New York: County Capitulates, Village Will Be Taken Over by Orthodox jews

Shalom LammVillage of under 500 to be flooded by some 2,000 Jews

THE SULLIVAN County, New York Board of Elections has ended its fight to disqualify votes cast by newly registered Orthodox Jewish “residents” of the tiny Village of Bloomingburg, the JTA reported.

Many locals allege “Modern Orthodox” developer Shalom Lamm (pictured) and his company used deception and bribery to trick Bloomingburg into approving what it thought was going to be a low-density golf course retirement and vacation community.

Instead, it got a 396-unit high-density Jews-only development without a golf course.

Bloomingburg had only 420 residents — none of them known to be Orthodox Jews — as of the 2010 Census.

Lamm’s development will bring as many as 2,000 Hasidim into Bloomingburg — a bucolic village in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains — as full time residents of the development and other Lamm-owned local property.

Lamm’s development was openly promoted in the Yiddish press as a new Satmar shtel (village exclusively for Orthodox Jews). Meanwhile, Jewish groups lash out in the press and legally at any expression of exclusivity or even racial consciousness among Whites.

The Board of Elections had blocked the votes of the 27 Hasidim on the grounds they weren’t really residents of Bloomingburg.

More than two dozen Jews then filed a state lawsuit to counter that along with a another lawsuit in federal court claiming “religious discrimination.”

On January 8, the Board of Elections and Jewish groups “settled” the state lawsuit out of court. The board dropped its disqualifications of the Jewish “voters,” while the Jews dropped the state lawsuit.

“We are pleased that on the eve of our court appearance, Sullivan County has admitted that the Board of Elections wrongfully canceled the votes of dozens of Bloomingburg’s Hasidic Jewish voters,” the Bloomingburg Jewish Community Council reportedly said in a statement.

The federal lawsuit filed by the Jews is still active.

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Source: based on an article at Failed Messiah

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Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
12 January, 2016 2:11 am

I bet the people of Bloomingburg can’t wait for their new, kind hearted neighbors.

concerned nigger
concerned nigger
26 February, 2021 3:52 pm

I lived in Bloomingburg in 1990. Sad to see it go. Cool little town.