Amerikanskiy Zones


AS AMERICA slips into an unnecessary Cold War 2.0, some familiar sides are shaping up. There is a universalist regime bent on spreading its belief system around the globe through violent insurrection. There is another side that has a strong tie between its security state and nominal claims to religious ties. China is even a go-between in the situation. Unlike the prior Cold War, the regime supporting violent insurrection for progressive ideals is found in DC, while the nationalists appealing to security states around the globe is found in the Kremlin. The similarities are trickling down beyond just the main event. Propaganda, in all forms, is making a comeback.

One of the chief drives for Western propaganda in the Cold War was pitching America as a land of freedom with complete freedom of expression and speech. Frank Wisner at the CIA effectively used direct funding, money laundering schemes, and front organizations to pitch this idea. This was to contrast the rigid world of Stalin’s USSR, complete with the suppression of speech and the state-driven, Soviet world of art. In reality, most of the post-war modern art that no one really enjoys was funded and enabled by the CIA and its front organizations. Through the years, the West also took in many dissidents, political prisoners, and asylum seekers. These individuals were promoted and pushed to ideologically attack the Soviet system. The Soviets employed some turncoats in the same manner, but the very nature of freedom vs. oppression granted a bonus to anyone escaping the East.

The use of asylum seekers has already started. Gays, the latest refugees of Russian oppression, have begun to seek asylum within American borders. This is due to laws that do not isolate and target gays, but rather gay propaganda and supposed anti-gay violence. Is this not a dangerous precedent America is setting? The USG system, with ever increasing surveillance and harassment of the peasants, and with the ratcheting up of anti-white rhetoric and street-level crime, is walking into what could very well be a giant public relations trap. Each court case that forces some small business into ruin or to make cakes for homosexuals nudges people towards the edge.

At what point does Russia take advantage of its vast expanse and of the current political climate in America by offering political asylum to whites in autonomous zones?

Amerikanskiy Zones.

The groundwork for such a move would have to be laid far in advance of any announcement, so as to pacify the Russian population. Russian television under state control could begin to frame America not just as a dysfunctional land, but as a land that imprisons its population to serve a political, cultural, and financial elite that uses its heavily third world and criminal underclass to beat up on its native, middle class stock. The middle class or flyover crowd could be portrayed in positive tones, which would serve the Russian elite by showing just how awful the great middle has it in America today. This could create sympathy for their plight. Even citing the odd growth in admiration for Putin on the American right would serve a purpose. The alien sees something in us that they like. While symbolic, it is a start.

After years of preparing the publicity ground, the Russians could simply look at America sliding down and make the offer. Putin could set this up in the 2020s and create these zones for political refugees to enjoy freedom and their way of life. The offer will be for a price, but American citizens and their immediate families could move to Russia’s Amerikanskiy Zone. The Amerikanskiy Zone will enjoy the protection of Russian state forces and protective nuclear umbrella and comply with Russian federal taxation, but all internal policies will be determined by the political asylum seekers — with transitional guidance from Kremlin representatives.

Nations set up immigration policies to suit their deep business or political interests’ needs. In the late 19th century, America sucked in many bodies, as our giant manufacturing trusts wanted cheaper labor. Argentina and other South American nations were open to European immigration for skilled labor from the “congested” nations of Germany and Italy. To this day, for better or worse, 25% of Argentinians are of Italian descent. Much of the initial human capital and institutional competence that has been plundered by Peron and his successors was the outgrowth of pulling in European immigrants. In the near future, America’s descent could entice other smaller nations to set up quasi-refugee programs to suck in American money and talent, but this is hard for them to accomplish compared to Russia and has less effect on the wider world.

The propaganda blow would be devastating. The moral superiority of freedom of thought would shift to Russia and allies, while America’s claim to freedom would be aligned with sexual deviancy. Not just in the geopolitical battle, but this could benefit Russia greatly from an internal standpoint. All entrants must pay an entrance or passport fee. If you know foreigners, they understand the concept of “buying one’s citizenship.” In America, we hide it under the EB5 investor visa program. Of course, it’s a rent seeking opportunity for big real estate interests. The goal is to entice people, not to farm them for income up front. Bringing an industrious population into the fold will pay off later.

With careful screening, Russia could absorb hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Americans of moderate to excellent means, who are against the USG regime. This becomes a population of never-ending horror stories from America to tell through Russian media outlets. What major blacklisted figure could become a Radio Free America type beacon for others? The chance to form anti-American propaganda outlets directed, created, and staffed by Americans suddenly becomes possible. Beyond political refugees, how many private firms and employees silenced by the USG system start up businesses there? This is a way to graft a tech economy or creative economy into a region. Likewise, manufacturing expertise and skilled trade groups could pop up on Russian territory without having to deal with the American bureaucratic machine. The vastness of Eastern Russia also allows them to live in an area far apart from the majority of the nation. Over half of Russia’s population lives in the zone highlighted red in the picture below.


If one pays attention to different, far flung realms of Russia, one can see that the population is declining and opportunity abounds. Irkutsk is roughly the size of Texas and has just 2.5 million people. The cold might do the American diaspora some good and harden them up again. This is a Siberian realm, but would the Russians rather see Siberia become an extension of China, or could Russia pack a few million gun owning Americans dependent on Moscow’s permission and protection out east? This plays into a rule of modern immigration, where the population that enters becomes dependent on the central government that protects and enables it. These Amerikanskiys can be shuffled off far away from the vast majority of Russians and become a sharp boost to the nation’s finances. China and Hong Kong employ a one country, two systems configuration. There is no reason to doubt the Kremlin could do this with Russia and “Cold Texas” being one country, two systems.

From an American point of view, if it is the 2020s and the Social Security automatic reduction in retirement benefits date has crept up into an election cycle, it will not take much to push people into seeking an escape. Fight and flight are the human emotions when faced with conflict. This will appeal to many in the 2020s as the demographic changes due to immigration policies become more and more prevalent and racial tensions continue. No ratcheting up of the current dysfunction is needed, but how many young white families leave as they see their elderly parents or grandparents dying off and their towns filled with the dusky underclass? The media repeats how half of all births are to non-whites now, so the effects in school systems will become very evident by 2025. Parents will run out of places to hide their kids.

The deeper hit to America is: how many asylum seekers will it take to destroy American morale? What number leave and break American spirits? Is it a small number like 50,000? Right now, a little over 3,000 renounce their citizenship each year, which is tiny, but remember that there’s no foreign welcome mat geared towards the purpose. England might be a harbinger of things to come, as the UK loses over 100,000 native Britons each year and has so for a decade. Great Britain is circling the drain.

Is it a mass exodus of 10 million? Think of the rush of talking to someone without the fear of the PC police. Magnify that by a town, a city, a state. How fast does the wave turn into a tsunami? The cry of the elderly to grandchildren would become: “Go East, young man.” What does America say, if in the first year of the Russian Amerikanskiy Zone program 100,000 Americans leave the shores to escape the USG yoke, followed by 250,000 the next year and maybe 500,000 the third year? This would be in contrast to USG immigration policy focused on semi-literate Third Worlders and diseased gays. There would be silence. There would be no way to frame it positively.

In modern America, dividing and categorizing fits the progressive system. Divide and conquer. There are African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Native-Americans. Neither academics nor the media ever created any term for White Americans that built, settled, and created the American nation. The backbone of the armed forces, the farmers, engineers, and manufacturers were overwhelmingly White Americans. Those White Americans who built the institutions and set up the strong laws of the land are the nation’s most precious and irreplaceable crop – the Heirloom-Americans.

Each generation, the Heirloom-Americans are meant to continue the hard work of the nation, receiving the unique values and special circumstances that made America a great power. Who will carry on the work of the great leviathan if H-As are chased out by progressives? If the H-As leave the nation with all that tradition and those precious genetic traits and gifts, what exactly is left? California and Detroit point to a possibility: an empty, open air asylum of countless nationalities, languages, and religions that cannot complete any task, whether aspirational or simple societal maintenance.

That is not an opponent in Cold War 2.0 but the destined loser.

* * *

Source: Social Matter

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Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
10 January, 2016 12:28 pm

Creating and maintaining intentional white communities is the future. People who understand the problems facing our race need to band together in various locations around the world and link up.

Miss Elegant
Miss Elegant
22 May, 2019 10:53 am

Why not we send all the degenerates there…..And simply take our OWN country back. We are White. We don’t run.

Alexander Wells
Alexander Wells
Reply to  Miss Elegant
29 July, 2019 3:09 pm

Why would Russia accept our degenerates? They like them even less than we do.

Alexander Wells
Alexander Wells
29 July, 2019 3:10 pm

What does USG stand for?

Will W Williams
Will W Williams
Reply to  Alexander Wells
29 July, 2019 4:56 pm

USG = United States Government aka JOG (Jewish Occupation Government).

This will appeal to many in the 2020s as the demographic changes due to immigration policies become more and more prevalent and racial tensions continue…

If properly regulated and restricted exclusively to racially loyal, like-minded Whites, Amerikanskiy Zones are one ladna solutia.

Alexander Wells
Alexander Wells
29 July, 2019 8:23 pm

It seems to me the relevant question here is if anyone in Russia is thinking about this.

Alexander Wells
Alexander Wells
29 July, 2019 8:57 pm

Would the Russians really want to add a large, unassimilated American minority to their country? They are struggling just to increase their own birth rate to replacement level. One other thing that is clear is that the Russian government is leery of anyone who views the Red Army’s role in the second world war as less than heroic. How many racially loyal White Americans view the Red Army that way?

Alexander Wells
Alexander Wells
29 July, 2019 11:14 pm

It occurs to me also that White Americans have a history of westward expansion, and Russia’s ruling class is aware of this. Americans took over Texas and made it American. We took over California and made it American. How do the Russians know that American immigrants wouldn’t try to turn Siberia into an independent Nova America?

Fred Streed
Fred Streed
30 July, 2019 3:03 am

This would be a delicate situation for Russia. It seems they are already accepting Western Europeans and settling them in Siberia, people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, places like that. I suspect it is just a trickle at this point. In order for it to work out, from a Russian perspective, the settlers would have to be assimilated into Russian culture. That is where it would get tricky. Anglo America did pretty well at integrating various Euro nationalities, although I would argue that it affected American (and Canadian) culture to do so. But there was a lot less cultural difference between the founding Anglo-Saxons and later Northern and Western European immigrants, or even between Poles or Northern Italians and the established WASPs, than there is between modern Westerners and Russians. We… Read more »