pzsdby Wade Agoh

We, the people of Earth, are healing.

FOR SO LONG we have suffered countless conditions from the mundane to the horrific, often not knowing where they came from or why they happened to us. But, now we know, we finally have a diagnosis. We are suffering from Post Zionist Stress Disorder (PZSD). The 360° Full Spectrum Lifetime Programming is now outed. As of 1:35:09 GMT, spontaneous acts of awakening are multiplying exponentially all over the planet.

To the Overlords,

How dare you.

We must admit, our institutions and conditioning had us naively trusting your lead in all manner of activity and events, believing you would not deceive nor harm us. For centuries, we actually thought our future was akin to yours. Today, we stand betrayed and inexorably enlightened.

You have been found out.
How dare you control our consciousness and perceptions of reality from the day we are born
How dare you make us $lave$ to your rigged money $y$tem
How dare you threaten our leaders, forcing them to do your bidding instead of our will
How dare you co-opt spirit with materialism
How dare you force-feed us your story and eliminate our story

We are breaking your programming.
How dare you create crises for control
How dare you distort and suppress the free expression of truth in the arts and sciences, music, radio, television, movies, social media, Internet, and publishing
How dare you force the mixing of peoples and cultures
How dare you control our words to control our behavior
How dare you desecrate the sanctity of the individual

We are breaking your programming.
How dare you provoke and encourage hatred between peoples, races, sexes, and creeds, then finance both sides in conflicts you choreograph
How dare you equate corporations with people
How dare you create false flag events, traumatizing our hearts and minds, overwhelming our consciousness with fear and apathy
How dare you associate suffering with one group — yours

We are breaking your programming.
How dare you poison our skies, food, air, water, land, creatures, energy
How dare you cover up the means to cure disease and reduce suffering
How dare you make scant, if any, mention of the tens of millions of people in the Soviet Union and Germany, among others, that you so horribly dispatched to the next life, in the last century
How dare you call sick care, health care
How dare you define the NEWS as Nothing Except What Sells

We are breaking your programming.
How dare you force countries to make writing or even speaking of your schemes, a crime
How dare you use us in experiments without our permission
How dare you create phony consensus to push your agendas
How dare you deliberately sabotage our advancement as a species
How dare you hold the natural world hostage to implement your cyborg future

Today, we are breaking free of your programming.
We now completely delete all facets of your control and your lies from our consciousness — as you delete the arts, books, cultures, customs, discoveries, ideas, inventions, language, and people who resist your hegemony.

You have seriously taken advantage of us, knowing that human beings with souls intrinsically do you no harm — that we are beyond violent acts toward you simply because to do so would make us like you.

Your programming is broken.

* * *

Source: based on an essay at Zen Gardner

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Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
8 January, 2016 7:33 pm

I believe in the total extermination of the jewish race.