Hillary Clinton: Funded by Jews


JEWS MAKE up only a little over two percent of the US population, but totally dominate the roll of contributors to both Democratic and Republican political candidates. This ensures they will have effective control of US policies regardless of which side wins an election.

All of the largest donors to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign are Jews — Jews who are eager supporters of Jewish activist organizations as well as of the terrorist state of Israel and the anti-White agenda in (formerly) White nations worldwide.

All of these seven Jews push for open borders in White nations, which will destroy these nations’ racial and cultural heritage — while simultaneously supporting a race-based Jewish state in Israel in order to secure and preserve the Jewish people.

Just as the Jewish New York Times writer David Brooks boastfully proclaimed, the United States seems to have suffered a “Jewish takeover.” But it looks just as bad among the Republican candidates, if not worse.

Remember, he who pays the piper calls the tune — and the tune sounds a lot like Hava Nagila.

Hillary Clinton’s seven largest donors are:

• Steven Spielberg
Contributions: One million dollars.
Occupation: co-founder of DreamWorks Animation

• Jeffrey Katzenberg
Contributions: One million dollars.
Occupation: CEO of DreamWorks Animation

• Herbert M. Sandler
Contributions: One million dollars.
Occupation: investor (involved in 2008 mortgage meltdown)

• Haim Saban
Contributions: One million dollars.
Occupation: CEO of Saban Entertainment

• Cheryl Saban – Haim’s wife
Contributions: One million dollars.
Occupation: unemployed

• Donald Sussman
Contributions: One million dollars.
Occupation: media mogul, financier, and investment advisor

• George Soros
Contributions: Two million dollars
Occupation: president of Soros Fund Management

* * *

Source: Nordic Front and David Duke

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16 November, 2018 7:45 am

And political donors are only one arm to the jewish influence front. There are also the MSM CEOs and managers like CNN’s Jeff Zucker, responsible for the antics of reporters like Jim Acosta (accoster? see for his antics).