Instructions to the Cadres of the Party


by Kai Murros (pictured)

  1. Be always clean in your appearance and well-behaved — your first task is to win the confidence of the people.
  2. Help the elderly, the sick and everyone who needs your help. Help them without asking, every soldier of the Party must embody the Party and its propaganda struggle
  3. Serve the people! The one who serves the people will overcome.
  4. Protect the people! The one who protects the people will overcome.
  5. The first task a cadre of the Party has, is to win over the the hearts and minds of the people.
  6. Be honest, hard-working and just: The change begins with you.
  7. Be strong, but have understanding for those who are weak. Carry also their burden.
  8. To maintain your morale in the face of the problems of everyday life is the greatest heroism. Every new day does not bring a new battle with it and every battle does not end in a victory.
  9. See the revolutionary process in its wholeness and your part in it, in this way you will get strength in difficult times and patience when nothing seems to happen.
  10. We will not win the final victory through great battles but through the hard work we do between the battles. We will win through persistence, patience and diligence.
  11. Acquaint yourself thoroughly with ideological literature in order to know who you are.
  12. Acquaint yourself thoroughly with ideological literature in order to know why you are.
  13. Stay fit. An ideologically aware soul in the body of a warrior should be your ideal.
  14. Stay above everything vulgar, spiteful and vile. You are a revolutionary soul; flame in the darkness
  15. Be humble. It is out of humility that true pride will grow.
  16. Harden yourself against ridicule, for they don’t know what they are doing.
  17. A job well done is a matter of honour. Whatever you do, do it with great care and love. Be an example to others.
  18. Listen to the people in order to understand them, for the one who understands the people will win.
  19. Listen to the people and learn from them, so that they can in return learn from you when the time comes.
  20. Revolution is a dialectical process in which the Party learns from the masses and the masses from the Party. Our victory will be based on this dialectical relationship.
  21. Find out and expose the crimes committed by the system. Remember: When you speak, the Party speaks.
  22. It is through you that the revolutionary awareness of the people will grow. Your every word shall be like a bullet.
  23. Find out and expose the enemies of the people and report them to the Party. Remember: You are the eyes and ears of the Party.
  24. You are the Party, wherever you go, the Party goes act accordingly.
  25. Every cadre is a start of a new party chapter. You must spread the Party organization where it does not yet exist and strengthen it where it already exists.
  26. Cadre: Start new Party chapters! The as yet politically unaware masses are the battleground on which the Party must constantly advance.
  27. The objective of every Party chapter is to take over the actual leadership in the local community where it is active.

Kai Murros is a Finnish intellectual and patriotic activist from Helsinki, well known for his book Revolution: And How to Do It in a Modern Society.

* * *

Source: Kai Murros

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29 July, 2019 10:57 pm

Words of advice all Cosmotheists should follow. Thank you, Kai Murros.