

Radicalism is needed. But radicalism of any kind tends to pull in some weak, anti-social people. Organized groups can attract and provide structure for those who are unable to orchestrate their own lives. When asked to be responsible or competent, such people melt faster than snow in July.

So what type of person is needed to ensure the future of our people?

We need people who are serious! Too many people in this cause of ours have been society’s defectives; not able to accomplish anything in the real world. Often autistic, psychopathic, or mentally deranged; they make their way into various groups and really stir the pot. We don’t always have to look toward the FBI or other government agencies or Jewish groups for the troubles that we’ve endured in the past. The freaks that we (as well-meaning as we may be) allow in never redeem themselves. More often than not, they will defecate all over the carpet and throw themselves out of the window. After they’ve high-tailed it, there is an awful mess to clean up for the rest of us. We really need to start applying some “practical eugenics” in our groups and interpersonal relationships. Some people are totally irredeemable.

Other people are serious — but only insofar as their involvement benefits themselves. They take and they take but they rarely give back. When asked to contribute, they often have “personal issues” or some other minor impediment which keeps them from being able to kick anything into the collective pot. Racial activism demands sacrifice. Involvement means actually doing something. Too many times have I observed racially conscious people who talk and talk while their bellies get larger and larger from laying around on the couch and swilling beer.

Get off of the couch! Spend time with your children and expose them to Wagner, Darwin, Renaissance fairs, Scottish games, Oktoberfests, and other expressions of traditional White culture. Children are the future of the race and they need to have a positive experience of White culture in order to understand why the race is worth saving. Sumner Redstone’s MTV, CMT, VH1, and Nickelodeon are waiting just around the corner to seduce their minds — places where they will be introduced to such wonderful programs as Flavor of Love, White People, or Totally Gay.

Other alternatives to staring mindlessly into the boob-tube include passing out National Alliance business cards, hanging fliers, and actually talking to people. You can have a great influence on your friends. Just start dropping ideas into the conversation. You don’t have to start with overt National Socialism or the esoteric ideas of Julius Evola. You can pepper the conversation with questions such as “Have you ever wondered if evolution applies to humans?” or “Have you ever noticed that Blacks act differently than Whites?” You supply the questions that get their minds working and they will come to the conclusions on their own. I have used these techniques successfully on many people around me.

What is the secret ingredient to success? The Upward Path.

Racial activism is not a spectator sport like so much of modern American life. The attitude of the Average Joe who would kick back in his La-Z-Boy while guzzling beer and munching on potato chips is not appropriate to our revolutionary politics. On the contrary, in order to gain any ground, we need to keep the freaks out of our ranks, get rid of our egoism, and take positive racial action in the real world. In order for the White race to have any real future, much less prepare the way for Higher Man, we have to be willing to work hard, to really get our hands dirty, and to break a sweat. The horizontal or downward path is the way of the lesser man because it places no demand on those who travel it.

The Upward Path is the way of long, tedious hours; of self-discipline; and of the defeat of the weaknesses in our character. It is from traveling this path that the people of our race can continue to guide our own evolution. The trajectory of the White race is into the stars — as we have always been an upward-looking people.

None of this, however, will ever happen if we do not do what has to be done to successfully remedy our current plight. It is going to take a sizable vanguard of people traveling the Upward Path in order to pull the rest of the race out of the quagmire. If you have decided to devote yourself to the cause of White renewal, be prepared to travel the Upward Path. If we fail, the White Race will eventually disappear and the March of the Titans will have ended.

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